Meyer looking, feeling good


SANDESTIN — The rumors and speculation that disappeared with Urban Meyer’s return in the spring seemed to pop right back up over the last few months in his absence.

Here was one popular rumor: Meyer’s health is still a major concern and Steve Addazio will be taking over in the fall.

Well, the rumors likely will go away now after Meyer’s appearance in the SEC Spring Meetings on Tuesday. Maybe they’re gone for good now.

Some were wondering if he’d even show up, but he did — looking healthy and happy and sounding very eager to coach this team in the fall.

Meyer said his health has basically been a non-issue since late January, when his condition was properly diagnosed and he started taking medication for it. He said the intense chest pains that threatened his health and his coaching career were caused by “esophageal spasms.”

Meyer said he feels “fantastic” now and he doesn’t anticipate any more problems with his health in the future.

Meyer has done everything he’s been told to do to get his health back in order. He’s taken time off, taken much of the stress out of his job by delegating authority to his assistants, and spent a great deal of quality time with his family.

Meyer’s back now, healthy and maybe more energetic than ever. Time for the rumors and speculation to cease.


  1. He can take 1 day off a week during season. Most of that “24/7” crap is just coach speak for “I’m too important to miss
    anything” anyway. No body in any organization should be allowed to be that “important”. SOS took a day here and there and UF did just fine. I love coach and I think he can afford to take some time during the season to play golf or watch his kid play volleyball etc…
    He and the Gators will be better off because of it in the long run.

  2. Interesting that he waited so late after his initial pain a few years ago. I have had that condition for the last couple of years. Hurts like hell! Doctors ran some barium down my throat, and they diagnosed me with esophageal spasms in the spring of 2008. There are two forms of them; diffuse and nutcracker. I have nutcracker spasms. Changed my diet dramatically. Began a normal exercise routine, and they stuck me on Tofranil. Been fine for the past two years now. Interestingly enough, Viagra is one of the newer medicines that doctors have used to treat the disorder. Perhaps there is the reason Meyer’s not talking about his medication. 😉

  3. Guys, take it easy. Urban’s not gonna do anything to jeopardize the success of the team. I’m so glad he’s OK and hope he does continue to strive for that “balance” that’s so important. He’s our guy and the happier and healthier he is, the better coach he will be. Can’t think of anybody I’d rather see head our football program. All that and a terrific wife and family too. Two NC’s and two SEC’s, he’s already done so much for the program and deserves the time off during the offseasons.

  4. Downtime could mean not working til midnight during the season… I’m not worried. Coach Meyer will not do anything to jeopardize the Gator football team or anyone associated with it.

  5. In a way I am relieved to hear that what Coach Meyer has is esophageal spasms and not a heart condition that is causing his chest pains. Taking his medications and altering his eating habits will help improving his health and having a normal life. Let’s not forget to continue praying for the health of our beloved Coach Urban.
    Peace! Go Gators!!!

  6. Do you want the surgeon operating on your spouse so up tight and self-critical that he will make a mistake that he tenses up during surgery and cannot think straight, “Will I drop the scapel? What if the bulb on the microsurgical instrument or laser doesn’t work right? What if soemthing else unexpected happens? Plan ahead but don’t let the ifs, can’ts, and maybes destroy you.

    I think this really also applies to Urban Meyer. I don’t think that the thought is that he will relax and become nonchallant during the season. But too much stress has a negative effect on production. WQe all love Urban, he is a fantastic coach, and there is no reason he needs to stress out on every play. Relaxed concentration would be the most win producing formula. You can’t go out on the field with your players and run the plays for them anymore than a parent could take the stage at a school play and play their younins part.
    Trust your preparation, your players confidence and abilities and the wins will continue to come. When Florida has lost it is because they have been too uptight and couldn’t concentrate. Remember all the “Chokes at Doak?”

    And finally I was thrilled to hear about UF offering a scholarship to a 240 pound running back. I promise you the
    coaches will never be sorry, kind of a new Billy Latsko option, maybe even better!