Gators picking up a kicker


The Florida Gators didn’t have room to sign a kicker in the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class, but it now looks like they’re going to add one to the incoming freshman class.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Marvin Kloss, a three-star kicker from Naples Barron Collier, has decided to accept a walk-on offer from Florida. Kloss was offered a scholarship and grayshirt by South Florida. As a grayshirt, he would not have enrolled at USF until January of 2011. Now, he plans to be competing for possible playing time this summer in Gainesville.

Kloss is currently going through the admissions process.

“If they can get me in, I’m going up there,” he told the Times. “I want to play right away, and they’re a lot better (than USF) scholarship-wise with just one kicker and one punter on scholarship.”

Kloss will have an opportunity to eventually earn a scholarship at UF.

His admission to UF appears to be just a formality. His grade-point average and test scores have already earned him a Florida Bright Futures scholarship.


  1. Imagine scoring everytime you’re inside the thirty yard line; that’s what a great kicker can do for a team. That was one of the biggest reasons FSU had a 15 year run of top five finishes. Hopefully, Kloss will be another Judd Davis. If you’ll recall Judd didn’t have a scholarship either, yet won the Lou Groza award.

  2. Scout and Rivals don’t have a monopoly on scouting high school prospects. He was one of the highest rated kickers on ESPN’s recruiting site. Ranked #7 at the position and graded at 78 when the highest grade they have given a kicker in this class is an 80.

  3. Marvin Kloss is the # 1 rated kicker in the Nation acoording to the “Kornblue” fab 50. That’s good enough for me. The # 2 Kornblue rated guy (Basil who is going to Ohio State) is rated #6 in the nation by Scout. This is a great pick-up for the Gators. Another great job by our coaches!

  4. I’ve noticed that the kickers who had to come in and earn their scholarships turned out to be the best ones. Anyway, Sturgess definitely needs the competition, very inconsistant last year. But his kick DID win the Arky game when it was on the line.

  5. From what I hear is that the guy is dead on 30 and inside and has kicked 60 yard FG’s. His touchback percetnage is pretty high as well AND if Coach Meyer is willing to let the guy come and walk-on with the opportunity to earn a scholly, it shows that the coaches once again know a little bit better than those who post on here.

  6. Great… Kickers are hard to rank anyways… they all can kick, but for some reason they loose and or gain confidence. If this kid has a strong leg, I would only think that as he gets comfortable with the UF program, he will become a star like all the others. It will be interesting to see what he can do. GO GATORS!

  7. boo on you Denver Gator…Janikowski played for FSU quite a while ago…No one in their right mind likes the Seminoles but…give up the mean swipes…I’m pretty sure you’re not a saint. UF has had it’s share of bad apples as well