Meyer has that rejuvenated look

Urban Meyer watches his ball from the 17th tee at the Mark Bostick Golf Course during the Urban Meyer Scramble for Kids tournament on Friday. (Erica Brough/Staff)
Urban Meyer watches his ball from the 17th tee at the Mark Bostick Golf Course during the Urban Meyer Scramble for Kids tournament on Friday. (Erica Brough/Staff)

I had a chance to speak with Urban Meyer for a few minutes last Friday before he teed off in the pro-am round of the Urban Meyer Scramble, and he said he’s feeling really good and that his plan to return in the spring is still on.

Meyer sounded good, and he looked really good, like a guy who’s got a lot of juice again.

When I think back to the Meyer we saw at the Sugar Bowl, he seemed kind of lethargic, and he had that almost-vacant look in his eyes at times.

The Meyer I saw on Friday, well, that vibrant sparkle is back in his eyes.

Meyer is not going to address the issues with his health. It’s a private matter, and I’m certainly fine with that.

Whatever knocked him down back in December, Meyer seems to be recovering. With a few more weeks between now and the start of spring drills, Meyer appears (and sounds) on target to return.

Unless something happens (or doesn’t happen) between now and then, I suspect we’ll all be writing the “Meyer is Back” story on March 17.


  1. I think it was just a very very weird season full of soap operas and bone crushing expectations that took its toll on Coach Meyer, culminating of course with Dunlaps arrest and then the shockingly embarrassing defeat to Alabama. I think we all learned it was not the end of the world although it kinda felt like it at the time. But what Urban has built transcends one bad game or even one bad season. He and his staff showed us on signing day that the University of Florida football program is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere. Sure, there will be some growing pains with a new QB and many new players on D, but they will still be the Gators and be competitive and in the hunt.

  2. BTW, I hope Coach Meyer takes advantage of his time away and continues to “get away” from football. Not only will he be around coaching alot longer, he will be a better coach from it. Even in future years, he needs to find some time away because any profession that involves that kind of time and pressure will eat you up if you can’t get away from it.

  3. Just a word of caution as folks look at Meyer, or anyone else for that matter, and try to asses their health just by how they look. Certainly the pressure and events of this past year added to his health problems, but remember that he has been struggling with the symptoms for several years. A simple 3 month vacation may help him look better, even feel better, but the root cause of whatever ails Meyer may still be there. Hopefully, he is getting the competant medical treatment needed, and is also committed to truly changing his approach. I love the Gators, and I love the titles, but not at the expense of anyone ‘s life, be it Meyer, Billy Donovan or whomever. UM is a religious man, so hopefully he spends a bit of time in learning what God has to say about life, and how to live it to the fullest. Hint; it doesn’t mention titles or winning percentage anywhere. Good health, Coach.

  4. Your comments are astute, TampaDave. All of us have to remember, too, that going 13-1 with a Sugar Bowl win over a previously unbeaten, top five ranked team does not constitute a “bad season.” No team wins the title every year in the SEC or any other league these days, no matter how talented the players and coaching staff. Sometimes things go awry despite all the hard work and thoughtful preparation. I hope all of us keep these thoughts in mind when we toss our opinions around about Coach Donovan, too, who is doing one of his best coaching jobs with the current basketball Gators and has his program climbing back to where we all desire it to be.

  5. Nice to see true Gators posting in here without the “clown” input that so often infiltrates these stories. I think TAMPA DAVE is spot on with last season taking its toll. It was always something from week to week, from “flu-gate”, concussions, eye-gouges, to DUIs…all on top of the expectations. Urban had to be spent after that roller-coaster ride.
    Hopefully, he makes this hiatus a yearly ritual to get himself recharged and ready to go come every spring, and then take another two weeks off sometime during the summer session as well. All I really know for sure is its great to be a Florida Gator, and can’t wait to see the boys in the Orange and Blue Debut on April 10th!!!

