It's the SEC, baby


I was on two sports talk radio shows in Tennessee on Wednesday and was asked by the commentators on both if there was any chance the Gators would be overlooking the Vols this Saturday in Knoxville.

It was one of the easiest questions I’ve ever been asked.

The answer of course is: No way. No how. No chance.

The perception is the Vols are a little down this year, and coming off a blowout loss to Oregon, everyone is assuming the Gators might be walking into an upset trap Saturday. But they know what’s going on. They know this opponent. They know this game.

This is a rivalry game, and those are treated differently by Urban Meyer and his players. And this is the start of SEC play, and SEC play is treated differently by Meyer and his players. The goal, as always, is go get to Atlanta. The road starts in Knoxville on Saturday.

“You’ll see a different team than you saw in the first two games,” UF senior defensive tackle Terron Sanders said. “There’s a different focus, a different intensity this week. You can feel it.

“We didn’t show too much in the first two games. You’ll see a lot more (on offense and defense) in this game.”

Given how close those two first games were, it’s doubtful the Gators were holding back too much and saving it for Tennessee.

But it does seem pretty obvious that the Gators are ready to ratchet things up this week. It happens every year at this time – and it’s triggered by Tennessee and the start of SEC play.


  1. Rainey’s words to his girlfriend are in no way to be taken lightly. Neither should the 30 arrests under Coach Meyer’s watch. I love the Gators and bleed orange and blue. And that is more the reason to be embarrassed by this high ratio of behavior problem. This is not indicative of what any program at UF should be about. 30 arrests are not a good showing. As much as I support Coach Meyer, he and the athletic department, the entire university, and every Gator out there should be embarrassed about these 30 arrests. And the Gainesville Sun should be saying a lot more than it has about this issue. This is not what UF is about. Coach Meyer, it’s time to get contol of this matter. Winning does not have to be compromised by doing so.

  2. Biggest shock to Gators this week is Demps… It may take the guys a few to find themselves inside Neyland Stadium.. but.. Gators wake up.. Enough of these guys know what the SEC means and will fight for it…and for each other.

    Gators wear them down by 3Q.. and roll .

  3. I take umbrage with the “close games” comment as well. Neither game was close when it mattered, which is when the final whistle blows. Sure, we sputtered on offense a bit, but the final scores showed a 20 plus point margin of victory in both games. The Gators are once again in a no-win situation with the talking heads and pundits this year. We win by 20, and we are struggling, yet we win by 30 and we’ll be “running it up” on inferior competition. If we lose a game, we’ll have been “overrated”. I find it comical the standards put on the Gators that other teams don’t have to live up to. Its cool though, its part of being a Gator fan to deal with the clowns who continually search for some sort of ammo to try and bring us down.

  4. Just because he called them close, i don’t think he thought we’d lose, although lets get realistic! You weren’t thinking prior to the pic before the half that going into halftime shutout and down 7 to a team that beat FSU last year that it COULDN’T happen? This diehard sure was.

  5. Ineresting idea, but NO CHANCE FLA ‘over-looks’ Tennesse…
    What I do wonder is: IF FLA ever looses to Tenn. with Urban at the helm, where does it happen? Coach SOS lost at Tenn. in his 1st year1 If we were to LOOSE it wouldn’t be because of ‘over-lookin’ it would be due to our front run-D and getting away from WHAT DID WORK vs USF!!! GO GATORS and as the sign says, (for many years)
    Thanks for the venue you and Pat offer us fans!

    gatorgi (Greg)

  6. Gator Nation…Urban has things under control. Sit back, relax, drink a few Gatorades and watch the fun begin with this rivalry. I have been extremely hard on the Gators for the past two weeks, but sitting in “the Swamp” last Saturday sweating my ka-hoonas off watching a fiasco play out before me…and suddenly seeing someone turn the ignition key and WOW…the Gators came alive…jelled and it was all over but the shouting. Our gators will do just fine Saturday…for the first time since the Orange and Blue game I feel confident we are SEC quality playmakers…GO GATORS! Urban and Staff… the Gator Nation is counting on you guys doing your jobs…top notch! Don’t let us down…again!

  7. Yeah Urbie’s got things under control win at all costs, Tennessee may be down but they ain’t out most of UF Fans and players think they already won the game before it’s played. The game is played on the field not in your mind or your mouth