Tebow finding a comfort zone


MOBILE, Ala. — Florida quarterback Tim Tebow continues to make progress in practice leading up to Saturday’s Senior Bowl.
Tebow had perhaps his best practice of the week Wednesday afternoon. He appeared more comfortable than he did earlier in the week under center and operating a new offense. Tebow bobbled only one hand-off Wednesday, after dropping several in the first two practices.
Tebow said the repetition in a new system is starting to pay off.
“I’m just feeling a little more comfortable each day,” he said.
Tebow’s passing continues to run hot and cold. He has noticeably shortened his delivery and he appears very tentative on some throws, especially the shorter throws over the middle. He seems more natural on his deep throws.
With two other quarterbacks on the South team, Tebow likely will play about one-third of Saturday’s game. During 11-on-11 drills late in practice, Tebow was working with the first-team offense.
Tebow has been hammered by some of the talking heads this week about his mechanics and NFL quarterback potential. But the coaches who have been willing to talk about Tebow have been much more positive, stressing Tebow’s strengths instead of his weaknesses.
Tebow’s former UF teammate and roommate, Riley Cooper, continues to look like the best wide receiver on the South team. He’s getting open and catching everything thrown his way. If his strong play continues, his stock likely will rise this week, and he could possibly end up being drafted as high as the second round. Cooper said earlier in the week that some NFL people had told him he likely will be somewhere between the second and fourth round.