Prediction time again


Since we all pretty much know what’s going to happen in the opener (a big, one-sided Florida win over Miami of Ohio), I’m not even going to bother picking a score in this one. But I do have some predictions for Saturday.

Here they are:

• On UF’s first play, the Gators will line up in the I-formation with John Brantley under center and Brantley will throw a deep ball to Deonte Thompson on a play-action pass.

• Jeff Demps will return a kickoff for a touchdown (even though he probably won’t get many opportunities).

• Chris Rainey will catch a short pass and turn it into a long touchdown play.

• Omarius Hines will start making UF fans forget about former star tight end Aaron Hernandez. Hines has had a great camp and the coaches are fired up about what he’s going to contribute to the offense.

• The Gators will have two 100-yard rushers — Demps and Emmanuel Moody.

• Wide receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. will not play (which will mean he’s suspended from this game for his DUI arrest over the summer).

• The Gators are going to overwhelm the RedHawks in the steamy second half with superior depth. When many of your backups are five-star recruits, it’s a definite advantage.

• John Brantley will throw for 250 yards in the first half. True freshman Tyler Murphy will make some mistakes in the second half, but will impress with his strong arm and athletic ability.

• Ahmad Black and Will Hill will intercept passes.

• Jeremy Brown will start at cornerback ahead of Moses Jenkins, but the two will share playing time. (Both are really feel-good stories).

• The Gators will look a little sloppy (due to nerves) early, but will settle down and rock and roll on both sides of the ball.

• UF’s defensive front will generate a pass rush (without the help of the linebackers).

• Redshirt freshman middle linebacker Jelani Jenkins will be one of the most noticeable players on the field.

• Carl Moore and Andre Debose will make big plays in the passing game.

• Punter Chas Henry is going to get bored.


  1. I am old Gator from the Steve Spurrier era — when he played, not when he coached — and I totally agree with your predictions.

    Even though I graduated in 1967 once a Gator always a Gator. I feel a special attachment to Gator football because I had three members of the 1965 and 1966 teams live next to me in Murphee Hall. Also back then my Journalism School was underneath the west wing what Steve would later name “The Swamp.”

    Although this is a rebuilding year I am confident this will be a top 5 team. Go Gators! from a now California alumnus.

  2. I say Demps will return 2 kickoffs for TD’s! Great predictions! Let’s just hope they come to be! Also, I’m glad you aren’t whining like Dooley about Meyer closing practice! Every time Dooley writes something, he takes a jab at Meyer for closing practIces. I miss going and watching some of the practices, but, I trust Meyer’s judgement much more than Dooley’s! I believe Meyer learned of a certain team’s spying last year and he’s not going to allow them the opportunity this year. It’s amazing how that team knew everything we were going to do and our specific weaknesses on defense, with Dunlap out.

    Go Gators! Can’t wait to take my seat at the game!

  3. Great comments, Ray Cohn and J Curtis! I believe this season will be exciting and the Gators will come through. I have a little feeling that tells me that change is going to be good, specially on offense and the team will have to win collectively and not rely on Tim Tebow on every down. I honestly believe that besides the Dunlap case at the end of last season, the too conservative play calling and Tebow hogging the ball too long hurt us in the SECCG. After that loss, our team played much more relaxed in the Sugar Bowl and destroyed an undefeated Cincy team with contributions from a lot of different players. I hope to see that type of relaxed play calling and I am sure these young players will step up to the task.
    I am so excited about this new Gators’ era. Go Gators!!!

  4. I’m just excited to be here for another season. Almost didn’t make it to see it happen. It’s great to have a new team that is unpredictable. I’m sure Urban Myers has some surprises up his sleeves for us. Just saying… IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!!

  5. I would like to be tailgatoring with Rob, Ray, J, and HHO, and I fell compelled to add to your astute observations and your prescient predictions. While Timmy QBed the Sugar Bowl, I could see how it was a preview of the Johnny Brantley era with so many playmakers contributing on offense. Depending upon how much the coaches want to show today, I predict no fewer than nine Gators will catch a pass from JB. I’m wondering if the fullback might get one in the flat, a la Billy Lasko. And there’s so much depth on the front 7 on D that the second half may prove to be a complete debacle for the Red Hawks, and I predict they will remove Dysert at some point, hopefully not too late, to avoid injury. I truly admire our opponent’s history and the moxie that will come with it to the game, but in the end, we all know that they are just Gator Bait!
    UF 65, Miami (Oh, crap!) 0, as in zilch.

