Addazio feeling good vibes


Urban Meyer and the offensive coaches have been hesitant to reveal too much about the offense and how it might be different on Sept. 4, when it is unveiled in the opener. But one thing is obvious. Offensive coordinator SteveAddazio is feeling good about what he’s got.

Addazio listed several things he’s feeling positive about after Wednesday’s morning practice, starting with junior wide receiver Deonte Thompson.

“I’m really fired up about Deonte Thompson,” he said. “I think he’s showing tremendous leadership out there. He’s making plays. I just like what he’s all about right now. We felt that would be the case, but that really is the case. He’s a major factor in developing great chemistry in that room (with the rest of the wide receivers). It was important that it happen this year.

“The accountability factor is there. That’s exciting. I’m real pleased with that.”

Addazio said he also likes what’s happening at quarterback. And more than just the play of starter John Brantley.

“The quarterback position. … I’m very pleased there,” he said. “I like John Brantley. I like his approach at practice. I can tell that that guy is ready to play. And I like Trey Burton and Tyler Murphy. I just like their approach. They’re getting better every day. I’m excited about them.”

Addazio also mentioned the tailbacks (Jeff Demps, Emmanuel Moody, Mike Gillislee and Mack Brown), who are having a strong camp.

“Those are some talented guys now,” he said. “I like what they’re doing in camp. And I like the development of the tight end position. I like what I see there.”

Throw in Addazio’s big, physical, athletic and experienced offensive line, and there’s a lot to feel good about with this offense — whatever it ends up looking like in the fall.


  1. How many of Brantley’s completions in regualr season games have gone to Deonte Thompson? That might prove interesting, as far as developing a pass-catch combination on this team and what to expect. I remember Hines and Hammonds catching a few tosses, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Thompson has caught the most.

  2. He may be sold on his players and likes what he sees….but I am not sold on him as the OC and I did not like what I saw for play calls last year….there was a night and day difference in effective and imaginative play calling between him and Mullen. I just hope he opens up the playbook this year and does not try to make us 3rds and a cloud of dust south like he did last year.

  3. Adazzio needs to pull his head out of his ass! That arkansas game last year was a joke we were 3rd and long how many times? Hell we just about always ended up 3rd and long the whole season. Something needs to be done this year b/c we dont have the defense we had last year.