Tebow looking forward to spending time with Meyer


Florida coach Urban Meyer will pretty much disappear after Friday’s Sugar Bowl when he begins his indefinite leave of absence to take care of his health issues.

But quarterback Tim Tebow, who has called Meyer his father away from home, plans on spending some quality time with Meyer after the season. Tebow said he expects to get Meyer out on the golf course.

“Hopefully, I’ll beat him in golf a few times,” Tebow said.

Tebow and Meyer are very close, and Tebow said he’s confident Meyer will slow down and do what he has to do to regain his health in the coming months.

“He needs to for himself and for his health,” Tebow said. “He needs to take a lot of that burden off and just rejuvenate, just let himself recover and let his heart recover. I think he needs it. Because of that and the love he has for his family, I think he’ll be able to do that and walk away at least for a while and recover. It will be good for him to get away and rejuvenate and get ready to come back. I think it will be good for him.”

Tebow said he also thinks it’s a good thing that offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will be the interim coach in Meyer’s absence.

“I think he’ll do a great job,” Tebow said. “When Coach Meyer told the team (Sunday that he was taking a leave of absence) and he had Coach Addazio walk up in front of the team, it was one of the loudest ovations I’ve been a part of in my entire life. The players probably clapped for three or four minutes and he got emotional. That was one of the coolest parts of the last two days. Everyone is behind him. It’s a rallying cry to do well for Coach Addazio, too. Everyone is behind him 100 percent.”


  1. My prayers are with Coach Meyer and his family. One thing Coach needs to do is to stay away from the media during the season. In my humble opinion, is people like Dennis Dodd and company that always like to trash our team when we are on top and step all over us when we are down. I would keep open access to our guys Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu and from ESPN Chris Low since he covers the SEC, Reece Davis, Lou Holtz,and Mark May, Fowler, Corso and Herbbie of College Game Day and don’t give any press conferences after games. These guys are very objective journalists and are not out there to hurt our coach. When Tebow got hurt with his concussion, everybody at CBS (except for Jason Horovitz and Lauren Shehadi) where “expert Doctors”. When Spikes and Dunlap made mistakes the media was so harsh on Meyer about him being too soft in punishing our players for their faults (Pat Forde being one of them). If I was Coach Meyer, I would care less what people would say about the Gators and not wanting to speak to the media. Coach Meyer, take it real easy. We the fans are so proud of you as a coach, father and as a human being. You represent our program very well. Take care of your health and family and may the Lord heal your heart soon so you can be our coach for many more years.
    Happy New Year to All Gator Nation!!!

  2. Tebow is such a good guy, isn’t he. All the true Gators in the great Gator Nation are praying for the Coach and his family and wanting him to do what is best for himself,his family and Our Gators…and for Our Gators it is having a coach that is relaxed and ready to rumble… not one that is too concerned over the media hype that has been placed on this team since last year and the pressure that brings. God Bless the Meyers. We do love you too!
    I am glad the team is behind the decisions. That is very important and will have an effect on their performances. It has too. It would me. Although they are THE GATORS. they are still only human.
    We love you one and all.

  3. The fallout has begun. Jason Elam, a five-star recruit from WPB, has chosen not to enroll at UF in January. This effectively puts him “back in play.” Prior to committing to UF the primary contenders for Elam were Tenn. and FSU. The Tenn. coach recruiting him was Eddie Gran. Gran is now on Jimbo Fisher’s staff. If the Seminoles can snatch away a player of Elam’s caliber they’ll definitely have a top five recruiting class. ESPNU currently has UF ranked first (with Elam) and FSU tenth.

  4. WitchDoctor say Urban cry cause lose Tebow. Know next year gonna be bad. WitchDoctor say Urban no want lose but know Kiffin gonna kick Gator tail. Bones never lie! WitchDoctor say Gator Nation hire Fulmer! Good luck with that! Bones never lie! WitchDoctor say Urban gonna go with Tebow, circumcise small child, find new calling! WitchDoctor say Gator turn into small lizard, makum comercial for insurance, tennis become number one sport! Urban too long makum snob with big ego, holier than thu catchum up with mr. bigshot and he no can handle stress no him in bigtime! Bone never lie! Good luck in Pizza Bowl! Bone never lie!!!!! HAHAAAA HAAA HAAA! Roll Tide! Go Vols! Bones NEVER lie!!!!

  5. This whole season has been too bizarre for words. I hope we beat cincy and then for once ill be glad the season is over and hope there are no more shocking headlines. Get well urban, good luck tim. i dont think addazio did a very good job as oc so as a head coach same thing but at least it sounds like tim and the rest of the team are on board. so do we hire an oc now? or an o line coach? lot of unanswered ? at this point. i dont think strong or mullen should ever be considered for any coaching spots that ever open up, bad juju.
    not sure why urbans announcement couldnt have waited til after the bowl game but the way it worked out maybe it was for the best. go gators…as usual tim handled the whole thing very profesionally..very good answers to the awkward ?’s he was asked.

