The new-look offense


After speaking with Florida coaches and players over the past three weeks, we’ve come to know the varied components of the Gators’ 2010 offense.

A drop-back passing quarterback who will not be toting the rock on called quarterback runs. Tailbacks who will be lining up in the I-formation behind a fullback sometimes. Tight ends who will block and create mismatch problems with some speedy options (Omarius Hines and Trey Burton). Slot receivers who will occasionally line up in the backfield. Wide receivers who will stretch the field and make plays in a down-field passing game. A big, strong, experienced and athletic line, led by stud center Mike Pouncey.

We know the components, but we don’t know what this offense is going to be (or look like) until it is unveiled Sept. 4.

One thing we do know is it’s going to be different. Different than last season, for sure. Even different than the 2006 offense led by Chris Leak that helped the Gators win the national championship.

“It’s going to look different,” UF coach Urban Meyer said. “We’re at that point (where we know). If you’d asked me in the middle of the summer, I couldn’t tell you (what it’s going to look like). It’s going to look a little different. There are going to be some things we’ve not done, including even when Chris Leak was here.

“So, there will be some interesting things to look at. We’ve kind of got an idea who the playmakers are on offense. We have a good feel for what we are right now. (Offensive coordinator) Steve Addazio has done a really good job.”

Addazio gets excited when he’s asked about the many options he has with the offense.

“Basically, who we are isn’t going to change,” Addazio said Saturday. “You’ll see these tweaks coming out. You’re going to see more stuff, without a doubt. But our goal here is to always take advantage of the guys we have. Different guys have different talents. That’s where you’ll see the little tweaks. You’ll see change.

“It’s about getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers, about doing what our players can do great. That’s what we’ve always been about. Fundamentally, that is so locked in. It could come in a two-back under center formation. It could come in a lot of shapes and forms. We’re going to really get that thing spread around.”


  1. I like the idea of mixing it up and a lot of it being based off our opponent. More versatility in formations and playcalling is a great thing, as we’ve seen with our defenses in recent years. I hope our offense is a lot less predictable, and with Tebow not carrying it 12 times a game, it has to be.

  2. Yeah, and our defense is faster, athletic and hungry. I like this team a whole bunch. There may not be any drop-off in overall quality from where we’ve seen our Gators stand on the heights the previous two years. Go Gators!!!!

  3. It will be exciting to see the Gators in different offensive setups. Tebow was the greatest but many opponents almost were in sync with him. With a new offense and players just as talented as in the past the Gators could really play havoc with defenses that take them for granted. I look forward to a super season for the Gators.

  4. I am excited for the season, but I honestly shocked that no one is talking about the new D-coordinator. This has got to be a big transition for him and the defense. Charlie Strong was an experienced S.E.C. coordinator and this guy is a giant question mark with a lot of young players. I think this could be a very rocky start.