Signee Van enrolls at Marshall


Florida’s highly ranked 2010 recruiting class has shrunk by one.

Athlete/cornerback Travon Van, who has not qualified academically, is enrolled in summer classes at Marshall after receiving his release from UF, according to the Huntington Herald-Dispatch.

Van was a four-star prospect who was expected to compete for possible early playing time at cornerback with the Gators, but he has had academic issues dating back to high school at Helix High in Lemon Grove, Calif. He played at Milford Academy this past season before signing with UF in February.

If Van does not qualify academically before the 2010 season, he will sit out the 2010-11 school year at Marshall as an academic non-qualifier.

Eventually, Van would be playing for former Florida assistant Doc Holliday, who is the head coach at Marshall.


  1. Good luck to this kid…hope it works out for him. The only problem now is that we will most likely lose another recruit to the MLB Draft. That hurts…losing two players from this stellar class. Good luck to both though!

  2. Meyer took a chance on the kid and it didn’t work out. Meyer is better off going after kids he knows will qualify….they make better quality players in the long run. Kids with brains and somewhat lesser talent make better players than kids with lesser brains and somewhat better talent almost every time. Look at Ryan Stamper vs. some other more highly reted, multi-star LBs who have come and gone without much or little impact.

  3. Truth is, every single one of these kids needs an education at the end of it all. God Bless him and I hope he gets his act together enough to get on the field also, but if he just gets that degree…… then it will all be worth it for the kid.

  4. 1st. Who cares? and 2nd. it can`t be that hard to get into UF didn`t Corrine Brown graduate from there? Now there`s a real winner if you don`t believe me, get on YouTube and check out her congratulatory speech to The Gator Football team.. all I can say is WOW.

  5. They should have seen this when they were recruiting him. If he is having problems with grades in high school, it was foolish to try to bring him here and try to play football and get passing grades too. Another example of the coach only wanting a winning team at the expense of a failing student. Thank goodness the NCAA watches this and has some min. requirments.

  6. Tampa Gator , I think you simplified this a little too much. All of the kids deserve their chance and for Meyer to give him a chance was great and you would hope that things work out for the kid, in this case it didn’t and he moved on which is good for him. Now if you think back what was your stance on Demar Dorsey when he was headed for the Gators, was he welcomed by you before the coaches decided to scrub him for continuing he recruiting process? I’m just saying don’t discredit the athletes when they don’t qualify the coaches know what academic shape they are in when they offer. How do you feel about Wilder right now and his prospects to become a gator? Will you look at him as a dumb athlete if he didn’t qualify for some reason. They are more than just athletes they are kids trying to make a way in life as well.