Nike deal for Tebow


ESPN is reporting that former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has signed a shoe and apparel deal with Nike that will pay him a minimum of just less than $300,000 a year, with incentives that could earn him significantly more.

I haven’t been able to confirm this with Tebow’s agent, but the ESPN report appears legit.

Given Tebow’s popularity nationwide (and across parts of the world), this appears to be a good move for Nike, hooking up with the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

Some around the NFL are now projecting Tebow could be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft later this month. But the consensus seems to be he will not go until the second.

Tebow and his family have been invited to New York for the draft, but a decision hasn’t been made yet whether to accept the invitation.


  1. If Nike can get Tim Tebow for $300,000.00 min/yr (minimum per year or not) they’ve just made the best sports marketing deal of the year. Tim’s stock is only going to go up. If Autograph sales, ticket sales and publicity are any indication of TT’s marketability then the company that’s saddled with Tiger Woods just drew a huge breath of fresh air. Tim is going to play some position somewhere, probably for a very long time As long as he’s in the news he’s going to be a huge commodity. Nike has been very savvy about recognizing and signing great athletes early in their careers.

  2. tims a good guy and i like wathing him play alot but hes a fullback not a QB if he wants to be on the field hes gonna have to play as a fullback. Not many NFL teams want a QB thats better at running the ball then passing. if i was a coach i would use him a lil at both positions hes a bull ride the bull down the field

  3. I really wish the draft was over. I am sick of people saying Tim is not a quarterback and bla bla blah. Tim is a champion in whatever he does. He will adjust to the system and be a great leader at the QB position. I cant wait to see him lead his team to the super bowl!!!! Go Gators and Go Tebow!

  4. Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge Gator Fan. But Tim Tebow is a class act. This guy has won on all levels with the style he has. There have been alot worse in the league and have been successful. The one thing he has is heart and desire to win which I question alot of athletes in the league right now. I say let him do his thing and prove that he can be successful on the next level. He never asked for all this attentnion, bu the athleticism he posseses and the great ambassador for the sport that he has shown, has made him a superstar

  5. Tim Tebow will surprise a lot of people and be a winner as an NFL quarterback…You don’t think all those Gator,SEC, and National Records were a fluke, do you? Just ask the people he played with and against and the coaches he played for and against if he is a quarterback and a winner!!!

  6. Do you notice the anti-Tebow comments are made by people who have never played organized sports and only repeat what other non-atheletes say. If you’ve ever played, you recognize the drive, determination and will that Tebow brings to his game. You can’t measure that by clock, tape or scale. The guy is a winner and a leader, everything else is just talk and carries no weight. I would never bet against Tebow in anything he does.