Young guys starting to emerge


Like the Florida coaches have been projecting all along, many of the Gators’ young studs have started to make a move with game experience and are contributing more.

“There are a bunch of them,” UF coach Urban Meyer said. “(Linebackers) Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins are two off the top of my head. Those are two (young) linebackers that played at a very high level in this game against a very good runner. (Defensive end) Ron Powell is starting to make some tremendous strides and got his first sack. (Cornerback) Cody Riggs is the guy on special teams. He’s the one that downed the ball at the 1. He was absolutely perfect and textbook the way he closed in, and obviously the punt was hit perfect as well, but that is no easy task.

“A guy named Kitchens (true freshman linebacker Darrin Kitchens), he’s getting better. A guy named Kitchens, you are going to start
hearing from him more often, because, and I hate using ‘bought in’ because you use it with young people, but are they going to buy into the
system, even though I don’t know what that means. If you go real hard and play real hard, you will play. If not, you will sit and watch like
thousands of other people.

“He is doing very well. I know I’m leaving a couple guys out. I think (cornerback) Jeremy Brown is playing a little better. I know
he gave up one, but he had two that he stepped in front of the receiver because he read the drop of the quarterback, and that’s starting to
show a little experience.”

Powell, the nation’s No. 1 recruit last season, had his first sack against Tennessee and looks like he’s headed for more significant playing time. Defensive line coach Dan McCarney said Tuesday that Powell has made impressive strides.

“The transition is major from high school to Division I. Even more so to the SEC,” McCarney said. “I’m thrilled with him, I really am. I ecstatic with the improvement he’s made. He’s really started to figure out the system, the defense, how hard you have to play, the fundamentals you have to play with to be successful.

“You’ll continue to see him and (true freshmen defensive tackles) Dominique Easley and Sharrif Floyd. Those three are deserving and earning more playing time.”

Powell showed his versatility and athletic ability in Saturday’s game in Knoxville, lining up as a defensive end and at outside linebacker.

“Powell can put his hand down (as an end) as you’ve seen and now we’ve got him playing in a two-point stance some (at linebacker),” McCarney said. “He’s almost 250 pounds and he’s one of the stronger guys on our team as a true freshman. The transition takes time, but he’s really come a long way in the past couple of weeks.”


  1. Great to hear about the young guys, but what’s the real story with Andre Dubose? He was supposedly the #1 guy in the recruiting class the year before last. Is he still not healthy?

    When top recruits like him don’t show up after some point, they tend to end up on the transfer list later on. Gators could sure use a kid of his supposed talent.

  2. Brett you must not know anything about football! How many players did UF send to the pro’s last year, so how are you going to replace all those seniors fool! Go learn a little more about the game then come back to this blog!

  3. Our coach do not know how to coach a north and south team(passing team) he is a east and west coach! He has not learn how to thow the ball down field. Look at his pass Q. backs and how they do in the pro’s thowing the ball!

  4. For a 3 year player J. Brantley is not geting the job done! No 200 yard game with all the receivers we have! Thompson need to stop droping the balls, Moore need to show all the time, you are a senior and wide receiver coach put Andre debose on the field and run some PH type plays for him!

  5. Some good points by class of 86, I don’t completely agree will all but good points. We have a great defense, lets hope they can hold together until this offense can get its act together and do its part to make this team another dominant SEC Champion that will represent and Win the NC. We have a defense that can win a championship, but can our offense step up???

  6. Brantley isn’t close to where he should be. He has a great arm, but he truly seems overwhelmed. Being backup is not the same as starting and being the one responsible for the timing. Backups jump into the rhythm already set by the starter. He stares down his receivers, he lost his touch (everything is a bullet–that’s a sign of nerves and not trusting your receivers), he doesn’t make the right reads (he commits pre-snap to the TE forward-pitch), etc. The FL offense seems to have been reduced to a few, very obvious run plays and the defenses know it. That is why our first down production blows. Predictability, not just execution.

    Andre Debose isn’t ready yet. He doesn’t block well, runs the wrong routes, doesn’t get separation, and doesn’t come back to bail out the QB. This all contibutes to his ineffectiveness, which leads to his lack of playing time. Unfortunately, the offense hasn’t produced enough of a lead to be able to get him into the game without worry. IMHO, he seems like a lazy route runner. He needs to realize that there are lots of athletic guys in the SEC.

    It’s the play-calling that is my biggest concern. No downfield passing game whatsoever–nearly all screens. It really pisses me off. Personally, I think Addazio should be the OL coach, and someone else, in the skybox, should be the OC. How can Steve monitor the OL properly AND see the entire field each play? It’s so obvious, they must have an Asst up there radioing plays.

  7. I thought c. o. 86 said this isn’t a board to call people out, don’t say that and then your next message go after someone and call them a fool. I’m not taking any sides. Just saying don’t tell someone not to do something and then follow it up by doing it yourself. Peace out and GO Gators!!!

  8. yea brantley and pouncey should spend every sec getting that sap right heck,brantley has has 2 yars waiting on tebow to do his thing you know all he could do was practice so he shouldnt have a problem with the snap . i think its mostly on pouncey if we get that right we will c 200 yard passing games or more

  9. I was dissappointed to see another Mike Pouncey’s bad snap against Tenn. He broke his promise that it would not happen again. He actually had 2 bad snaps low to the left that Brantley had to field. He needs to concentrate if he wants to be an NFL center because his stock is going down if he continues like this. Time to put up or shut up Mike. Be the leader that everybody claims you are and just pass the ball smoothly back to the QB. Enough is enough!
    GO Gators!!!

  10. Swampthang you are right on ALL acounts! Brantley do not make the right reads!Brantly has been there 3 years he should be better then he is! J. reed shoud be the QB.Trey is better than Brantley, but J. Reed has beed in the system longer that why he should be the QB. with a wishbone behind him with the running backs we have.With the system that the head coach runnings (east & west)he might want to think about this!

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  15. The law school should take Rainey’s case for free. He put his body on the line for the school for no pay. And I think he shuld be reinstated on the team personaly! Make him run extra or make him do some type of work for the women’s center.