Jags fans: We want Tebow!


When it comes to the NFL Draft, the fans have no voice. They’re free to watch, free to cheer or boo selections, but they have no say in who their team selects.

That may be about to change in Jacksonville. Jaguar fans are applying some major pressure on their team to draft hometown hero Tim Tebow in the first round of the draft.

Some Jags’ fans have created a Web site called draft15.com. The message on the site is simple and succinct: If you draft him, we will come.

Him, of course, is the former All-America Florida quarterback, who has become an iconic figure and one of the most recognized and popular athletes in the world.

Draft15.com has a petition that Jaguars fans can sign saying they want their team to draft the popular Tebow. The site is also selling Draft 15 Jags’ T-shirts for $12 a pop.

The message on the site certainly won’t be lost on the Jacksonville front office. The Jags’ dwindling attendance over recent years has become a major concern and could eventually damage the franchise’s chances of remaining in Jacksonville. The Jags, like other teams in the NFL, may have some doubts about what kind of NFL quarterback Tebow will make. But it’s pretty obvious the Jags know drafting Tebow would generate interest and put more fans in the stands.

Draft15.com is now there to remind them.


  1. as a Jax resident and avid Gator fan and season ticket holder at UF I would like to say for Tim’s sake I hope the Jags don’t draft him. Can you imagine the pressure that would be on this young man not to mention current QB Garrard. It would cause an unfair feeling in the locker room. Everytime garrard missed a reciever people would be screaming for Timmy. While I believe that given time he will be ultra successful in the NFL as a QB if someone is willing to take the time and teach him the NFL way. But for right now my feeling is this would hinder his growth.

  2. Tim Tebow is far more than just a hometown hero. He has inspired the Gator Nation like no other before him, and will soon have his name added to Florida Field’s Ring of Champions. TT has brought integrity, courage, devotion and leadership to UF, and he will bring these same traits to the Jaguars. Who else can lead Jacksonville out of the jaws of despair and defeat and into the bright sunshine of victory and success? Noah’s faith saved his family from the Great Flood. Daniel’s faith saved him from being devoured by the lions. Paul’s faith transformed him from Jesus’ enemy to His strongest promoter. Tim Tebow’s faith gives him wisdom beyond his years. All I ask is that each and every one of us learn to Trust Tim Tebow.

  3. The jags have had some hard times with quarterbacks, so I guess you can’t put much pressure on them and ask them to use a 1st round pick on such a controversial pick. Actually not many of their skill position picks have helped them lately, 1 or 2 yeah, but don’t put pressure on them to use a first round pick on Tebow. I think Tebow is going to be a very good quarterback in the league in a very short time if he is given the opportunity and time to correct his mechanics.

  4. I am a convinced Gator fan that Tim can play anyplace he wants to play; it’s up to the powers to be as to where he plays. I will say this, it will be a lucky football team that get’s him. I hope it’s Jax.
    Don Carter………….Go Gators

  5. I’m a Jaguar season ticket holder, and lifelong Gator fan. Would I like to see Tebow in a Jag uniform? Yeah. Do I think he’s a first round pick? No. Garrard is a good QB, and Tebow will bring an immediate QB controversy to the team if they draft him. If fans want to pressure the team to draft him, then they should put their money where their mouths are. If you sign that petition, then you should be held accountable for that and buy a season ticket for 3 years. That’s probably the length of time it’ll take for him to develop. And, guess what: the team has a 30 month payment plan for 3 years worth of tickets, interest free. You can’t beat that!! 🙂
    Go Gators!! Go Jags!!

  6. I won’t claim or pretend to be an authority of any kind by repeating what others have said about mechanics and footwork and such. All I can do is rely on what history has proven. A successful offense needs four things; a good offensive line, stickyfingered receivers, a productive RB and a QB with heart and determination and skill. If the Jags want to build a winner why not by begin by drafting the most productive college QB to ever step foot on the gridiron. If his record doesn’t speak for itself then why keep stats. His mere presence on the team is going to raise attendance. Why not make money while building a team. Drafting Tebow high is a no brainer. He has put it all out there for us the last four years. He’s earned my respect and proven he is a great athlete, competator and QB. Good mechanics make you effecient and best describes a volvo. Heart and Soul make you a great competator.


  8. I really appreciate TT as a man/human being, but the media as well as the gator nation has ruined TT with how they pumped up his statistics. You can bring the whole gators team and the stands are not going to be filled. There are just as many of us that will not by tickets if you waste it on drafting TT. I hope he does well at the next level, but there are too many better players at his position or any and all positions that the jaguars should select. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd round draft if he is around. If the jags draft TT, I hope they do move to another state.

  9. I agree montanagator. Unfortunately Danny didn’t have same quality of team players that Drew had this past year. The only thing that people will remember is the losing and the QB at that time. But what ever happens Timmy will always be remembered for the man he is, tough and dynamically appealing. But above all God fearing. Go Gators.

  10. I hope Tebow is drafted by a Team where he sits behind a veteran quarterback for a while rather than be subjected to unfair expectations. This worked pretty well for Aaron Rodgers. It would nice to for someone to evaluate the past predictions of Kiper and McShay. I’m sure that would make interesting reading.

  11. Do you want to listen to the talking heads spew “their expertise” on mechanics (since hardly any of them actually played the game at the major college or NFL level), or do you want to build a team around the most competative, dynamic, hard-working, successful and classy guy to ever buckle up a chin strap? Joe Monatana was picked in the 3rd round and Tom Brady in the 6th round…..go figure. If you want to build a winner, sell some tickets and feel like your QB and leader is someone you can always be proud of to represent you and your franchise, you need to be drafting Tim Tebow the first chance you have. I gaurantee you, that if Tim is still on the Board when the Patriots draft in the first round, he’s their pick. I just hope the Jaguars get him first. If so, I’ll be making some Sunday trips from Gainesville to Jax.

  12. Please, God, no!

    These people may be Jags fans, but there’s no way they are Tebow fans.

    He needs to go to a strong franchise with an established starter. That way, they can play to his strengths as they slowly develop the rest of his game.

    In Jacksonville, he’d just be thrown out there as some kind of a dog and pony show – a circus just to sell tickets. It would be a disaster. He’s too good a kid for people to wish that on him.

  13. Tebow is fine, as long as Addazio isn’t following him there. Addazio is so terrible I wouldn’t even let him be the interim coach when Meyer takes a week off! Truth be told though, I can’t exactly watch NFL games during my Sunday pre-1840s encampments–they only allow radios, cell phones and coolers.

  14. I like Tebow, I like the Jags. I’d like to see Tebow in a Jags jersey. However, not with the #10 pick. If the Jags trade down, get a couple of extra picks, and take Tebow at, say, #25, that would be a good deal for everybody. For those who say Tebow won’t play right away, I beg to differ. He will run the Wildcat wherever he goes. Sure, only a couple of plays a game, but so what?

  15. O.K., I agree with all of the above. My concern is : Where is Dubose??? Is he healing or planning to sit out another year. This worries me, as we had a wonderfull prospect in the early 80s from Jax that had HAMSTRING problems that never healed. God, I hope that he gets well….

  16. Tim will be under close scrutiny no matter where he goes. The naysayers are waiting to pounce on every mistake he makes and god forbid he throw an interception. Come on people, Tim will make a great addition to any team. His passion and leadership are unsurpassed and if people will let him, he will do just fine. I just wish he would be given the same chance as anyone else and people would quit putting so much pressure on him. Let him develop and learn the new system. I am behind him 100 percent.