Setting Burton's record straight


This blog is in response to the dozens of e-mails I’ve received this week concerning Trey Burton breaking Tim Tebow’s school record for touchdowns in a game with six Saturday night against Kentucky.

A lot of fans out there have been quick to point out (incorrectly) that Burton did not break Tebow’s record, that Tebow holds the record with seven. One fan even e-mailed the box score from the 2007 South Carolina game in an attempt to prove it.

In that game, Tebow rushed for five touchdowns and threw for two touchdowns — for a total of seven.

But he did not score seven touchdowns against the Gamecocks. He accounted for seven, which is a big difference. On his two touchdown passes, the receivers get credit for scoring the touchdowns.

The only one who actually scores a touchdown is the player who crosses the goal line with the ball in his hands.

Burton did that six times Saturday night — and he’s the only Gator to ever to that in one game.

When UF announced in the press box Saturday night that Burton had broken Tebow’s school record for touchdowns in a game, many questioned it, pointing to that 2007 South Carolina game.

It was confusing to some, but it’s basic stuff really.

Tebow scored five touchdowns (a school record at the time) and accounted for two others. Burton scored six touchdowns, breaking Tebow’s record of five.


  1. There is simply nothing like the buildup during the week of a big game like this one. The buzz. The anticipation. The whatifs. A lot of people are assuming that Florida and Auburn will replay in the title game. That’s no given. Bama loses they still have a lot of ball to play, brutal as our sched is theirs is worse in my opionion (we don’t play Auburn) and they are @LSU and @ SoCarolina whereas we get both at home. They don’t play Georgia but . . . whatever you can finish the sentence however you like. The also play @UT. Point is the loser doens’t get a bye to Atlanta. I think that point is being lost on many who are assuming the rematch. This is big big game. But then it might be meaningless in the long run too. See, the whatifs. Big game.

  2. Considering the sorry state of the SEC East, if UF loses this game, I still see them winning out and being in Atlanta, and an assumed, at least by me, rematch with Alabama. Interesting conundrum for whomever wins Saturday; Very hard to beat a good team TWICE in the same season. Just ask FSU, who pounded the Gators in the final regular season game in ’96, only to have to play them again in January for the National Marbles. Two guesses how that one turned out!
    Of course, each season is different, and with the easy schedules and high rankings that OSU, TCU and Boise State have, there’s no assuming that a one loss SEC champ gets in the Big Game this year, crazy as that may sound. Best bet is to win Saturday and just keep on winning till they tell you to go home. Win or lose, I anticipate the Gators playing a solid, competitive game this week, and let the chips fall where they may for the balance of the season. Again, that’s why I love college football.

  3. Correction, FSU did not pound us in that game in Doak, it was a mere 3 points 24-21 and some bad calls made, during the game, we were clearly the best team on the field that day even though the score did not show it. We proved it in the sugar bowl with a convincing W. 52-20. BAMAs good, but they only scored 24 pts, (barely) against a sub-par ARK def. this will probably be one of the most complete defenses they will face all year in the GATORS D, with LSU being involved. It will be a good game gators win because of they make BAMA one dimensional 38-17 GO GATORS.

  4. What everyone missed is that Burton did what no other player has ever done per my 50+ years of watching football. He scored the “first time” on each of 5 rushing attempts from 11, 10, 9, 7 and 3 yards….that is amazing…it’s not like he had 5 short yardage scores or had several attempts to score….1st play each time!!!

  5. Who cares! We won! Bottom line, it looks like Meyer has found a new toy…Sorry John, looks like you will go the way of Chris Leak…by this time next year Burton may have replaced you altogether! Meyer and his satff do not the Football IQ to handle your skills! They need run first QB’s and receivers that are great blockers, first! So kids if your lsitening out there…the current message is do not come to FLA if you are a stand out recever, or traditional strong armed QB…go to Alabama, SC, TN, LSU, or Arkansas! Then again, I am suppossed to not care…We Won!

  6. Cggater,

    Amen to that.

    More importantly…..while I hope John Brantley stays healthy for the rest of his career, I feel at least somewhat better if he were to go down for a game or two. I think Trey would do just fine and in some respects allow Urban to run the offense he really loves.

  7. Hard to believe people are arguing this point.

    It’s time to let Tebow go. His time at Florida has come and gone, as great as it was.

    I’m really more interested in seeing how Brantley handles being the man in Tuscaloosa. It’s going to be crazy in that stadium.

    Jim, you should remember that Meyer won a championship with a QB very similar to Brantley in 2006. Burton’s success was situational. Very different from leading the team through an entire game.

  8. the last 3 burton tds were uneccesary fluff and just gave bama more film to watch on the wildcat 2010 version. myer should have spread the ball out to the other dererving players. play chess not checkers. he should have also let tims record stand for a while, burton may turn out to be great but one great games doesnt get him there or put him in tebows league by a long shot. yes tim probably doesnt care that one of his many records was broken in the 4th game after he left but myer should have, its not like we needed it to win.

  9. Mr. Barker is right but forgot one thing – If you are a great running back, don’t come to UF because you will never get the ball. At least that’s what Fred Taylor and his kid have decided. The road to the NFL (on offense) does not go through Gainesville or Urban’s ridiculous single wing offense.

  10. Barker and JerGad – are you kidding me? stand out receivers and RB’s not coming to UF? See Percy & Murphy currently in the NFL and thriving. And Florida’s offense is really based on running the ball. If we had a great back ala Ingram – he would thrive in this offense. GO GATORS!

  11. A note for Travis on his “correction”. Score aside, you miss my point. That was the game that nearly got Danny Wuerfel killed. FSU sacked him repeatedly, and hit him on nearly every play. Forget bad calls and breaks, the Gators were physicaly thumped. In the rematch, Spurrier went to the shotgun (which he hated), shortened the routes, and UF won 52-20 in a clear route to win their first National Championship. The point is, rematch games seldom follow the same script as the first.

  12. A second victory (even at a “neutral” site) over a strong opponent in the same year is indeed difficult – true enough. But that difficulty is mitigated somewhat when the regular season win over that team is on their home field – itself inherently difficult (particularly at Alabama). Good teams are supposed to win at home, therefore it sends a shock (and lingering doubt) through any team when they’re humbled on their own turf!
    If we’re going to do it, this is the year to pull it off!

  13. Carolina Gator, how did the FSU-Florida Sugar Bowl re-match go after the 1994 season? The two teams tied during the regular season, though you’d be hard pressed to find many Florida fans who didn’t regard the game as a “31-31 LOSS,” because the Gators led 31-3 in the fourth quarter. FSU won the re-match in the Sugar Bowl 23-17 (I think). And I don’t recall any bad calls in the 1996 game. Just FSU lighting up Danny Wuerffel. There were multiple late hits called on the Seminoles that day. It was a great contest with lots of hard-hitting. The kind officials seem to be working to keep from happening these days.

  14. This year (and last) our team was better. Things come in cycles. We shouldn’t be so hard on the young men who get out there and do it, the coaches … and we need to try to not lose site of what is going on here: it’s a college athletic event. I love The Tide and I would be lying if I denied being tickled that we won, but we need perspective so throughout the contest, while our teams were battling it out on Saturday night on a beautiful night in one of college football’s most beautiful settings, thousands of brave young Americans were very much in harms way in Afghanistan and Iraq. My guess is 1 or two of them died on Saturday in the name of freedom and our security.
    Thanks to both teams for all the effort (because everyone tried hard) but thanks, especially to our Warrior who weren’t able to be at the game.
    Alabama Man