Everybody's doing the loca-motion


I just saw the ESPN tape of Tim Tebow’s new throwing motion. To be honest, it doesn’t look all that different than his old throwing motion, even in slow motion.

Yes, he’s holding the ball higher, right next to his left ear (something quarterback coaches teach at an early age), and by positioning the ball there, the tendency to drop his throwing hand below his waist (which he did before) is a lot less likely.

Tebow certainly looked good zipping those short passes in there on the ESPN tape. But he has always looked good throwing the ball to me, and I covered him for four years. Yes, his mechanics were not perfect at Florida, but Tebow still became a very accomplished passer in his UF career, culminating with that wonderful performance against Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.

Since then, of course, all kinds of criticism and questions have come out about his long throwing motion and how it won’t work in the NFL.

At the Senior Bowl, Tebow vowed to improve his mechanics, and it looks like he is doing that with the help of Zeke Bratkowski and Marc Trestman, who have been doing extensive work with Tebow in Nashville.

Tebow is not going to put his new throwing motion on display this weekend at the NFL Combine. He’s saving it for Pro Day at UF on March 17. Of course, a lot will be made out of how he looks chucking it around on Florida Field in a few weeks.

But the reality is, we won’t know if this new throwing motion has really taken hold until we see if he can maintain it in a real live game. So, will Tebow really have a chance to show how much he’s improved his mechanics until after he’s been drafted and has a chance to in an NFL scrimmage or exhibition game?

Probably not.


  1. I’m kinda’ glad to hear his throwing motion isn’t THAT different. He’s still got to play inside himself, which isn’t bad. Yeah, it will take him some time to get used to the changes but many Pro quarterbacks had to make the adjustments from college. Marc Trestman said one of the things that stood out was Tebow’s intellect which he described “as off the charts”. I think Tim will make it simply because he’s committed to doing anything it is takes. It’s the next mountain to climb. Next will be starting at QB, then the Super Bowl, etc.

  2. I disagree with the comment that the motion isn’t much different. It’s a whole lot different. With the old motion, he was winding up to throw and dropping the ball to mid-thigh at it’s lowest point. With the new motion, he’s holding the ball and pulling it back instead of down. If he can keep improving, he’ll be doing fine with it in no time.