  6. I am wondering why what was supposed to be a Gator strength turned out to be just the opposite. I am talking about the play of the offensive line. The lineman often missed assignments which didn’t give Brantley time to set up. When he did the receptions were not there. And the play of the center was really of and he missed Brantley by several feet on more than one occasion. I know players are shifting positions in the line but how long do you think it will take before before the line’s performance is up to Florida standards?

    Miami of Ohio played like they were motivated and believed that they could win, and were not just cannon fodder for the Gators.
    Hats off to them for their never give up attitude and their successful defensive performance.

    Here’s hoping that the Gators will learn and grow from their experience and NEVER take an opponent lightly, and find their HEART!

  7. This is why nobody should ever make predictions before they happen lol. Debose and Moore were ghosts. Duke Lemmens was ghost-like. Bostic was the noticeable MLB. Moses started. Will Hill didn’t play. 9 yards of total offense in the first half. Chris Rainey caught a short pass and turned into negative yards or a fumble. Moody was nonexistent. ETC!

  8. Wow! None of your predictions were true! Miami of Ohio is even on an 8 game losing streak. I’m not exctited about this year or the next several years. There are years of highs followed by years of lows. I think we’re approaching years of lows.

  9. The Florida Times Union quotes John Brantley as saying,I’m not embarrassed at all, it’s just one of those games.” WOW!!
    How could he not be embarrassed. Doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of responsibility in 2010!! Where are statements like, “I promise you, from now on I will play harder than anyone in the country.” How dare Florida play be cocky when their play was so lousy!!! Will an 7-5 season be cause for celebration? This sweet 2010 ride appears to be on a 1970 moped!! Florida will not get better until the players own up and show embarrassment!

  10. Well Robbie only two of your predictions came true ahmad black did get an interception and there was a little pressure on the miami qb by j. howard. Other than that, this was the worst florida opener i have ever seen!!! The play calling was horrible, especially the screen call to demps when we were backed up against our goalline (should have been a safety). I dont think steve addazio should be calling the plays he flat out has no imagination!!!!

  11. Han-Solo, I couldn’t agree with you more. During the game all I could think of is “here we go again with this lame play calling”. There is no imagination. There doen’t seem to be a coordinated plan of attack. Why are you running an option when there is no threat of the QB running? Obviously every team knows Brantley not a runner, so the fake off of the option is a joke. Unless you are willing to expose Brantley to the punishment of running the ball at least 10 times per game scrap the option. You have one of, if not the best “O” lines in the nation..line up and hit someone in the mouth. Forget the trickery.
    As for Pouncey, I don’t give a rats ass about improving his NFL value. If he can’t get the ball to the QB, move him back to guard and get someone in there that can handle the snap!!!

  12. I’m going to say what everyone is thinking–that Brantley has bad hands. In the past he dropped the ball alot and we dismissed it as no time to get comfortable. Even though Pouncey’s hikes were off, Brantley still should have scooped them up. And many of his throws were off target. We keep getting insured that this is his team. Somehow that gets worrisome. No one had to say that with Tebow or Weurffle. In fact they told us we had to wait.

  13. Predictions of a 65-0 romp were obviously wrong. The Gators have so much potential now is the time for them come together as a team and play with intensity, confidence, concentration. If there is any loss of confidence among the players now is the time to accept what happened take individual and team responsibility and move on. Thinking about what happened and why are not any sign of lack of support for the Gators. I have watched various teams and coaches since I was in college in the 70’s. We now have the best coach and best assembly of talent ever. Appalachian State stunned Michigan in the Big House,” and Wolverines never really recovered that year. We won but some introspection should be okay, not just blind “patriotism!” That didn’t help Michigan at all.

  14. Ia it juat mwe, or can the level of play by the Gators be correlated with the feelings of the fans. Whenever I find myself not really up for a game and expecting a blow out we get lackluster performances from the players. When I’m feeling really intense about a game the players and coaches seem to be the same. I don’t think we can tell anything from this first game except that playing bottom of the pack teams results in uninspired play and a low interest level by the fans. This was not the case in the Zook years, when we used to dismantle the first opponenet or two, then look bad against Tennessee.

  15. Relax my fello Gator fans.The gators are going to be just fine..there is some issues that need to be dealt with…BUT…i assure you …the man to handle that is Meyer..he is a awesome coach and he will get these GATORS playing some serious football…so everyone take a chill pill and watch the GATORS WIN THE EAST AGAIN…GO GATORS!!!