Sugar Bowl prediction time


Here’s my first prediction: Alabama won’t even come close to looking as good as it did in the Tide’s thumping of Florida in the SEC Championship Game. Florida’s mystifyingly bad performance on defense contributed greatly to the efficiency of the Tide offense. That Alabama offense will return to what it was earlier in the season in the BCS Championship Game. So, here’s what to look for in that game in Pasadena: a very close defensive struggle with not a lot of points. My thought is Colt McCoy will close out his Texas career with a come-from-behind (and very close) victory over Alabama.

Now, on to the Florida-Cincinnati game.

With all the distractions this week, the media’s focus has been on one thing: Urban Meyer and his decision to reverse field on Sunday and announce he will remain at UF but take a leave of absence. While the media keeps pounding the Meyer story, Meyer and the UF coaches have been focusing on getting this Florida team focused on a very good Cincinnati team. By all accounts, the approach has worked, because the word is the Gators have had great practices since they’ve been out here.

This is the last game for Tim Tebow and those special seniors. It’s also an opportunity for this defense, which felt it embarrassed itself in the SEC title game, to score some redemption against a very potent Bearcat offense.

Slowing down Cincy’s offense will be a huge challenge, but the thought here is that UF’s overall defensive speed will wreak some havoc on the Bearcats’ plan. One thing the UF might want to avoid is telegraphing its blitzes, which the Gators did time after time against Alabama, and got burned time after time.

Offensively, I think Tebow and his playmakers will have a chance to control the ball and the clock and put up enough points to put this game away.

Prediction: Florida 38, Cincinnati 28


  1. haha nice robbie , but i think the uf defense has it’s hands full! this offense is probably 10 times better than bama’s offense ever thought of being. without a pass rush, which UF hasn’t had all season, this QB will rip us apart. this “special” group isn’t as special as any of us thought. if they were we wouldn’t be in the sugar bowl! if our offense can throw and run the ball then we stand a chance. all season we either ran or we passed not both in 1 game. well, against the AA division don’t count. both of these teams have alot to play for but another poor performance by the JR’s in this game and we can expect them all to be back next season! i mean seriously, what NFL team wants a palyer who don’t give it their all in big games? i read everything everyone wrote about how this team wanted to be the best ever at florida….well, they FAILED! i see this being alot closer than what you predict. offense can’t score points , and the defense can’t stop a passing QB! bama showed how to confuse and beat the UF defense, that being said,

    UF – 27
    Cincy – 24
    in OT

  2. Dave – It is obvious who the “retarded ” one is after reading your comments! So, go ahead and say more to convince those who are not quite sure you must be one of those who dislike Tebow because he is a Christian. if not you definitely have no idea what the game of football is. you make sure you reeturn to defend your idiotic comments after the game. OK “RETARDS? Get you some!!!

  3. I don’t dislike Tebow because he is a Christian. I dislike Tebow because he is a chest pounding moron who thinks the game is all about him. The guy makes a three yard run, stands up and gestures to the crowd, trash talks his opponent, and then minces back to the huddle like a Bourbon Street transvestite. Not exactly the role model for a Christian athlete and role model. Certainly not like Danny Wuerffel. There was a GREAT role model. Tebow should run roughshod over Cincinnati tonight. The kid does sound a little “slow” when he’s interviewed. I’m cutting him some slack though because he was home-schooled.

  4. dislike tebow? your a maroon, tebow in his first 3 seasons was the most dominant player in college football. this season even HE said ” i’m holding the ball to long and it’s my fault the offense isn’t producing”. you really should read what he says sometimes instead of putting your head in your butt john! timmy has not had a good season and is making all the mistakes he didn’t make before this season.and if you can’t call it how it is i guess your as bad as the offense has been….one sided! i love the gators but i am realistic and am not afraid to just say it how i see it. sorry for you that you can’t admit his 09 season has been nothing but subpar tebow! if this season tells how he will do in the pro’s…..he’ll be coaching at UF in 3 years! he lost his spark and if you can’t see it then you need to go back and watch all his games this season and see his poor decisions. and dave, in order for florida do actually win by 10 they have to score points which is something this offense just can’t seem to do against good teams. timmy is scared to throw, and lately it seems that timmy has no confidence in any player on the team. i still think it will be an OT game only because this offense will struggle yet again as it has all season! and the defense will have to deal with an offense that is 10 times better than bama’s. so yeah i stick with the OT!

  5. Well Dave Linvale and Dave, hope you both like eggs, cause they’re all over your face. Hey Linvale, you sound like a jealous FSU grad, can’t wait to hear what you say about about Brantley when he beats you by 20, at your house, next year.
    Tom Hollingsworth

  6. First of All, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Florida Gators Class of 2006, the seniors and juniors (class of 2007) that may jump to the NFL after this season. It has been a great run. Looking at Florida play like they did against Cincy makes me wonder, what if, just what if Carlos Dunlap would have taken the SECCG more seriously and not would have messed up, we would have rocked Bama that night or at least make the game more interesting. I have a vage conspiracy theory: maybe Dunlap hanged out with some undercovered Bama fans and got him drunk or put something in his glass. Having the opportunity to read Dave Linvale’s comments here I think anything is possible, right Dave L.?
    Go Gators, and Happy New Year to All GATOR NATION! Tebow, Thanks for the memories, you are the best Gator QB ever!
    Let’s win the recruiting battle and continue with our awesome program!

  7. Jared–Why would anyone WANT to hold Tebow’s jock strap? Besides, to try they’d have to take it out of Vern Lundquist’s mouth first. (You want to hold it though, don’t you Jared? Go on, admit it.)

  8. The “home-schooled” children are the nation’s finest academically, without question. They’re also far better able to deal with all types of people, as they’re not constantly throw in with kids the same age every day. They’re not having to compare their looks and clothes and “stuff” with other moron peers, but actually interact with real people in real setting all day every day.

    Being home-schooled was an advantage for Tebow, not a hindrance.