Tebow draws a crowd


MOBILE, Ala. — As he transitions from college superstar to NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow is having to deal with a lot of new stuff this week at the Senior Bowl. New coaches, new schemes, new teammates, new expectations.

But one thing has not changed for the popular Florida quarterback.

He’s still a rock star.

Even here, in the heart of Crimson Tide and War Eagle country, Tebow is revered and adored. Hundreds of fans, many of them wearing Alabama or Auburn (and even LSU) stuff have been gathering at the practice field to catch of glimpse of Tebow or cheer for him or ask for an autograph (something bowl officials are not allowing Tebow to do after practice).

This is something we’ve seen in Florida for the past four years, so it’s nothing new. But some of the media from different regions of the nation who are experiencing this phenomenon for the first time are taken aback by it.

“It’s amazing,” one writer said. “He really is a rock star. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s almost creepy.”

Some of the NFL coaches and scouts may have some doubts about where Tebow ranks as a potential NFL quarterback. That doesn’t seem to affect the way the fans are looking at Tebow. They love the guy.


  1. I love Tim Tebow also, it is not every day, week, month, or almost lifetime
    that you find a man who loves people , the game of football and the love
    for his faith, Jesus Christ.

    I am proud of him and his family , mother and dad for teaching hime
    the way they did.

    Now he has the support of so many people , I have no doubt that he
    will suceed in the nfl, who will be able to handle most anything that
    come’s about.
    Go Tim, and Go Gators & NFL

  2. every [person that meets tewbow has his or her klife changed in a positive way.he makes you want to be a better person and help others he truly is a special one of a kind person and i was was blesswed to meet him and touch his hand i will never forget after fsu game last game in swamp and 60000 people stayed 30 min and just watched him walk around the stadium no one moved they watched something extraordinary happen that night

  3. I think maybe Tim will sell some tickets for the Team that drafts him, eh? Personally, I would like to see Tim in Jacksonville, Tampa ir Miami. Wayne Weaver already understands the impact Tim could have on the Jaguars and the success of his franchise.

  4. The Senior bowl began selling tickets at a record pace once Tebow announced for the game. The NFL team who drafts him will do the same. For some reason people find TT’s life very compelling. At one point, Tim said he felt like he was in a “petting zoo” after winning the Heisman. Short of a 24 hour Tebow channel Tim’s life is almost beginning to appear “Trumanesque”. Like the other Truman alluded to, the heat in the kitchen is going up pretty fast, I just hope Tim can handle it.

  5. Personally, I think Tim Tebow would take Miami to the Super Bowl, but I would rather see him in Jacksonville.

    As for that writer who tought it was “creepy” that Tebow was as popular as a rock star, I have one question. Have you been living in a corner to where this actually surprises you?