Omarius Hines starting to emerge


Since inadvertently leaving his name off the receivers’ depth chart a few weeks ago, a lot of people have been asking me about the status of sophomore wide receiver Omarius Hines.

I’m happy to report that he is a very busy young man at the moment in preseason camp, and he’s doing extremely well.

I say busy because he’s seeing practice time at two positions — wide receiver and as a hybrid tight end.

He saw a little time at tight end in the spring. Now, it looks like he’s going to have a chance to play a significant role at the position, possibly creating matchup problems for defenses the same way Aaron Hernandez did with his speed and soft hands.

“He’s doing a great job,” tight ends coach Brian White said. “He’s a good guy, smart, loves football and he’s very talented. People are going to enjoy watching him play this year.

“He’s really fast, really strong, and he’s tough. When I say fast, he’s really fast, a sub-4.4 guy (in the 40-yard dash). He’s 220 pounds, so he can block linebackers in space. He’s got really good hands. You have to create a role to put the ball in the hands of our playmakers. At the same time, ask him to do some things blocking that he can handle.”


  1. Thanks for the updates on Omarius. I agree with you, that this offense looks on course to be more explosive than last year’s outfit which sometimes looked tightly wound, too conservative. It’s apparent there are far more quality receiving options than Tim Tebow enjoyed last year as younger guys from 2008-09 are now growing up into their roles. Hines, Reed, Rainey, Thompson, Moore, Debose, maybe Hammond, then Demps, Moody, Gillislee, Brown… WOW!

  2. Robbie, two guys down the depth chart, Stephen Alli and Justin Williams, who caught a few passes and scored twice last year: how are they progressing? And for those of us who live far, far away, how does Alli pronounce his last name? Alley, Alee?

  3. I remember watching Hines play last year and wondering why he wasn’t playing more. Everytime he got in the game, he was doing things. I hope to see him more this year. I’m also glad to see that they put Rainey in the slot position.