Brantley family coping with cancer


Being Florida’s new starting quarterback, March 17 is a crucial date for John Brantley. That’s the day spring football practice begins and he officially takes over for Tim Tebow.

But there is a bigger, more important date looming before then. March 10. That’s the day Brantley’s father, former UF quarterback John Brantley, will undergo surgery for prostate cancer.

“It’s going to be a tough day, a really tough day,” Brantley said Friday. “But stuff happens. He should be fine.”

Brantley said that his dad is doing well and is in excellent spirits.

“He’s doing good, same old self,” Brantley said. “He’s fine. He’s doesn’t really care. He’s all good.”

Brantley is very close to his father, who taught him how to throw a football when he was 4.

“We’ve got a very close relationship, so it’s been tough,” Brantley said. “We’re extremely close. I go down there (to Ocala) as much as I can and I talk to him all the time. He calls me all the time. Sometimes I wonder why he’s calling, but he wants to make sure I’m OK. He’s worried about me.”

Brantley said he’s getting strong support from his family as he tries to keep his focus getting ready for the start of spring football.

“They say don’t worry about it, just focus on what’s going on now,” Brantley said. “We’ll figure out the other stuff when it comes down the road. They keep trying to stress to me it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be fine, which it will be. I’m just taking it day by day.”


  1. Sorry to hear about his father and i wish him the best.

    I’m a former proton cancer patient and there are alternatives to surgery which has some nasty side effects. UF has a state of the art prostate cancer treatment program at the UF Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. Anyone considering prostate cancer surgery should look into it as an alternative. I was scheduled for surgery and canceled it two weeks before it was to happen once I found out about UFPTI.

  2. When you meet members of the Brantley family, you can tell that they are a very strong group of individuals. Scot has had his own health issues and we wish them all the best. I hope Johnny Brantley realizes that he’s not going to have to carry the load the way Tim often had to, that he’s got 10 other guys out there on the field to support him. As long as he knows that it’s not all on him, I think he will play relaxed and with a great deal of confidence. He has waited his time and he should embrace and enjoy it!

  3. Me and my guys are really excited about you. Shout out to your family! its an obstacle, but you guys are strong and will help him get over that cancer. I am so ready for this season. People just dont realize the kind of BEAST you’re gonna be at QB. Its gonna be you and Mallett head butting for the 1st QB pick in next year’s draft. Everybody this year is gonna realize the talent that was behind Tebow. This offense is gonna be one of the best in the nation, and will carry the team. THE O LINE, Moody, Demps, Deonte, and Debose ( if healthy) and Brantley pulling the trigger is scary!!!! HEY BRANTLEY. You paid your dues. TIME TO CASH IN YOUR REFUND!!!!!!!!