Say goodbye to the Gatornaughts?


It looks like most of the Lakeland boys will be bolting on the Gators after the Sugar Bowl. That’s the word from Bruce Black, the father of junior strong safety Ahmad Black.

Bruce Black told me Wednesday that it is a 90 percent certainty that his son, strong safety Ahmad Black, is leaving early for the NFL Draft. He said the other top junior players from Lakeland — offensive linemen Maurkice and Mike Pouncey and tailback Chris Rainey — also are planning to leave.

“The Pounceys are definitely going to the NFL,” Bruce Black said. “Chris Rainey says he’s coming out, but I’ve advised him to stay (for his senior season). He’s a little too small right now, but he wants to come out.”

Ahmad Black also is considered small by NFL (and college) standards, but Bruce Black said it may be time for his son to move on. It sounds like this is a decision being made by the senior Black.

“I would let Ahmad stay if they would show him some respect,” Bruce Black said. “I don’t think coach Urban Meyer respects my son. If he did, Ahmad would have started the first game (against Charleston Southern) instead of (sophomore) Will Hill. Coach Meyer favors certain players, and Ahmad isn’t one of them.

“I love the University of Florida and I love going to the games, but I think it’s a matter or respect for my son. It may be time for him to move on.”

Black, Rainey and the Pounceys were four of the seven players from Lakeland who signed with UF in 2007. The other Gatornaughts in the class were defensive tackle John Brown (now at Tennessee), fullback Steve Wilks and wide receiver Paul Wilson (who sustained a career-ending injury in August).


  1. What a shame if this is true. The only players discussed here with any chance of making an NFL roster are the Pounceys and they could use another year in college. The rest should enjoy their Senior year at UF and hope to mature in that time to become NFL prospects. Unfortunatly if they leave early they will be out of football or playing in the AFL or CFL. As for other Junior discussing leaving early, Dunlap and Haden have a 50/50 chance to make an NFL roster and Hernandez is a lock.

  2. I seriously doubt this father’s accusation against Coach Meyer…re – his son being disrespected. I am so tired of this “respect” business. People take it to extremes. The Gators will go on next season without all the NFL-jumpers. GO GATORS, SKIN THE BOBCATS.

  3. Though it appears as if Mr. Black could be in the “know” regarding the desires of the Gators who are from Lakeland HS but it may be more about his frustration as well as perception regarding how Urban used, or did not use, his son. May be this is just another parent living his dream thru his son without his son’s best interest at heart and giving the university and the coaches grieve. If this is so, it is very sad!! Unfortunately this is too often the case in most sports at all age levels, at least until they get paid for it on the professional level! Do you think Archie Manning talks to the NY Gaints’ and the Colts coaches about how his sons are beginning used or respected?? Things that make you go hmmmm…

  4. If. Ahmad Black was the better of the two player then he would have started in front of Will Hill. Not disrespect, its who practices better that starts!! If I was his dad I would play it off the same way, Ahmad isn’t the tallest or most skilled safety the gators have. That’s all I’m sayin!!

  5. For real if Ahmad Black and Chris Rainey want to go out…… go right ahead and join the long list of guys who leave early, don’t get drafted and fail to latch on as a free agent. Someone should tell these guys the Arena league folded and the UFL didn’t do so hot. As for the respect, he is entitled to his opinion but look at Coach Meyer’s track record. I will side with him over Mr. Black 365 days a year

  6. The father probably blew one bad day or one bad moment that Ahmad had out of proportion while enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. If I had to bet, Ahmad is probably pretty pissed about what his dad said.

  7. Meyer wants to win football games. If you are a leader, and a quality football player, you will start. if anything it shows that younger players can come in and start if they are better than their teammates. That’s called an open competition from a coach that wants to win.

  8. Go ahead and leave. It’s been great having them all. But, the program will move on. As for disprespect. Every father would like their son to be the starter on their cuurent roster at their school. But, this is a position you must earn. Good luck in the draft .

  9. Wow, the news this week keeps getting stranger and stranger. What are Mr. Black’s qualifications for advising underclassmen whether they should leave school or not? I’ve heard Coach Meyer say nothing but good things about Ahmad Black. He has a chance to be a great 4-year college player and then maybe a 2nd round pick. It’s a shame to see these young men getting such bad advice.

  10. Mr. Black, Coah Myers is interested in putting the best team on the field. Don’t look to Coach Myers as an excuse fro your son failing to start the first game.
    In football as in life, respect is EARNED! Until you realize that, you will never be succesful.

