Demps burning up the track


Florida tailback Jeff Demps is having a big (and very fast) indoor track season.

This past weekend, Demps won the men’s 60-meter dash at the prestigious Tyson Invitational in Fayetteville, Ark., in an NCAA automatic-qualifying time of 6.59 seconds.  His time tied teammate Terrel Wilks for the UF school record and bested his previous personal-record time of 6.61 achieved the previous week at the Virginia Tech Elite Meet.

Demps’ performance in Arkansas earned him SEC athlete of the week honors.

Demps holds the fastest time in the nation in the 60-yard dash, and ranks 15th in the world.

With the success Demps is having in track, you have to wonder how much time he’ll spend practicing with the football team this spring. Demps considers himself a football player first (as do the football coaches), but he has elite speed that may carry him to the Olympics in 2012.


  1. This kid is a great athlete, and his track time and activities will only enhance his football career. It will help his quickness, endurance, strength and durability. Track is a good thing for him and the football team.. He’s still training and it not like he’s new to the team and won’t know his assignment. He needed more reps on the field last year, I just hope that the running backs get more of a chance to contribute to the overall team effort.

  2. I definitely like the way Demps and Rainey were getting some receptions nearing the end of this last season. With Percy fresh in our minds, I’d love to see Urban’s play book because I’m certain they’ll both showcase their multi-position abilities next season.

  3. Wide Receiver? Not on a regular basis. He doesn’t have the hands for it. Remember the pass he dropped early in the Bama game? He might have scored he was so open.

    However, if the new WR coach can get him to catch it out of the backfield a bit, he will be deadly for us.

    If Demps caught the ball consistently, he’d be Reggie Bush+ .

  4. If the ball was thrown to more than Cooper and Hernandez on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be such a big deal for the backs to have balls thrown their way. It would be routine. Throwing to the backs used to be an option, but Tebow would just run it instead of dumping it to the backs. With backs the size of Demps and Rainey, it only makes to much sense to make an effort to get them the ball in space and let them go.

  5. I agree with you, Lizardgrad89. I love the kid (and the speed he brings to the field), but he might have the worst hands of all the RB’s on the roster. If he concentrates on improving his hands this spring and over the summer, he could be a first-rounder next year on his speed alone.

  6. Conditioning for track and football are different. I am concerned about the strength and weight for Jeff Demps. He definately can run like greased lightning, however, he does not have good hands for catching the football. I like the Rainey move to the slot. Let Demps stay at running back. He will be just fine.

  7. Rainey in the slot is fantastic, resolves one receiver position and doesn’t take away Chris’ chances to run the ball either. And it puts Rainey and Demps on the field together in formations. Mix in Thompson, Hines, DeBose and maybe Moore. Then the distance to having a full set at WR isn’t such a challenge for this excellent coaching staff to develop. Our offense is going on an uptick in 2010.

  8. dont get all excited. if fla has a good defense next year, then once again meyer will order the offense to play safe and win on field position. chris leak was ordered to twirl to the ground if number 1 reciever play was not for sure.
    actually tebow was the same, dont throw, but u can run cause you wont fumble. no interceptions.

    if u fumble, even if u account for two scores at lsu, you arre sent to bench even if we wind up losing. opposite to taylors two fumbles in 97 and went on to win best game in gator history vs fsu. we got beat by mich even after their running back gave up 2 and stayed in game and almost single handidly beat us.

    brantley hopefully will be allowed more chances. he throws like leak but is taller like tebow and can see action better.

    but i still belive when we play good teams, its going to be ugly offense.

  9. Great speed can be deadly, especially when it’s combined with the ability to change direction.

    The SEC, and especially AL has figured out when Demps gets the ball it’s a straight line race to the sideline/corner.

    The problem is SEC linebackers start out with the angle, and when they know there is no danger of a cutback, they’re going to meet Jeff before he can turn up field every time (as in ATL this year).

    Against the best his speed won’t work out of the backfield. If he doesn’t learn to change direction/cut back when running, or catch the ball at full speed (now that we have a QB who can hit him consistantly in stride) he won’t have a career at the next level.

  10. I will cringe everytime they throw the ball to Demps. I think his dropped screen in the SEC Championship game made a huge difference the rest of the way. If he would have caught the ball, wiith his speed, he had all kinds of running room. I love the guy, but catching is not his best attribute.
    I can’t wait to see DeBose get out there. Did anyone watch his HS highlights….damn.