Mattison weighs in on Tebow, Meyer


MOBILE, Ala. — I ran into former Florida defensive coordinator Greg Mattison at a recent South practice for the Senior Bowl, and the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive coordinator was gracious enough to give us his take on several topics, including Tim Tebow and the health of Urban Meyer:

  • On Tebow in the draft: “I see Tim Tebow doing anything Tim Tebow wants to do. When people ask me about him, I say I don’t know about the technical things, I don’t know about the delivery and all the other things that go with it. But I do know one thing, Tim Tebow will work and will himself to do whatever he sets his goal on doing. People give me a funny look. I say, ‘Trust me, I’ve seen it.’ Tim will do whatever he wants to do. He’s a winner in the way he prepares. He does everything he has to do to be as good as he can be. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime guy. He’ll be very successful (as a quarterback in the NFL).”
  • On Meyer’s health: “I’m going to tell you honestly, I said at one point, in all the years I coached with him, that he was going to end up doing that because he works so hard. So many head coaches will demand from their assistants, but don’t do it, too. He does it. He’ll outwork everyone on his staff if you let him. It’s because of his love for that school. I really believe that. He doesn’t ever want to fail them. Another thing he has that a lot of other head coaches don’t have is he genuinely cares about the players. A lot of them say they do, but they don’t. With Urban, it’s about making sure they become better people when they leave. He wants them all to be great players, but more important, he wants them to be great people. That’s not just show with him, it’s real. When you do all those things, along with coaching, there’s only so many hours in the day. He’s got to learn that.”
  • On UF: “That’s a tremendous place. That will always be my favorite place of all the places I’ve been because of the people there. I tell our guys, that program is what it is because of the job Jeremy Foley does. It starts at the top. And Urban is the best, and right on down.”
  • On new UF defensive coordinator George Edwards: “I reallly don’t know George, but I’m sure it’s a great hire. I’ve heard great things about him from the guys in the league. I know Urban really likes him. He’ll do a great job.”


  1. Good interview with Mattison. I agree with him on Tebow. People simply haven’t been totally exposed to his skill. work ethic and faith. He’s going to shorten the learning curve for the quarterback position in the NFL. Even Peyton Manning needed a year to aclimate to the NFL. I don’t believe it will take TT any longer than that.

  2. Great read! I truly hope that those responsible for the NFL draft really give Tebow the chance he deserves. He can be what is needed for him to be and he really deserves the chance to play at quarterback because he says he can. I believe him. Always have and he has never let me down. No one can just be thrust into the position of a starting quarterback w/o some time to adjust and learn what it is all about. All the greats needed time , so more than others, but they were granted that privilege of time. I can hardly wait to watch Tim play NFL and truly shine! He is the greatest guy and hopefully will prove to be a great NFL quarterback, in time.