  6. As a psychiatrist, I often see people who are overworked and overstressed, leading to all sorts of somatic symptoms. College football coaches have it particularly rough, as they are pulled in many different directions and are expected to perfect each one. They are much like CEO’s, ultimately responsible for the team’s overall performance. I recently wrote a piece on Meyer and the stress that college football coaches experience. Feel free to check it out at http://sportspsychiatrist.blogspot.com.

  7. Pardon me but I could care less about the Cincinnati game right now or how many recruits decided to stay or leave today. Those things aren’t about life and death are they. Life is never a straight line for anyone and I’m surprised a similar situation to coach Meyer’s hasn’t occurred before in college football. I will tell you something that I’m glad came out of this experience though; U of F proved it has enough heart and soul to tread into uncharted waters for their coach, players and program. There are a dozen different ways this thing could have been botched or bungled from the outset, but the thoughtfulness of everyone involved to consider all options has at least given coach Meyer the opportunity to recoup his health and UF to have an Urban Meyer, possibly for a much longer time with invaluable lessons learned. Additionally, maybe this will be the start of something that all BCS programs will be able to learn something from. My guess is that the benefits from the Gator’s little experiment will far outweigh the problems for the football team and many other BCS programs across the country. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds.

  8. Hey Jack, if you are a Gator fan, find another team! we don’t need so-called fans like you! my guess, you are Lame Kiffin’s twin sister.

    HHO – you said it best Bro!

    As for hiring any coaches, we don’t need any, except for the DC. Urban will be back in time and he will stay involved enough to help out. I, too, wasn’t a fan of Addozio during several moments of the season; however, there were far more times where the right plays were called and the execution was not there. His players supporting him says it all, I believe. if he were a total screw-ball I doubt he would have received the support of the team, much less Meyer. Moreover, now that the Gonzalez situation has come to light, I doubt Addozio received much help and it shows the reason our receivers were not at the level they should have been. If we are true Gators we will all get behind this thing and support Meyer and Addozio – no if’s or but’s about it! When you are on a team, you support decisions that are made, even if you think you know better. That’s called team-work and we, as true fans, need to save our opinions until it doesn’t work and it’s time to go in a different direction. None of us sane people want Meyer to leave, so it’s not time to go in a different direction. Coach needs our support right now, so let’s give it to him, unconditionally! Get the clutter out Coach and we’ll be looking forward to a great 2010 season!


  10. Coach just take care and get healthy ,and I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us and he will never put in anymore on us that you can handle. Coach your family needs you more than Gator Nation so go get some rest and enjoy nice a vacation , because the Gators are in good hands one more thing IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER WE ALL STICK TOGETHER

  11. John C and Florida Frankie – great words. I am proud to be a GATOR and proud of the way FLA is treading new waters and treating Urban as the great man he is. It’s all about FAITH & FAMILY & HEALTH. The rest is secondary. GO GATORS!!!


  12. Standing ovation…. I was hoping Addazio would get the boot. He’s not a very good coordinator. And by the HHO and John C, everyone has a right to their opinion and that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t part of the team. The Gators will, in fact, need to score a bunch of points if they expect to beat Cinci. Have a nice day!

  13. I think that if Coach Meyer will delagate atority to the O coordinator, D coor and spec coor instead of getting to involved with coaching 85 people all of the time, that he will reduce his stress proportionally.”Coach the team hard through the coordinators and if they cant do the job, replace them” One of the best things that came out of Coach UM staying instead of going is that the assistant coaches got to keep their jobs. A new hire would prob bring in all new assistants. Since my freshman year of 1948, I have seen many coaches. The one that we now have is the tops. He needs to let others stres more and him less and he will be fine for this coming year. Happy New Year to all and Good health.

  14. Coach needs to get out on that lake a little more, I’m sure that Nate would like that. Maybe take up a little fishing, I’ve heard that’s very relaxing. Also he needs to know Gator Nation is behind him a 1000% and we want him to come back when he is truly ready. Don’t want to “lose” him again…

  15. Get well coach. You have brought the gator nation the best ride of its life. You have created a dynasty and have re-branded florida football. I am behind you coach, thru thick and thin. Whatever you decide to do. You deserve it. Thanks for everything you have done to make our university the top program in the nation. So, go get yourself well and come back when you can. We will be praying for you. You are a class act. The best of the best. God Bless!

  16. One other thing: Pat Fooley Dooley and Mike Bianchi Brain are a couple of idiots. I use to like to read their stuff until recently. Dooley will write anything to get attention – that’s why ESPN loves to use him to knock on the Gators. he’s so dumb he can’t even realize that’s why they like to talk to him. Look at what he did to Meyer that cost the Coach 30K. As for Bianchi, his comparisons to drug addicts and alcoholics was very distastful. If he ever experience real chest pains, he would act a little irrational too. I know! I have spent days and nights in the hospital because of it and I even retired from law enforcement early because of it and later wished I had waited. However, I, too, had 2 boys and a wife asking me to stop. I was a work-aholic too! So, I understand what Meyer is going through. I promise not to read another one of those guys articles – don’t care how enticing! I will get the info somewhere else. I hope many of you join me!

