One more coaching change?


Just when it looked like things were settling down over at Florida with the hiring of Miami Dolphins’ assistant coach George Edwards, Jim Leavitt went and got himself fired at South Florida on Friday.

What this means is there could be another opening on the Florida coaching staff real soon, just after Meyer filled his staff Friday when he named Edwards the Gators’ defensive coordinator.

Defensive line coach Dan McCarney almost certainly will be considered a leading candidate to replace Leavitt at South Florida. McCarney was the defensive line coach for the Bulls before coming to Florida two years ago. McCarney took the job at Florida hoping it would lead to another head coaching opportunity for the former Iowa State coach. Now, that opportunity may be about to present itself.

McCarney would be a great hire for the Bulls. He knows the staff in Tampa, he knows the recruiting landscape in the area (which he currently recruits for Florida), and he’s a heck of a coach who seems to get the most out of his players.

McCarney going to USF would not be good for Florida. It would mean Meyer has to go out and find another coach. The good thing is that one of Meyer’s strengths is his ability to put together a top flight coaching staff. He’ll have some impressive coaches on his list to contact if McCarney does get the USF job, and he’ll make another notable hire. Coaching the defensive line at Florida is not a hard sell.


  1. How about musical chairs with USF? They can have McCarney and we can pull a switch and bring on Leavitt. Urban has a great history helping former HCs get jobs other places and McCarney either has to feel slighted at not getting the promo or made it clear he was keeping his ear open for a HC position.

    Not many people talk about the effects of losing an entire staff, but we’ve all seen the wreckage (or at least setbacks) with recent top programs. No wonder why everyone says to enjoy what we just had…

    Oh well, I already miss football season and I’m going through withdraw!

  2. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that he would say he doesn’t want the defensive coordinator position but would want a head coaching position? If he wanted to be a head coach again McCarney wouldn’t turn down the coodinator position.

  3. The great thing about the defensive side of the ball is that great coaches like Charlie and Dan (if he leaves) have created a system that will continue with newly hired coaches. There will surely be some new wrinkles but the remaining players and coaches have the system in place and they know it works.

    I’m very excited to see Johnny Brantley lead this offense too. You have to love a kid who has a UF legacy and has always been a Gator fan. The cannon he has doesn’t hurt either.