Take him off the commitment list


I’ve made a commitment to my boss that I will write this blog. If may be long, it may be late, it may be lousy, but it will get done.

I’m committed to it.

I bring this up, because this is the time of year I’m left scratching my noggin over some of these high school recruits who say they are committed to schools but actually aren’t.

Last year, it was Nu’Keese Richardson.

This year, it’s Demar Dorsey.

Richardson was “committed” to Florida for more than a year, then ended up signing with Lane Kiffin and Tennessee last February (we won’t even bring up what’s happened to Nu’Keese since then).

Now, Dorsey, who has been “committed” to the Gators for months, is listening to Kiffin and will visit Southern Cal this weekend.

This is the same kid who was doing the Gator chomp at the Under Armour All-American game earlier this month and talking about how he has bonded with the other Florida commitments.

After that game, Dorsey said he was 95 percent committed to Florida. That’s LOL stuff right there. Nine-five percent committed? That means only one thing, Demar: you’re not committed. Sorry, your “commitment” means nothing.

From where I’m sitting, Dorsey’s name should be taken off the list of Florida commitments. If I’m Urban Meyer, it means I have one more scholarship to offer to someone who really wants to commit and be a Gator. Whether Dorsey stays on board or not, the Gators figure to have the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation.

Based on how UF has been burned in the past, the Gators should not hold one of those few remaining scholarships for Dorsey. If they do and he bolts on signing day (like Richardson), then the Gators could lose out on another prospect who could have taken his place in the class.

Hey, 95-percent committed may sound good, but it’s not a commitment.


  1. Not so fast…we hung in there with Matt Elam and now he is enrolled and will probably play a significant role next year with the somewhat surprising departure of Major Wright. I think he ends up in the Orange and Blue. Some of these kids just like to maximize the situation either for the attention or for the trips and perks. An early signing period would be nice to end alot of this drama, but don’t blame the kids so much….you’re only a top recruit once.

  2. Well it’s better to know now that the kid doesn’t want to be 100% a Gator than to find out later when he decides to transfer. Like you said, then the staff can offer a young man that REALLY wants to be a Gator. A lot of people were upset last year with the nukeese situation. When most look back on what all has transpired since then they would most likely say that kiffin did UF a favor. Maybe if dorsey does in fact go to usc then he will be able to give them 95% on the field too while a more deserving young man will be giving 100% to UF. At this point if anyone were to choose usc(kiffin) over UF, then perhaps his credability and intellect may not be the right fit for UF anyway.

  3. I had a man demonstrate the old “finger in a glass of water” lesson in life when I was young and have never forgotten it. When the finger comes out, the “hole” miraculously fills right up. But, wonder of wonders, if someone else want to stick their finger in the water they can – and the finger will look like it’s been there all long and no one will tell the difference.

  4. I’m with you, Robbie, 100 per cent. Hope our staff creates an extra place for someone who wants to be a Gator. With the top-notch talent still looking us over, we’ll find the guy we need and Dorsey can see how long Lane stays at USC.

  5. It’s sad to see how many of these 17 and 18 year old kids are just looking for attention, and who will show them the most “love” in the recruiting process. Tampa Dave makes a good point in that they are still just kidslooking fro some adventure, and who among us could take a mature look ahead at what’s best long term when we were that age. Stiil, I too would like to see that scolarship go to a young man who is hungry and comitted to succeeding as both a player and a student.

  6. Give me the guy who really wants to be at UF as opposed to an immature hot shot who is playing the publicity game. If Kiffin and Ogre-on can sway Dorsey then he wasn’t really a Gator to begin with. There’s plenty of talent out there to replace him.

