Positive change for Hill, Jenkins


Perhaps the best thing that’s happened to the Florida secondary is the fact starting safety Will Hill and starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins have experienced positive turnarounds on and off the field since last season.

Hill’s has been dramatic, Urban Meyer revealed Tuesday.

“Night and day,” Meyer said. “There were a lot of issues. We’ve got 105 guys and he was a guy that drank the poison, or whatever you want to call it. Now, he’s going as hard as we’ve ever had a safety go around here, and he’s doing really well.

“He and (safeties coach) Chuck Heater have a good little deal going on back there. (Hill’s) position coach is real strong. Everyone knows Heater. He handles things a certain way and expects great effort and great performance on and off the field. We’re starting to see that now (with Hill).”

Meyer said new defensive coordinator and cornerbacks coach Teryl Austin has had a similar effect on Jenkins, who experienced a little bit of a sophomore jinx last season after a strong freshman year.

“I love his position coach. The same thing you see from our safeties,” Meyer said. “We have a big saying round here: power of the unity. That’s a unit that’s really going well and (Jenkins) is the leader. Night and day.

“You’re going to see a really good player this season. He’s no nonsense. He’s just 100 percent all the time. It’s a credit to his position coach. Change is good. The transition is good.Janoris is the man (at cornerback now) and he knows it.”


  1. Maybe it is my Orange and Blue goggles, but I think we are, (yeah, I said we) are going to be extremely good on both sides of the ball this year. The special teams has all the ingredients to be stellar as well. We are gonna be one tough team to beat, that much I’m sure of.

  2. I feel similarly. However, I didn’t like the idea before and I still don’t like the idea that Addazio is the OC. It is only my layman’s humble opinion, but I think it is asking too much for a guy to be a great OL coach AND be the OC who calls plays and has to see the whole field. How can you see that from the sidelines? The OC belongs in the booth and the OL should be on the field. Besides some personnel issues, that is why I felt the team looked lackluster on offense last year. To me, that is the difference Dan Mullen made and he was in the booth.

    I wish Addazio and the Gators all the best. They should be a very strong team.