Brantley tries something different


Florida quarterback John Brantley may be sporting a new look when the Gators open the season Sept. 4.

The junior from Ocala showed up at interviews Saturday with the first signs of a mustache. He said he’s considering growing it out and keeping it through the season.

“I’m not sure yet,” he said. “Everyone is doubting me, so I might do it for that reason. They say I won’t keep it, so I might just because of that.”

Brantley said he decided to grow the ‘stach because both his father, John Brantley III, and his high school coach, Kerwin Bell, had mustaches when they played quarterback at Florida – his father in the 1970s, Bell in the ’80s.

“I had to go back to my dad and Kerwin’s age,” Brantley said.

With the mustache, Brantley actually looks a little more like Kerwin than his dad.

If Saturday’s scrimmage is any indication, maybe the mustache is a good move.

Wide receiver Deonte Thompson said Brantley was pretty much perfect in running the offense in Saturday’s scrimmage. He threw touchdown passes to Frankie Hammond Jr. and Carl Moore and consistently moved the offense.

“I had a pretty good day,” Brantley said. “I wouldn’t say it was perfect. I did throw an interception. You will never have that perfect day (as a quarterback). It’s tough to be perfect.

“I got a lot of help form the offensive line, and the receivers caught everything and the running backs did well. We’re just trying to get better and better.”