  11. I would hate for any of these guys to leave and I especially hate that Mr. Black has such a sour taste in his mouth for a program and coach that appears to have been very good to Ahmad. I don’t want to pass judgement but would appear that Mr. Black is using the “respect” issue as an excuse to encourage his son to come out for the money. However, if Ahmad isn’t going to be happy everyone concerned will be better off if he leaves. As for Rainey, I have serious reservations about whether he’s ready for the next level. He would definately benefit from returning for his senior year and without Tebow he should get more reps. Finally, I think it is very inappropriate for Mr. Black to put the Pouncey’s business in the streets (true or not). That is there business and should be the one’s releasing that info unless they authorized Mr. Black to announce it (which I doubt they did).

  12. Guess who will miss who more? Let’s see – Demps, Moody, Gillislee, and incoming frosh. At safety – Hill, maybe Wright, Finley, Munroe, and several incomings for depth. Love to see these kids stay, but there is young talent all over this team waiting to play – at every position. Hard to see some of these “naught” kids making it on Sundays (excluding the Pounceys).

  13. Please let them take Wilks with them. He is a cancer to the team as witnessed by the events surrounding the party leading to Dunlap’s arrest. This will free up some scholarships for guys who want to be Gators. I have enjoyed following the twins and Ahmad Black but Rainey is a me first player and we will not miss him.

  14. I can understand the twins leaving, but Rainey and Black will both go as undrafted free agents.

    Rainey, in my eyes, has been a bust since he got to Gainesville. He just now learned the playbook, 3 years after first stepping on campus. Rainey is nothing but a hot head who is still living on his high school laurels and too busy chasing white girls to realize he hasn’t done anything at Florida. He might have a couple rings, but guess what, he wasn’t directly responsible for any of them. Rainey is upset that he is no longer THE MAN he was at Lakeland High School, Rainey will soon join his brother (Rod Smart) in the NFL unemployment line.

    Black has always seemed like a down to Earth kid and I’m wondering if daddy isn’t seeing dollar signs and moreover if this is even Black’s real father (the guy who raised him).

  15. the father will truly be “disappointed” when the draft shows his son no “respect”…..this could also be fall out from Charlie leaving….
    maybe CR sees adifferent type of backfield next year with JB?

  16. Ahmad Black and Chris Rainey really didn’t play up to their potential this season so their draft status is probably meaningless at this if they left for the NFL. Last season however they played great but then again…that was last season.

  17. Wow, what a “me first” attitude from the Dad. No wonder Ahmad didn’t show up this season and it wasn’t because Coach Meyer likes Will Hill better. Ahmad had a majical season last year but that’s not gonna get him drafted by the NFL this year. As for Rainey…I would hate to see him come out and in a couple of years everyone asking, “what ever happened to Rainey??” cause that is what will happen. He’s not ready…

  18. Only 2 junior players from the defense ready for NFL Primetime; Haden and Dunlap. I believe Myer is only trying to build experience and depth and doesn’t mean any disrespect to any players. Is John Brantly complaining? if anyone should complain about lack of snaps it’s John Brantly. Tebow got his while Leak was the QB; where was Johns? Did Amad Black’s dad think Dorian Monroe got disrespect when Amad Started in his place?

    The Pouncey twins should reevaluate their decision. They are not ready and will only shorten their careers with an early jump. Staying at UF for another season can be $ in the bank for these younger players intead of opting for an early NFL exit. If the Pouncy brothers think they are ready they better pull some game tapes. They couldn’t run block all year and they can’t pass block worth a hill of beans. I guess Gilbert’s ready too.

    Rainey’s not big enough and will only benefit by staying in one more season. He’s no Harvin.

    Hernandez- C’ya! The best of luck and thanks again for chosing to be a Gator! The only thing that might help Hernandez by staying in for his senior year is that it will give him the ability to bulk up a little more. I can see him making the move safely.

    Black? a sixth or seventh round pick? Maybe 5th at best. Position for a higher draft, more $ and a longer career…stay in school.

  19. I was at the game in Atlanta. What I saw was two different groups of players on the Florida side. One Floirda group that played to win and then another seperate group the was just there to be make an appearence. Becomes clear now as I hear so much talk about jumping for the NFL. I will bet that if we look back after the draft starts, and compare who tries to move to the NFL, and compare those players performance in the Alabama game to the rest of the players, the picture will become clearer.

    Players, if your heart is set on gonig to the NFL, and you don’t want to give your best effort, do the right thing and step asside and admitt your intentions and then let another Gator player step up to the position. Otherwise, give your best to the teammate and the university that has given you this chance. Don’t bring down your team, the University of Floirda that gave you this opportunity, your family that supported you, and most important yourself.

    Tomorrow, you will not be able to change the mistakes you make today, so do your best today and there will be no regrets tomorrow.

