Spikes hitting it hard in Gainesville


Former Florida All-America middle linebacker Brandon Spikes is in Gainesville busting his tail to get ready for the NFL Combine later this month. That’s the word from his agent, Terry Watson.

“He’s doing well,” Watson said. “He continues to work out hard and he’s eating well. He’s fully committed to a plan that will get him ready for the Combine.”

While most of the other draft-eligible Gators have chosen to prepare for the Combine elsewhere, Spikes made the decision to stay in Gainesville and go through workouts with highly respected UF strength and conditioning coordinator Mickey Marotti. The other Gator working out under Marotti is wide receiver Riley Cooper.

“Coach Mick is the best,” Cooper said. “I’m following the same plan Percy (Harvin) did a year ago under Coach Mick.”

Spikes considered leaving early for the NFL Draft a year ago, but decided to return for his senior season. Some projected him to be a first-round pick last year. Now, many have him slotted to go in the second round.


  1. Brandon and Riley will be great in the NFL because they were great as Gators. The Gator Nation will be watching and cheering for all the Gators that get to play in the NFL. We will miss them as we miss all the great Gators that have moved on to bigger things…be it football or something else. They will always be a GATOR.

  2. Alan, that is such a narrow viewpoint… you can’t put a price tag on being king of the hill in a town like Gainesville for another year before entering the business world of the NFL. Somehow I don’t think while he’s making his millions and smiling on the memories of his last year in Gainesville, he’s going to be thinking about the other millions he maybe could have had. Both he and his family will be just fine. It wasn’t just loyalty to Florida, it was a love of the team, the town and the life he had in Gainesville that kept him here another year. That and the confidence in himself to know that his (and his family’s) future was secure no matter what he decided.

  3. Memories and life-time relationships ALWAYS last longer than money. Spikes will get his payday, if not on draft day, when he signs his long-term contract after a couple of years, but these past four years will be with him for the rest of his life. Can’t put a price tag on that, friend.

  4. I don’t think he falls to the second round, if he’s ready for the combines and show how much of a talent he is, he’s still first round material. How many linebackers go ahead of him? The kid from Alabama, Mcclain and who else? Spikes is a really talented linebacker when he brings all his skills and dedication to the game. That’s what I expect him to do at the combines, because people are saying that he’s a second rounder. He knows better and so do a lot of NFL people that’s going to be making the choice. They want to know if hes dedicated enough to bring his “A” game to the combines and then on to the next level.

  5. Regardless of where he goes I’m sure he won’t regret his decision a minute. Being the man in a town like Gainesville and the relationships he formed are priceless. He’s gonna make enough money to be happy for the rest of his life

  6. I just want to thank Brandon for his loyalty to his school and the heart that was displayed on the field. Always remembering the hit on Knowshon Moreno, the lockdown performance in the LSU game in Baton Rouge. He is by far the best Gator linebacker ever, and will be an essential component to a NFL defense.