Could Dunlap fall to third round?


When Carlos Dunlap announced he was leaving Florida early to enter the NFL Draft, the feeling among many of the draft experts seemed to be that he likely would be a first-round pick. But Dunlap apparently has been slipping ever since.

On a teleconference Wednesday, NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock predicted Dunlap could fall all the way to the third round in next weekend’s draft.

Mayock said Dunlap’s plunging stock has less to do with his DUI arrest the Tuesday morning before the SEC Championship Game and more to do with his inconsistent work ethic, which he said is obvious when you watch tape of Dunlap.

“It’s a lot more about his body of work on his tape,” Mayock said. “In my opinion, he’s got a substantially below-average motor. He only plays a certain percentage of plays hard. When you’re doing that, you’re going to get dinged pretty badly by the NFL.

“Carlos Dunlap is a beautiful body with a tremendous physical skill set, but he doesn’t play every play hard. I think he’s going to fall midway to late in the second round, and maybe to the third. He’s definitely got ability, but how much money to you want to pay a guy who doesn’t play hard every play?”

Mayock compared Dunlap to former Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson, who had first-round talent but fell all the way to the third round in last year’s draft due to his inconsistent motor.

On the same teleconference Wednesday, Mayock predicted Tim Tebow will be a starting NFL quarterback within three years. He also predicted that former UF center Maurkice Pouncey could be drafted as high as No. 18 in the first round. He said Pouncey will have the chance to step in and be a starter at center as a rookie. Mayock also said tight end Aaron Hernandez likely will be a second-round pick, but could fall to the third round because of some off-the-field issues.


  1. I’m with JOE. I have heard rumblings of “off the field issues” a few times. I don’t recall any legal issues from his high school days in Connecticut, and I know he wasn’t ever arrested while at UF. Is he dumber than a box of rocks or what? How about reporting why you would say that?

  2. guys dont you all remember how Hernandez was suspended for the opener this past year? i recall meyer saying something like “he isnt ready to play right now”. i dont mean to judge but the guy is so tatted up he just looks like trouble

  3. Ill also say that any team who drafts Dunlap in the first 50 picks would be taking a significant risk and not just because Dunlap takes ALOT of plays off. hes really a tweener IMO, he lacks the outright burst and athleticism to be a weakside “duck the shoulder and get after the QB” guy in a 4-3. on the strongside i dont think he would do all that well either just because for a guy who goes about 285 dunlap is on the pudgy side and he really isnt all that strong against the run like you would think. ive seen him get stalemated by tackles you would think he would get right around. then again if you throw on the tape of the Alabama game from ’08 and then the OU game, especially in the 4th quarter of both contests you will see the Carlos Dunlap who looks like a top-10 talent. (mind you Dunlap was never matched up against Andre Smith in the Alabama game and Drew Davis is a pretty unathletic guy, even for a right tackle.)

  4. I’m not worried about Maycock’s feeling about Carlos, but I am hearing rumors here in South Carolina that Carlos Blew his interview with the Giants BIG TIME. Like I said this is a rumor. I hope both of them are wrong, this kid shold get a fair chance to make as much money as his talent affords him. When he was given a NFL assessment report tose kind of things should have been a part of the assessment, are they not or did he not heed this part of the assessment and figured that talent alone is good enough??

  5. I’m also interested in this “off the field” stuff about Hernandez. I thought he would be in the top three tight ends to go, and I have never heard of ANY THING negative about him. If someone knows the REAL scoop, let us all in on whats happening.

  6. Well, I had a pretty long post regarding Dunlap with a touch of Tebow/Hernandez, but the page auto-refreshed and I lost it all. I’m not re-writing it again 🙁

    Please turn off auto-refresh.

    I’ll end it with GL to our heros that brought us 2 Nat. Championships!

  7. I looked for about an hour trying to find out what the off field issues are for Hernandez and I can’t find anything. It’s just the same guy saying the same thing everytime and he never talks about what the problems are. Maybe the guy has a problem with the tattoos or something, but I’ve never heard Hernandez being in real trouble before.

  8. I don’t know of these “off the field” issues regarding Hernandez, but, didn’t Meyer suspend him for a game (or 1/2 a game) this year for undisclosed reasons. I think we assumed they were classroom related, but maybe not.

  9. If you don’t think Dunlap is inconsistent, you haven’t been watching Gator games closely enough. No doubt the kid has talent and a lot of it, but he’s lazy. And apparently, he’s compounded things in some interviews by admitting as much when plays are going away from him on the field. No NFL staff wants to hear that. And his agent should be coaching him on how to interview a little better than that. I hope the light goes on for him, because I always enjoy watching Gators succeed at the next level. I suspect some team (hopefully not the Raiders) will take a shot on him earlier than the third round because of his talent.

  10. I agree with the assessment of Dunlap completely. That kid should have absolutely dominated every game he played while at UF, but he didn’t. He only showed up when he wanted to. To be successful in the NFL, he’s going to have to change his ways & become a hard worker.

  11. Gator Nation don’t feed into this! success brings envy and it seems they are watching our boys with a microscope to find any and evrything wrong with our players and our program. Hernandez?, Ive never heard of him being in any trouble while at UF. They hate our leader coach Meyer and they are trying to find anything wrong with the program. Im not feeding into this although I agree Dunlap is lazy at times and takes plays off.

  12. Yeah Dunlap wasn’t always going full speed. I never heard anything about Hernandez either. Maybe he has a Juvie record or something.

    Sthephen, they all left because after this year there is supposed to be a stop to the big money signing bonuses. Sadly, but I can’t blame them for leaving early for millions of bucks.

  13. dunlap will absolutely be a bust in the leage,just like reggie nelson,derrick harvey,dallas faker,dee webb,ciatrick fason,earl everette,billy latsko….i can go on 4 ever baby!bottom line…uf has a good “college”systen that has been working but these guys are totally over-rated and suck in the league…dunlap is lazy and just not explosive off the edge.300+ pond line men in the league will manhandle him

  14. You guys are focusing on some negative things and think the commentater is hating on the Gators. He said positive things about Tebow and Pouncey – he’s not a hater. I don’t know what he means about off the field issue concerning Hernandez other than they have info from interviews that isn’t public. The real knock on Hernandez is that is a little small, isn’t that good of a blocker, and the general feeling is that TEs aren’t that hard to find. I think they’re wrong about him and he’s got potential to be a solid player. Dunlap will be a bust. He’s got insane talents but no motor and no motivation.