  20. Hopefully Bruce Black’s comments aren’t correct about either his son or Rainey. I hope they get their degrees because I doubt either can look forward to an NFL career of any kind.

    Clearly there is something poison going on with the defense. The elder comments by Black fit with some other information I’ve seen. The total defensive collapse against Alabama had to be more than just “we had a bad game”. So on the other hand, perhaps the departure of certain juniors on defense could be helpful to team chemistry.

  21. I doubt that Rainey or Black will ever play a meaningful down in the NFL. I think Black would be pushed further down the depth chart next year with the arrival of Matt Elam anyway. Rainey will be missed, but with Demps, Moody, Gillisee and Mack Brown we’ll be just fine. I just hope that this guy running his mouth won’t hurt future recruiting down at Lakeland.

  22. Are we really going to make life changing decisions based on who started the freakin’ Charleston Southern game? Some parents would be better off letting their children make the decisions and stop living vicariously through them. Mr. Black IS seeing $$$ and not reality.

  23. Players these days are so eager to go to the league and make money they forget to make the most out of now. If both players stay and get better I believe they would have successfull nfl careers, but its not my decision I hope they think this through and I wish them best of luck. And no offense to Mr.Black but its obvious his mind is on makin money, not whats best for ahmad.

  24. Sounds like sour grapes, and does not bode well for Ahmed playing much in the Sugar Bowl. Black may leave, but not because he is ready for the NFL. He will never play in the NFL. He isn’t good enough, fast enough, or big enough. Period. He is a good, not great, college player, who may not even be first team on the Gators next year with the depth they have and the kids they have coming in. Personally, will Hill is twice the athlete and player Brown is. Brown should feel lucky he sees the field at all. Terrible comments from the dad. Rainey coming out is a joke. Not an NFL player either, not now. Maybe not ever. Best thing for him would be to come back next year and win the kick returning duties, have a great year, and then he might have a shot at the NFL. Maybe.

  25. What is wrong with this Bruce Black character? Sounds like he’s the last guy who needs to be giving advice about leaving school for the NFL. He’s not even aware that at virtually EVERY school, players are evaluated all week during practice; and the guys who EARN the starts and playing time are the ones who get it. Black had a great season last year, and is a damn fine athlete; but, if Meyer started somebody in front of him, it’s because that kid earned it in practice the week or weeks leading up to the game. Every coach plays the guys he thinks give his team the best chance to win… Mr. Black better get used to that fact, because it isn’t any different in the NFL. I’d hate to see Ahmad make a huge mistake; and leaving early for the NFL would be one. Also, what does Bruce Black mean when he says he’d let his son come back? Ahmad is like a 20-year old man with a scholarship… he doesn’t need anybody to LET him come or go anywhere.

  26. Now there is a shining example of fatherhood. It’s not your fault son, you are not respected. Give up your degree and go the the NFL where they will respect you. What an idiot. “I would let Ahmad stay”….since when does Daddy make those decisions? Why don’t you let your son become a man and make his own decisions. I’m sure the NFL machine will show much more respect for a “too small” safety then Urban does. Get a grip.

  27. Wow you all clearly have no clue what your talking about. I watched Rainey and black dominate my st Thomas aquinas raiders in hs then ball on the best team in college over the past 3 years. Black played on the best defense in the nation maybe second to Alabama and def has skills. Rainey runs a 4.3 and no doubt has speed and moves check his YouTube videos. I’m not saying they should go this year cuz they will def be drafted higher next year, but both are Def NFL caliber players and would def be drafted in middle rounds.

  28. Respect!!!!! Come on have some respect for your son and give him better advice for him and not yourself. Look past the dollar signs in your eyes and quit trying to blame you greed on coach Meyer. Parents like you is why we have so many bad apples in the NFL. Because they are who you are .and thats sucks.

  29. Mr. Black has no clue as to what he is talking about. if Ahmad comes out early he will be looking for a job real soon. Will Hill is a great player and Mr. Black is disrespecting Will with his ridiculous comments. Rainey coming out early is just as silly as well. He can’t hit the hole in college football. I am not sure he could play in the Candian League until he gains weight and learns how to run between the tackles. Losing Ahmad would be no big deal with Major and Will coming back. We don’t need these bad attitudes on the team.

  30. I agree with the Gator nation about Meyer and his best interest in putting the best team on the field first. Ahmad is a good def. back but if someone is hotter than you at the moment…. he’s gotta play. Just because you don’t get the start doesn’t mean someone is disrespecting you…. Mr. Black should just grow up and show your son how to be a real man instead of a whiner and running away to the NFL like a child who couldn’t get his way. The lesson you should teach is to go back and get better and get your spot back out on the field. I think the players should play, the coaches should coach, and the parents should just watch and enjoy the moment when its your childs time! Go Gators!!!!Gator for Life!

