Meyer not all the way back yet


Urban Meyer, of course, is back. He made his return about two weeks before the start of spring practice and said after the first day of practice on March 17 that he’s back for good now.

But he’s not all the way back. Not really. Not yet. As anyone who has watched practice can attest, Meyer has done more observing than coaching this spring. This is by design. According to someone very close to the situation, Meyer made his return this spring with certain conditions and restrictions. The plan is for him to remain low-key (and stress-free) this spring and let his assistants do most of the coaching. Meyer, who is usually so hands-on, has seemed relaxed and comfortable delegating authority to his assistants. If he can turn over the punt-block team to others, which he did on the first day of practice, Meyer must be serious about scaling back, because that unit is his baby.

This is an ongoing process for Meyer, and returning this spring in a limited role is just another step in what everyone at UF (including Meyer) is hoping will lead to his full return in August, with the start of two-a-days.

Meyer is back this spring. He looks good and he says he feels good. But he’s not all the way back. Not yet.


  1. Everything is good and right on schedule. I think Urban needs to chill a little more during the offseason so that he can really turn it on in the fall. That should create and maintain balance balance balance.

  2. I think this approach is great for all Gator Nation. Let the man relax and get back to full speed so we don’t have to do without him. This time of year is important, but not nearly as important as the fall, so lets all wish him a speedy all the way back!

  3. Well I’m thinking he may be ALL THE WAY BACK now!!! I loved the way he stood up for Deonte Thompson after the practice today with the OS reporter! Now THAT”S the kind of coach I’d want or want MY son to play for!! That’s one of the many reasons I love Urban Meyer!!!

  4. Following the careers of Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan over their years with the Gators underscores what men of character they are. We’ve won four national titles in a short stretch of time with these two guys serving as architects,construction foremen and shepherds of our programs, and without any hint of scurrilous recruiting, NCAA inquiries, academic scandals. We can afford some seasons when our kids don’t quite win it all but should always remain confident and hopeful for what Billy and Urban can and will accomplish. Coaches Meyer and Donovan are two more reasons to be proud you’re a Gator, too. Let’s grant each of them time for their families and their health and well-being. We owe them so much more.

  5. I couldn’t agree with Gatormac more. We have men of character and faith leading these two high profile and successful programs. They both set great examples for our student-athletes and our Gainesville community. Urban, we’re behind you, your family and the Gator Football prgram 100%. Hopefully, we can give you as much as you have given us.

  6. I noticed that UF has Addazio doing the Gator Booster Club circuit this year instead of Meyer. That is probably a good thing. Generates a relationship with this coach and gives Urban a break from those that put so much pressure on him. Really looking forward to this year and the changes that have been made.