New York a Tebow option


Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said after Wednesday’s Pro Day that he still had not decided where he would be for the NFL Draft at the end of April. New York is now an option.

Tebow has been invited by the NFL to attend the draft. The NFL apparently also has invited several other probable non first-round picks in an attempt to get more players involved in the draft. Because Tebow is probably the most marketable athlete in the world at the moment, his invitation seems like a no-brainer. Now, it’s just a question of whether Tebow wants to be in New York or back home on the family farm outside of Jacksonville.

Here’s a good hint: Tebow has had a great time in New York the past three years for what turned into an annual trip for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Before the 2007 Heisman, Tebow had never been to New York. The family has used the trip as a a reason to have a family reunion each year. Here’s a chance for a another one, and you would have to think this is an invitation Tebow will find hard to turn down.


  1. “most marketable athlete in the world at the moment”? That’s either hyperbolic or extremely provincial. Look, I like Tebow as much as the next Gator, but guys like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Wayne Rooney have a much bigger world-wide profile than Tebow. Tebow is well known in the U.S., but outside of the Phillipines, I doubt many people outside of the U.S. know who he is.

  2. I think his being in NY would be a bad idea. If he doesn’t get drafted until the second round, he’ll have to sit there with the camera on him for his reaction to continuing rejections by teams. Other players had to sit there with the cameras on them and they didn’t seem to enjoy their frustrating wait to be drafted.

  3. Never heard of Ronaldo, Kaka, or Rooney. Then again soccer is considered the world sport but it took a long time to catch on in the US. And American fooftabll is an afterthought in most countries.

    But who cares? Tebow deserves the positive addulation, unlike sulking Peyton Manning when his team looses and band directing champion when his team wins. Theres’s enough Mannings and Kiffens in the world who won’t shake hands with a winning opponent; time to celebrate class!!

    Good luck Tim.

  4. Don’t go to NYC. Stay on the farm. If he is a first round choice it would be fun to just be at home.

    They are using him ’cause it’s a good story if he goes in a lower round.

    Stay on the Farm, Timmy. And no TV cameras in his house. Just family and the dog.

  5. Normally I follow Robbie to amuse myself at what a Super Biased reporter writes like. But this is just sad….”IN THE WORLD”? You really have some Tebow issues that need to be worked out. Maybe seek professional help.

  6. Tebow needs to stay home, no need to sit there with the camera on him for his reaction to continuing rejections. That would be hurtful for him and painful to watch. The media would have a field day with it. He’ll prove himself on the field.

  7. I think he ought to watch from home since all the “experts” expect him to go in the 2nd or 3rd round, unless the NFL wants to foot the bill for him and all of his family to holiday in NY.

    Who the hail is Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Wayne Rooney? Are they related to Andy?

  8. Tim Tebow would celebrate every pick with the pickee, not be humiliated by not being the pickee himself. That’s why he’s so marketable — he’s a genuinely good person and appeals to almost every segment of the population. I think Robby knows whereof he speaks.

  9. Tim should not go, period. Plus this three day draft is over the top now. they’ll do anything to make it work when its a mistake. Most marketable up until draft day then no one will care until he plays some meaningful snaps

  10. BaconBoy is partly right. USA is “The World” for Americans. I guess thts the reason why the BaseBall championship is called “The World Series” even though its only USA and Canada playing in it. Whats Football in USA is American Football in the Rest of World and whats Football is Soccer in USA. So basically the statement is meant to be “The most marketable player in the American World”. Anyway, I studied in UF when Tebow n Co brought us the National Championship. Can’t ask for more. Thanks Tebow!! Don’t go to the draft just for attendance. Do what ur Heart says.

  11. Funny how a one silly statement takes over the comment section. Anyway, my two cents:

    1. Don’t go to New York. What if he isn’t even a first day pick. That would be less than ideal.

    2. It was weird that he said “in the world”. I mean, seriously? Anyway, off the top of my head here are some Americans more marketable: Lebron, Peyton, Brady, DWade, Jeter, Dale Earnhart Jr, Tony Stewart, Dwight Howard…the list goes on and on. Tebow is not even in the top ten in America. Top twenty…hmmm….ok maybe.

  12. wow, After reading all of these post I have realized that there are a lot of ignorant people out there, it is a shame that so many people love to bash the best leader that ever came out of college football,on the field and off Tim goes above the bar hand’s down, he is someone that would help any team… I cant wait till he starts his first came and you guys are all going out and buying your tebow (and the lucky teams jersey)

  13. it is sorry to see the abvious outpouring of jealousy when it comes to Tebow. whether or not he will make it in the nfl, we as a society, should be celebrate and embrace his unselfishness, humilty, honesty and a great role model for, not only athletes, but all in this world. we need more people like Tim to be out there pushing positiveness, unselfishness and doing the right thing no matter what it costs.

  14. “Tebow is well known in the U.S., but outside of the Phillipines, I doubt many people outside of the U.S. know who he is.”

    I will grant you that many of the guys you mentioned are much better known internationally, however you might be surprised by Tebow’s exposure. I have lived in Dubai for two years and Tebow is the only college football player I have ever seen in the sports section. I actually saved the paper, because I couldn’t believe it, but there he was, a Full page Tebow picture introducing the 2009 football season.