Urban, Gigi Meyer show off wakeboarding passion


It’s well known that Florida coach Urban Meyer loves to relax with his family at their lake house in Melrose. Now we know one of their passions is wakeboarding.

Meyer and youngest daughter Gigi recently shot a promotional video for boat manufacturer Nautique. The video features two Team Nautique pro wakeboarders cutting up Lake Santa Fe along with Gigi. Urban is often seen playing the role of designated driver.

You can watch the video here: http://www.nautiques.com/videos/index/university-of-florida-s-head-football-coach-urban-meyer/category:Danny%20Harf


  1. Hahaha, DAVE. I was thinking the same thing. Just sit and relax while driving the boat Urban. If you feel like it, mix in a call to James Wilder and Timmy Jernigan on one of the turnarounds to pick Gigi up. LOL

  2. Good to see the head coach relaxing and enjoying some family time. Looks like Gigi is headed to the next level. I am glad to hear our coach is doing so good. I hope he learns how to balance things out and stay healthy. He has all the right people in place to help him. He really is top of the line.