UF football causing a stir


As everyone around here knows, there are no lazy, hazy days of summer when it comes to Florida football. Stuff is always happening, some of it even a little bit crazy. So we do have crazy days of summer. Like Friday.

Well, actually this all started late Thursday night, when two websites reported Lakewood Ranch, Calif., linebacker Rahim Cassell had committed to the Florida Gators earlier in the day. The news sent beat writers and recruiting analysts scrambling to catch up to the news early Friday morning.

Here’s what the news turns out to be: Cassell may have committed to the Gators, but UF is not ready to take a commitment from the three-star prospect. At least not yet. That might change as the recruiting process plays out over the next several months, but for now, Cassell is not a UF commitment. This is a guy who has yet to visit Gainesville or even meet Urban Meyer. So, it’s easy to see why the Gators are not ready to accept a pledge from the kid yet. Meyer wants to really know prospects and their families before he extends a scholarship offer, and apparently a relationship with Cassell has not even started yet. Cassell may eventually become a UF commitment, but it hasn’t happened yet, even if in his mind he is committed to the Gators.

The other crazy thing had to do with Percy Harvin, the former Gator All-America wide receiver and current Minnesota Vikings star. The website sportsbybrooks.com reported Friday that Harvin was the unnamed recruit in the NCAA’s investigation of Southern Cal, which has led to potential crippling sanctions for the Trojans. The news about Harvin sent Gator Nation into a panic, many thinking maybe Harvin was involved in something that could be construed as a potential problem for him (and maybe even UF) with the NCAA. As it turns out, Harvin was mentioned as the recruit that USC tailback Reggie Bush blew off after a 2005 Southern Cal game. Bush was supposed to show Harvin around after the game, but Bush never bothered to show up. So, Percy never had a chance to hang with Bush, which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing for Harvin (and UF).

As you can see, it’s been yet another crazy day of summer around Florida football.


  1. The best part about that Harvin/Bush thing – Percy has clearly shown himself to be NFL-ready while Bush is too much of a “tweener” to really make an impact at ANY position.

    Harvin – Offensive Rookie of the Year.
    Bush – bit player at best. His biggest highlight thusfar has been when he got knocked silly in that Eagles game.

  2. These blogs are a cross between Dear Abby and the tabloids you see going through the Publix check out lanes.

    And, no 76, not Percy but Jughead.

    Print journalism is headed down the tubes. (Did I spell everything correctly? Did I get my count down number correct in my headline? Does anybody care?)

    Textual disappointments only goes so deep, really. So, keep blogging, my friends.

  3. I wouldn’t beleive everything you read on the web. What a joke, another uscW story trying to make themselves relevant. From now on I will refer to USC as South Carolina and the little rubbers as uscW. Lane Kiffin and uscW has become the new laughing stock and a disappointing joke. I guess they weren’t much to begin with, nothing but smoke and mirrors from the start. LOL

  4. Not sure where the critcism of the blog came from? The writer basically shot down rumors and explained them. Tabloids are usually the things that bring up the rumors without actually giving answers.

  5. Agreed Matt and Montana. Sort of sheds a little light on how important current players are in the recruiting process and how the innovative coaches out there utilize/emphasize this tool. Reggie has just about done it all but his house of cards will not stand forever.