  6. This is great news about Coach Meyer. Carrying the boulder around his neck of repeating as Natl Champs, and never seemingly winning big enough for the fanatical Gator Nation was just too much. Get well, you have built something that I thought was gone for good when we had Zook, and I agree whole heartidly about Coach Donovan. This might be his best coaching job. If we can keep Chandler Parsons for his senior year, next year should be great. Go Gators.

  7. I just don’t see coach Meyer taking a lot of time off unless it’s something that couldn’t be avoided. The break is nice and needed but I think coaching under the right circumstances is just as theraputic for him as respite time. I’m sure his medical team and family are helping him tweek the process and he’ll find the optimal balance. It won’t surprise me if time off becomes his regular routine, and, if the team remains just as successful. I’m just glad to see he’s feeling better.

  8. Another thing I know he must be happy he won’t have to worry about is a certain individual who moved from the SEC to the PAC Ten. You could tell that he just absolutely hated having to deal with all the childish, boorish, classless shenanigans coming out of Knoxville last year.

  9. I saw Urban at Belks this weekend, i think he was shopping for slacks. He seemed to have a glow about him. There was a pinkish hue to his face. It was really encouraging to see. I didnt want to bother him but looking from afar it seemed as if he was in very high spirits.

  10. Meyer is what he is. who isn’t? Hoping he can take it down a notch health wise, but doing so in front of90,000 people just cant happen overnight. It is a pressure ,stressful job, that’s the way college football is.

  11. I would wager that there are MANY changes taking place while Urban is relaxing. There will be much more delegation of duties and coaches and staff will be “making sure” their coach is not overdoing it. Florida wants Urban long term. As long as they can have him, and I think they are smart enough to properly react to this wake up call. Coach will have all the help he needs and more, as well as all the time he needs too. He will be in good hands and so will our players. Go Gators!

  12. While getting my bowl cut trimmed last week at Sport Cuts, Urban Meyer walked in. I didn’t think much of it until I realized that it was during the Auburn game and Urban is usually there to support Billy D. This can’t be a good sign.

  13. Over the weekend a few of my friends were playing volleyball with Urban at southwest rec. They said he was terrible and they kept beating his team. They said he could barely keep up with them. When the games were over he just limped off, talk about your bad beats.

  14. Happy to hear that most of us care first about Urban’s health and family. I love Florida Frankie’s idea for him to make this time off a routine. We live and die Florida football but not at the expense of Urban’s health; he is the ultimate winner and quality person and hopefully can cut back to just 100 percent and be here for a long healthy happy time.

  15. I am a sales rep at T-Mobile. A few weeks ago, Meyer came in and I was helping him change some contacts in his top ten. He seemed very nervous and kept scratching his neck a lot. When I asked him who he wanted to put into his top ten he said “Stan Drayton” and I was like “whaaaa…?”

  16. About a week ago I was getting gas at the Kangaroo station near Haile when Coach Meyer pulled up with Aaron Hernandez. I hate to bother celebrities, but Coach walked over to check out my truck so I hit him up for an autograph. Hernandez just rolled his eyes and said “Coach, we’re gonna be late.” I guess some people are always going to keep Urban from taking time to smell the roses…

  17. I believe what is best for Urban would to be to go out and get a few dogs. He should go to the Gville animal rescue and get a few dogs there. His kids love them, Shelly can help rehab the dogs and Urban can have a few friends for life who won’t judge him by wins or losses.if he doesn’t like the dogs, he can set them free. And he really needs to stop mixing his cereals- that’s racist.

  18. I’m not sure golf is the best thing for him. I get all anxious and nervous playing, toss a club or two. I’m usually a wreck after playing. It helps to have a cute redhead bring you drinks, though.

    He really needs to take up yoga.

  19. I saw Urbs at Midget fest this past weekend, no way he’s over 5’2″, but he towered over me and made me pee in my pants when he had the gall to call me Stubby. Dude ain’t getting any better, we’re all doomed