This offense might even be better


At some point this season, I’m sure there will be a Tim Tebow hangover of some sort. Maybe if the Gators get stuffed on a fourth-and-short play or the offense fails to sustain drives.

But after talking to offensive coordinator Steve Addazio for about 15 minutes, I have a feeling the Florida offense might actually turn out to be better this season than last season.

Addazio is clearly excited about the potential of this offense, led by quarterback John Brantley and some talented tailbacks and wide receivers.

But what may set this offense apart is the offensive line. This front has a chance to be the best in the nation and one of the best in school history. It is experienced. It is athletic. It is tough and physical. It is deep. And it has a great player and leader in senior center Mike Pouncey.

A strong offensive line really opens the playbook for Addazio and the offensive coaches, and gives the Gators many different options to attack defenses.

I know Urban Meyer has said his biggest priority in the preseason is identifying the playmakers. But I think the Gators are going to have plenty of those guys, including Deonte Thompson, Chis Rainey, Jeff Demps, Andre Debose, Mike Gillislee and others. Combine the playmakers with a strong offensive front, and a lot of the pressure it taken off Brantley.

I know there are some questions out there about this offense, and concerns about keeping Brantley healthy, but I think this offense is going to be one of the most potent Meyer has had.
Better than last year.

You heard it here first.


  1. I hope so, Robbie. I, too, believe they have a chance to be a better offense than last season. If not in terms of more yards per least more points per game (which was 35.9 for the entire season, bowl game included).

    But can we be as good or better on defense in terms of points allowed per game? (12.4)…that’s going to b a little tougher in my opinion..but I’ll be happy with anything 16 and under.

  2. I have been thinking the same thing all summer. The biggest concern with be on those Third & Tebow and Fourth & Tebow downs that we have taken for granted the last several years but . . . meet Trey Burton. And Mack Brown could be the next Errict Rhett.

  3. I say it is time for change. Gone are the days when 3rd and 1 were so predictable. The mighty Gators were getting stopped on some of the obvious Tebow runs, does anyone but me remeber that? As much as I enjoyed Tim, bring it on John!

  4. I agree with you. Strange as it may seem if the running game is to good early it may hold us back in the development of the offense. We are a spread offense but we want and we try to run the ball first. If that begins with great success I am leery of just being satisfied with keeping it on the ground. For this team to get to its goals, we must develop the passing game threat. Do you run to set up pass or pass to set up run. Last year I felt we only opened up our offense the last game of the year. Let’s spread it around each and every game. It will take that early to win the games we have to win to get back to Atlanta.

  5. It’s been a long time since we saw the work ethic, power running, team first mentality that Errict Rhett brought to Steve Spurrier’s offense. If you needed 2 yards, Errict would get it or we show so much heart trying to get it – not quitting until the end of the whistle. I think we have those backs now and they have a better oppty to prove it week after week. Mike G and Mack B are probably going to provide that extra little bit of spark to motivate the line when needed.

    As for this years offense, I’d love for us to find that run/pass balance with multiple sets that have the ability to throw the defense off. If these players just go out and execute but have fun at the same time, I think we have the oppty to be explosive and I can see John B putting up numbers that look like the SOS era.

  6. I feel like Mike Gillislee IS that guy. He should get more and more carries ,IMO. If he can stay healthy and strong, I expect him to see the field a lot. I haven’t given up on Emmanuel Moody either. In fact, I think he finally “arrives” here at Florida this season. With Demps packing on another 10 pounds to get to 190 while maintaining his world-class speed, should pay dividends as well. Another thing I find interesting is how outside of Gator Nation, people think Johnny B is a statue. I think he runs with the ball a WHOLE lot better than people realize, and that will be utilized. All I really know for sure is the Gators will be tough to beat this year. We are beatable for sure, like anybody is, but we are also capable of running the table, like only a few are. Gonna be a fun ride this season. Can’t wait.

  7. We relied too much on Tebow last year, and defenses knew to key on him. This hurt our offense. Tebow’s rock star status attracted excessive attention to him in the media, and I am sure other players felt their efforts went unrecognized. I agree that we will be better this year on offense without Tebow and with those Tebow left behind.

  8. Didn’t hear it hear first, nor did I think it here first myself, but you’re maybe the first guy I read it from in print media, Robbie. We keep hearing that we should watch out for GA and FSU because of their experienced OL’s, the Gators have experience AND proven talent, but you don’t hear much about that from national publications.
    UF lost a great C in Maurkice P., but Mike will play at that level, and all the other OL positions are only strengthened this year. Add that to Brantley(who MUST stay healthy- I say run him as little as possible), and a slew of playmakers, including hopefully a return to productivity from the all-important slot position, and I see alot of points from this offense.
    Your ranking next week should have UF as the #1 OL in the SEC.

  9. Plus, throw in the fact that Addazio will be more experienced. Remember Mullen’s first yr and a half at OC. It didn’t go well at times, but he finally got the hang of it and the offense produced. I’m expecting that same big improvement in the playcalling with some more balance.

  10. Looking forward to seeing a “spread the wealth” offense. Just what you need to take advantage of a great offensive line. Quarterback mobility is also much less important with that kind of line. Looks like the stars are in alignment thanks to a little bit of help from some focused recruiting efforts.

    Any chance the D. line will be at the same level as the O. at the end of the year, as those freshmen mature and contribute?

  11. I heard this earlier as sometimes i talk to myself. check rivals at leaks finish. i predicted that the new offense would blow leaks away and we would look more like 96. boy was i criticized. as soon as tebow left, i felt same way. brantley, dubose, moore all of whom didnt play are going to make up for alot of the tebow era predictability. please im not leaving rainey, demps, thompson, moody out…they are givens.and why we win…. im biased as anyone, but please tell me what team either jenkins or bostic wouldnt start…absolutely unbelivable. expect to see alot of 3-4 with tackle substitutions.

  12. Its quiet in Gatorland!!! I have a feeling that the staff is getting the feeling in looking at the wealth of talent coming back combined with whats coming in that this is going to be an incredible offense!
    I mean really….John Brantley is a great qb to follow Tebow! He has been in the system forever! And Rainey, Demps, Dubose and a huge experienced line and wideouts running wild…Exactly how do you stop a Spurrier passing attack combined with misdirection on every snap to running backs like the above and Moody and Gilleslie..? I think by the 3rd game the attack is going to gain momentum and by the 5th game we will be running on all cylinders.
    The defense has got incredible size and speed and will surprise..
    Prediction 13-1 win the SEC shamp game and play for it all again…

    Go Gators…
    Gator Bob in Jupiter, Fla

  13. It sounds like Brantley (really accurate) and Thompson (4.22 40) could have really good seasons, and with one of the best OLs out there and four great running backs and speedy receivers like Rainey, Debose, and Carl Moore, this year’s offense definitely could surpass last year’s offense.

  14. Hope Wilder does get a chance to be recruited as a running back. Nothing wrong with s good stable of backs. Look at Alabama. They have Ingram, Peterson, and a freshman named Jalston Fowler (6’3 240 pounds!) Pretty full stable yet Wilder has been quoted as saying he will go to Alabama if they let him play running back. And what would be wrong with Florida having Wilder AND Kelvin Taylor? That would be a championship duo and I don’t think Taylor would snub Florida if Wilder was there, the guys need breaks and backups anyway!!

    Looking forward to this year’s quest. Urban Meyer and staff seem to have put together a motivated, unselfish team of guys who love to play football and never crings or choke at challenges. Their talent, dedication, and determination, besides impressive physical stats have me loving them already.
    Win or loose (I am not a sunshine patriot) this will be a great ride!!!