What's up with Will Hill?


At his Monday press conference a week ago, Urban Meyer said that if everything went according to plan, starting free safety Will Hill would return to the lineup for the Gators’ game against South Florida on Saturday.

But Hill was a no-show on the field for the second consecutive game. After running out of the tunnel, Hill repeated his opening game routine, walking to the sideline and placing his helmet under the bench.

At this point, all we know is Hill’s suspension was for more than the one game we thought it would be. The question now is: How long will it turn out to be?

Meyer indicated after the USF game that he expected Hill to return this week.

But when senior strong safety Ahmad Black was asked Monday what impact Hill’s return would have on the secondary, Black gave us a funny look and said, “No comment.”

So, will Hill be back for Saturday’s game in Knoxville? Or will he be putting his helmet under the bench for a third consecutive game?

We may have to wait until Saturday for the answer to what has become perhaps the most intriguing question of the season so far.


  1. Will Hill’s head is obviously already in the NFL…..and the Gators don’t need that kind of thinking right now. Either go to class and get good grades or drop out of school and prepare for the NFL. Evans is looking good at free safety anyway…and Dowling is backing him up too. So Hill….get with it or get out of it. Either one is just fine right now. Your decision.

  2. in urban we trust. since the day he arrived Coach Myer has said you will go to class and make satisfactory grades working toward your degree,you will be a good citizen,you will obey the laws of common sense. So if Mr Hill thinks that he can differ from that he will either get with the program or be gone. Can we use him yes can we live without him yes again. We as fans do not need to know every little thing that goes on behind the scenes. Go Gators beat UT

  3. Yes, college is supposed to be fun. But, you’re also supposed to follow the rules. And if Will Hill can’t do that, he won’t play.
    Yeah, let’s call out the coach who is responsible for 2 national and SEC championships in the last 5 years. I’m sure Joe Armchair knows better.

  4. It may be that there have been some allegations of agent contact, and they have to hold him out until it is resolved to avoid forfeiting games.

    If that is the case, at least it is only him and not more, like with the Tar Heels.

  5. I agree with tim, this isn’t reality television. I don’t have to know what is going on behind the scenes. I’m more focused on those that ARE playing than waisting energy wondering why Hill is sitting on the sidelines. Besides, the deeper we are at DB and the more football knowledge gained by those who are playing, the better. Go Gators!

  6. I’d like to know what’s going on with him too, ’cause don’t kid yourself–that D is stronger with him in there…but I trust the Coach when it comes to matters of discipline and team-chemistry. Between the crap that finally caught up to us by the SEC Championship last year, and the sense of entitlement and overblown self-importance we saw among some of the freshmen this year, Urban is navigating dangerous waters and HAS to take a strong hand. He is preparing middle- and long-term for another championship run, and if that means getting by without a recalcitrant senior, no matter how talented, so be it.

  7. Don’t forget Meyer can’t just go out and release student academic information! Also, he owes it to his players to protect them. I am sure he wants Hill back much more than we do, since he also has a personal relationship with hill. All we need to know is what we know. The little bits and pieces are good for people to cause further problems. Lastly, Meyer has no choice but to close practice with all the secret scouting that has taken place. It is widely believed that Saban had someone down getting the scoop on the preparations for last years SEC game. Bama seemed to know our entire game plan. Maybe Saban is just that good at guessing what his opponent will do – I don’t think so! With the level of competition and what a coach stands to lose if he doesn’t win, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities!

  8. we need will hill back in the line up, evans DOSNT look good! go back and watch that film, he is shaky on coverage and tackleing. also compared to hill he is slow on the football feild! and matt elam hasent been impressive YET, i’ll take the experience over the possibilities. DO NOT question meyer! he has only held this programe in the highest light sence he has been here[ 2 champs/ 1 heisman/ top recruiting classes] this guy is the man. so if he says no go will hill, even if the talent on the feild is hurt, im with coach. this is a college football team, and a family…. im SO HAPPY we dont let people into practice, it is a possible destraction and/or agent issue to come, who the HELL wants anymore of those kinda problems?

  9. I too agree with Urban…Will Hill can play when the Coaches says he can play….and not a minute sooner. No questions here and no speculation here…all I know is the Coaching Staffers says he is a “no go”…so be it!

  10. I heard (from a freind of Hill’s) he would be suspended for atleast two games, maybe more. from what I heard, it has nothing to do with grades or an NFL “head”. just something he shouldn’t have gone about a different way

  11. You have to earn the privilege to play football at Florida. If you don’t want to go to class or be a good citizen, you’re not going to be on that field in the swamp. Simple as that. This is not up to Urban, it’s up to Will Hill. Will decides what happens to him based on HIS decisions, not someone else. Go Gators! Beat UT!

    p.s. – Andre Debose, get ready. You’re up on Saturday in Knoxville.

  12. We need Will Hill and his veteran leadership on the defense because as of right now there’s not a leader on the defensive side or the offensive side and that’s one of our huge problems for not being able to keep their heads in the game all 60 minutes. Also, without Rainey playing on Saturday due to his concussion and his arrest it won’t make that much of a big deal as Rainey hasn’t really had much of an impact his whole Gator career. Plus, I think Gillislee is a lot better of a RB than Rainey and he’s a better flex option out wide. Gillislee is supposedly faster too!


  14. There are some things about him getting charges of Grand Theft but I don’t think they were ever brought against him…he is sitting out because he does not need to put himself in those type of situations, true or not…

  15. Class of 86, seriously 1970? this season is already better than that season. Urban hasn’t given Gator Nation any indication it is ever going to be like that again. They pay Urban a lot more than the cost of 1 scholarship and board and food, so your statement of pay him to play not sit, it rings more true of the coach, we pay him to coach not sit. Have you gotten so self indulgent that you must know everything about people that you have no business knowing about? Seriously, it doesn’t take a college degree realize that Urban knows more than you because he has to know, and he’s paid to know. And I wouldn’t use “Drumline” as my basis for an arguement about putting your best players on the field, there are much more poignant examples than a fictional movie about band competitions.

  16. I like Gillislee, but he is not faster than Rainey and it is not even close. Rainey was part of the Gator SEC champion 4×100 relay team this pasdt rtwack season. He can fly! Gillislee has decent speed, but is not in the same class as Rainey, DT or Demps of course.

  17. Coach Meyer is one of the best college coaches in college football, if not THE best. He IS the “man.” And I hope that any of the coaches/players who happen to read these blogs know that any comments and suggestions that are made are because most of the bloggers, me included, do love the Gators. Part of the fun of college football is to always be able think think. Don’t get that feel with pro football.