  7. I have not followed the intricacies of high-level college recruiting until recently (mainly from reading your blog), but it seems like these high-school kids vacillate on their “commitments” more often than Hugh Hefner. Everyone squeals about college football players shmoozing with agents, but these recruits talk to the press as if they had agents! They are such drama queens. As Carolina Gator says, many of them talk openly about how this program showed them more “love” than that one – kids used to be thrilled at the prospect of a scholarship. Now it sounds like they are very blase, and that they are owed not merely the scholarship, but deserve constant stroking and adulation too, before they have played one NCAA down. (Remember Jimmy Clausen and his limo?) Anyone who follows Kiffin is toxic; avoid him! Remember Nu’Keese!

  8. Whoa, everybody. Didn’t Tim Tebow take his visit to Alabama? Didn’t Chris Leak, Percy Harvin, etc, visit other schools, too? Of course the only kids that ought to get a scholarship to UF are those who truly want to be Gators, but let’s lighten up. Wouldn’t YOU want a free trip to LA if someone offered you one? If Dorsey signs elsewhere, fine. If he signs with the Gators that’s even better; but these guys read this stuff you’re writing. There’s no reason to turn on the kid for doing what everyone else is doing. It’s his only chance to go through this. Let him.
    Go Gators.

  9. men, we’re dealing with boys here. high-school boys. boys who can’t tell the difference between underarm deodorants much less institutions of higher learning. my dad was a gator. my uncle was a gator. yet i didn’t fall in love with uf until i went there. i say cut the kids some slack. let them look around, exploit the process. if they wind up w/ us, chances are good they’ll become gators for life.

  10. I say mr dorsey. if you have any interest at all in usc and that coaching staff then we dont need you at florida. The thought of even going for a visit there, tells me this kid needs someone to sit him down and tell him its not just about football.

  11. he’s 18 years old! would you honestly pass up a chance to go out to Southern California and see the sights for FREE!!!!??? come on seriously nobody on here can say that they would pass up a free trip at that age!

  12. It all depends on how honest the kid is. Ninety five percent commitment from an honest kid does not bother me. It is clear what type of person Nukeese was. And by the same token what is Meyer telling recruits about his plans. Once again it boils down to character. Unfortunately, we seem to hear more about their athletic skills than their character.

  13. I tend to agree with Tampa Dave. The Gators are really fortunate to be able to pick and choose among four and five star recruits. Most other BCA schools would love to have Dorsey, 95% committed or not. On the other hand, why settle if you can have a player with equal or better skills who really loves the Gators. Either way Florida is going to enjoy a bumper crop of players. . . again.

  14. After the trail left by Kiffy and this kid still is interested in being a part of that process then I feel that it is in his best and our best interest for him to go.

    I’ve said all along. It will be very interesting to see who stays at USC and who he signs.

  15. Let us not forget that Tebow visited Alabama as did several other recruits on the 2008 National Championships visit other places first. Remember also, that John Brantley, who father and uncle both played for the Gators, originally committed to Texas. Eighteen-year-olds don’t always know right away what they want. Remember, our head coach changed his mind, and he’s not 18. Are we going to hold him or Billy Donovan last year to their first decision about leaving? I think not.

  16. First off, the Florida coaching staff will not be fooled again. They are even more aware of the situation then we are. They are flirting with other recruits like he is. Second, to compare this to Elam is stupid because Elam has family ties to Meyer and anyone who knew anything knew he’d never sign with anyone other then Meyer. Third, how many guys still take trips to other universities? Mack Brown finally stopped talking to other schools and finally canceled his trips. Dorsey is looking for an option better then Florida, at the moment and for years to come there isn’t one. USC is about to get screwed by the NCAA and everyone knows Kiffin is the NCAA’s most hated stepchild. Kiffin has NEVER produced anything on the field and that includes fooball players. Its a FREE trip to a part of the country the kid has never been too. If this kid signs anywhere but UF, its not because the grass was greener. It will be because 1)Florida has alot of guys to compete with or 2) Dorsey is going to have to work for grades.

    With or without him, Florida may have the most sick class in the modern era. They are the new power in college football and Dorsey will love the attention he gets, afterall what college football program is overlooking all the others? The Mighty Gators 🙂