  17. John C, I am 100% with you brother! That’s exactly how I feel about the media attacking Coach Meyer, Tebow, Spikes, Dunlap and Co. They are so self-righteous at CBS, I stopped reading Dodd’s articles. Tim Brandon was pretty hateful with Coach Meyer and the Gators this season, but he is entitled to his opinion. To be honest with you Gator brothers and sisters, I TURNED DOWN the TV volume to zero when I see the Gators play on CBS and not to have to hear Gary Danielson’s comments at how great LSU and Alabama were and blah, blah, blah. I turned to Gator Radio online to listen to Mike Huber instead. Lundquist laughed several times when the cameras showed stunned Gator fans in the Arkansas and Alabama games. For the people that don’t have kids, they cannot understand the importance of a family. I coach my 3 sons in soccer and I have taught them that when you play or watch your favorite team play and it is loosing, just to suffer while the game is on. As soon as the game is over, is over. I personally move on and get loses out of my system quickly and my kids are starting to understand teh concept. I have had multiple undefeated championsip as a player and coach and know three things: 1) as a player you can control the situation on the field. 2) As a coach you could attempt to control it and 3) as a fan, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change the outcome of the game, just cheer up for our team. One of my sons once asked me, “Dad, I don’t understand why people make too much fuss about a game where you have to pitch and catch a ball”. Just go out there and try to have a little bit of fun Coach Meyer. The one thing I am ceirtain is that I am and will always be proud TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!!!

  18. I think this is all just awful! This should just not happen to Gator Nation. I think if we all just hold hands and pray long enough with Pastor tebow leading the prayers, bad things will never happen again to Coach Meyer and our timmy.

  19. Daddy’s boy giving the Gators a beatdown and singing rocky rop all night long would require more than daddy’s defense to get them through. And the offense is going nowhere with Daddy’s boy and mr. ole miss reject in charge. A super team of ass-clowns. Except daddy. He’s great.

  20. Attn: Urban Meyer

    Our running backs are very fast once they have a running lane in the defense’s secondary. But they are small. They are not punishing running backs. They are not well suited for short yardage.

    Our starting wide and running back receivers are better known for dropping the ball that hits their hands, than catching it. So, lets talk about running the ball on short yardage.

    My suggestion is to put as much power as we can through the selected hole – between the tackles.

    There are several options with: Tebow over the center; Moody or Justin Trattou as the running back, our two 2nd string offensive guards leading the ball carrier, and two tight ends Hernandez and Coleman. I saw Justin’s long run, good speed, and he did not fumble when hit hard. Please use Moody on more plays.

    With the above scheme, Cincinnati Defense will now have to worry about Tebow running or throwing to TE’s who actually catch and can also block, the running back, the Pouncey twins + the rest of our interior offensive linemen, 2 tight ends, plus the additional two guards in the backfield. This is unpredictable and something we have not done before.

    You laugh, but in our gutless performance against Alabama for the 2009 SEC championship, on short yardage Bama placed their middle guard in the backfield to block for the running back. Bama didn’t need much as our defense seem to avoid tackling at every opportunity. Arm tackling, shoulder tackling, mostly missing tackles, etc. Let’s get back to tackling fundamentals.

    Whatever happened to our punishing tackling with both arms around the ball carrier driving the runner backwards into the ground. I pray those are the defensive players we will see on Jan 1st.

    Santa Claus, please bring those bone marrow jarring Gator tacklers back for this game.


    by Luis Valdes

  21. Couldnt help posting one more comment. I will never forget as long as I live, the last 5 years. They have been great and I am extreemly proud of our team and coaches and even if we didnt go all the way this year, it will always be a special year to me. Coach meyer has produced some of the finest young men that will take the world by storm. I dont know if meyer will return or not. But I will always be one of his biggest fans. Thanks again coach. And a big thanks to one classy team of gators!!

  22. Coach-the best thing you have ever done in my opinion has been to bring the shattered Gator Nation back together starting in 2004-I was in the Gator Band Hall when you first arrived back five years ago! Back then you thought it was so important to bring us all together-the whole Gator Nation- that you took time from your busy schedule and personally addressed the Gator Band to help you in your quest! Coach Meyer-you were correct! It takes all of us to unite a nation-and you knew that the band was the beginning of that unity-the end zone playing of the Alma Mater and the singing of the fight song etc. Now that you have accomplished so much-you need to find the right music to bring you together with you and your immediate family-they are what matters-nothing else-not even award winning players-because in the end what matters the most is your family-right? I know, I have been there-this statement is coming from a Cancer survivor and one who has had open heart surgery, and the ill effects-I am a survivor! Life goes on! Guaranteed! It is not the end-but the beginning of life!! Steve Bingham, PhD

  23. Meyers has always been a modest, family oriented guy and he has given 100% to Gator football. How much more can we ask of a man? Do you want someone who is perfect, a man of steel with no personal emotion?
    Before you criticize, “walk a mile in his shoes”.