Tebow on the air in Jacksonville


Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was on a Jacksonville radio station Monday morning. In his interview with WJXL’s David Lamm, Tebow had some interesting things to say about possibly playing in Jacksonville, about Urban Meyer and what his favorite NFL team was growing up.

On whether he would like to play with the hometown Jaguars: “I would. It’s here at home and I would enjoy that. I have been a Jaguar fan my whole life. I have enjoyed being here in my hometown and watching the Jaguars play, and getting an opportunity to play for them would be a blessing for me and a privilege for me to be able to stay in my hometown and play here.”

On Meyer’s leave of absence: “He needs to keep resting and being with his family. He’s enjoying it. He’s had a little time to get away. And we’re still talking pretty much every day. He’s doing great and feeling better. He’s going to get back and have a great season and Florida is going to dominate. They’re going to do great. I’m just happy that he’s feeling better and that he’s there for his family and that he’s been able to just relax and let his stress levels die down a little bit. He’ll absolutely be back and he’ll be involved. He’s going to be hands on working with the guys. He’ll be there for a lot of the stuff in the spring and in the summer. Florida should have a great year.”

On his favorite NFL team growing up: “My favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys. I was a huge Emmitt Smith fan because he was a Gator and an awesome running back. So I was a huge Cowboy fan. After he left, it died down from there. I have only had three jerseys in my entire life: Emmitt Smith, Danny Wuerffel and Michael Jordan.”


  1. I am 70 years old and LOVE gator football. I think Tim Tebow is the most amazing man I know. I read everything I can find about him. I would love to meet him. I think he is so genuine and I think any team will prosper with him on it!! If you don’t want him as a quarterback, let him play fullback. He would be awesome! God bless you, Tim. Virginia Spears, 301 Lena Vista Blvd., Auburndale, Fl. 33823.

  2. Tim, you will dominate the nfl. I can’t wait to see you with the jaguars and I can’t wait to hear all the haters recant. The NFL has never seen a beast like you. I’m befuddled by all the skeptics who think you won’t make it as an nfl qb. It’s laughable, but you’ll get the last laugh, but your not that rude so it will be more like a “God bless.”

  3. If Tebow does end up playing for the Jaguars, I might have to start watching NFL football again. Heck, I might even have to call Direct TV and order National Felon League Sunday ticket, so I can watch every Jaguars game. I haven’t watched NFL football for two decades.

  4. Honestly Tim’s too nice to say he doesn’t want to play in Jax. He would be miserable with all the attention and not being able to go anywhere in town with out being mobbed. Plus he needs to go where he can grow and learn…who’s he gonna learn from in the Jags organization?

  5. Tim will do well wherever he goes, because he has what it takes PERIOD… Don’t worry about that throwing motion smoke screen most people are blowing up. Tim will conquer that and even the critics will tell you he has all of the intangibles. If the Jags are not scared off by all the blow hards and Tim is around when they get their shot, who would be a better choice. The Jags have taken worst risk before, this will be a better choice and a more sensible one than a few of the others they have made. Look at it from the long haul, he wont be a starter next year, but neither will the alternate pick. I’m sure in the long run Tim will bring much more to the franchise and the city than anyone else the Jags pick.

  6. The Jags have an early pick, 10th or 12th I can’t remember, but its somewhere right in there. That said, I doubt they would want to pick him there so they may try and trade down, but here’s the rub. Their second choice isn’t until late in the second round and it may be a risk of losing the option to pick him if they try and wait until then. I think the Pats will pick him if he is still available in the second round. They have 3 picks in the 2nd round and although Belichek has never picked a QB higher than the 3rd round, I feel like he is sold on Tebow. We’ll see, and it will be a lot of fun to watch unfold.

  7. After all of the negative crap concerning Mike Vick and Ben Rothlesberger, I bet any team with QB needs in the near term are giving a serious look at Tim because of the positive image for the face of an NFL francise. I hope he does not go to a bad francise like the Jags. Pats, Vikes, Steelers, Fins or even the Boys would be great by me.

  8. I hope the Fins draft him and change the league. If Ronnie Brown can be so succesful in the wildcat, just think about what Timmy could do. Parcels likes tough guys. Well, there ain’t no one tougher than him.

  9. I’ve been a Dolphin fan my entire life. I’m so tired of the deadend fixes they have been attempting lately. Tim Tebow would turn them around and bring some wins back to the Dolphins. Throw in the rest of the great players thay have along with the Wildcat….you have a team that everyone will try to be like. Tim would be so welcome in Miami!

  10. As a Gator fan from the Steve Spurrier playing era and a Dolphins fan who remembers the great Miami teams of the twice Super Bowl Champions of the early 70’s I would love to see Tim Tebow be drafted by the fins. While I live in California now, I know South Florida still has a lot of Gator fans. So it would be a smart move economically too. My hometown is Hollywood. Go Gators! Go Dolphins!

  11. I have always been a GATOR, but Tim will not go to the JAGS. He will definitely be drafted by either the Vikings, Pat, Indy or New Orleans. He needs to be groomed under a sucessful veteran QB. He will need a year to adjust to the speed of NFL defenses. He will definitely be a QB in the NFL. Remember “Man can’t close a door that GOD opens. He will prove all the haters wrong. You can take that to the bank.