Where will Tebow be for the draft?


Former Florida cornerback Joe Haden and former Union County star running back C.J. Spiller are among the latest players to accept an invitation from the NFL to attend the draft next Thursday and Friday in New York. Gator legend Tim Tebow has an invite, but has yet to make a decision.

Rotoworld.com, a site that specializes in fantasy sports news, reported Monday afternoon that Tebow has decided not to be in New York for the draft, but we could not confirm that with Tebow’s agent or anyone in the Tebow family Tuesday afternoon.

Tebow indicated several weeks ago that he might decide to play it low-key for the draft, possibly going fishing with his father like Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas did a few years ago. But at this point, there is nothing official from the Tebow camp.

Two other prominent quarterbacks still haven’t accepted an invitation from the NFL, either — Texas’ Colt McCoy and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.


  1. Well, at least he will be fishing. Not me! I will be impatiently waiting to hear what his NFL status will be so I can begin to collect jerseys,caps,etc. from that team in order to support Tebow, again.
    I hope they do him right.

  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did just that – went fishing with his dad or something similar. It would fit the Tebow style we know. With him, I think his time will come in another year or two. The draft is just a formality. He’ll shine in time.

  3. Think about this..How many passing touchdowns vs interceptions did Tebow have in three years with SEC competition. Can any of the other QBS match that statistic….oh bye-the-way throw in fifty some rushing touchdowns on top of all the passing records!! Tebow goes in the first round!