  31. Not in relation to Mr. Black. I just want the Gator nation to know I a avid Bama Fan/Supporter has nothing but respect for The Gator nation. Tim Tebow showed nothing but class after Saturdays game. I am honored to be able to witness Florida play in person.
    I hope to be able to go out and Support the Gators in New Orleans since I wont be able to make it to Cali. Bring It Home SEC!!!!! Go Gators!!!! Roll Tide!!!!!!!!

  32. your coach dont care about his players. Hes all about himself. He treats those kids like a piece of meat. He’s scum bag who has watched over 25 kids get in trouble on his watch. You over zealous Gators fan are finally getting what your deserve. Everyone is jumping ship, and even the parents are seeing right through this scum meyers. Your are truly the Thug U in college football. Oh yeah, your coaching staff is baling too. Too funny.

  33. #1 A. Black came in under weight (as prescribed and fully aware of) which kept him out of the 1st game.

    #2 Will Hill is “that” good. He would start for any team in the country.

    #3 Will Hill handled his business in the off-season.

    $4 A. Black has obviously not bought in to the TEAM first concept.

    All that said, A. Black is one of my favorite gators and I really hope he lets better influence weigh in on this huge decision.

  34. From a UGA fan’s perspective. If I were a UF fan I would let Meyer favor whoever the heck he wanted to favor…especially seeing as how that favortism got the university 2 NC’s and 2 SECC’s in the last 4 years.

  35. Hey, Dad, go ahead and send your son to the NFL. And when that doesn’t pan out and he has no signing bonus money to lean on (because he’ll be a low draft pick if dreafted at all), what next? Ahmad, ask Portis how it has worked out for him when his mom got in the way….

  36. Wow, I don’t think that I have ever seen so much disdain for a kid in all of my life. I am NOT a Gator fan but I am a fan of my cousin’s. Ahmand has been playing football for as long as he was able, which is about 5 when you are able to first play. He knows the came and he has a passion for the game. Now he may not be as big or as fast in your book but unless you are a NFL recruiter, YOU DON’T MATTER. Whether you so-called Gator fans want to realize it or not, your team stunk up that field on Saturday. But my cousin had a HELL of a game, any NFL team would be lucky to have him. I’m sure all of you are now retired from the NFL. Right? Please don’t speak of stuff you have no idea about. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. Our family appreciates your concerns but whether Ahmad goes back to school or to the NFL or to the NBA, he is still gonna be more successful than you all because his support system is incredible. Oh and by the way, Urban Meyers doesn’t see anybody but Tebow on that field and that’s why Alabama handed you all your a**es last Saturday. Unless you all are on that field, in that locker room or at those practices, you have no idea what the exchange between Ahmad and coach Meyers is, so please don’t speculate. Why would not my uncle do what he feels is in his son’s best interest? You all are really outsiders looking in. I hope that my cousin reads what you all have to say and goes out and becomes the biggest success ever just beacuse of HATERS like you all.

  37. No doubt Meyer plays his favorites! Ahmad should have been starting over Hill from day 1, he earned it and is better than Hill. We are so screwed! Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU and Arkansas will all be better teams next yr. We’ll be lucky to win 7 games, and 4 of them will be against our cream puff OOC women college opponents!

  38. ahmad’s so-called cousin – you have no clue! fans like us make your cousin who he is! takee us out of the stands and just how successful would any player be? who do you think pays those big signing bonuses? it is a fan’s game, a product that we pay for! it is not an entitlement – it’s a job. Coach Meyer is the CEO of the business that pays for everyone of their scholarships – which the money comes from us fans. so, if your cousin or anyone else wants the benefits we as fans provide, then you gotta listen when we speak. if not, then go work at Wal-Mart. it is obvious that Gator Nation loves Ahmad Black; however, one doesn’t appreciate seeing the family attacked – the Gator family that is. Ahmad’s dad should be concerned with his education first! by the way, how much is a UF education worth? after putting 2 kids thru, I assure you, it is a lot of money. This is a case of someone feeling like they are entitled to something that they simply are not. one must earn it at this level, period. the fact is Black nor Rainey are ready for the NFL. It is my right to say so, as a fan whose money supports the game. So, don’t tell us we have no right to give our opinions! OK! As for you real haters, go back to your UT site aand figure out how you are going to get out of the trouble Lame Kitten has gotten you in. Peace!

  39. B.Black crazy or not, but we can’t say who’s going 2 make it r not. Do any of us work in the NFL? They said “Warrick Dunn” was to small, They also said “Brain Bosworth” the best Linebacker since Dick Buckus! We don’t know. They should stay in school another year and get their degree. Football is not forever a ave. career is about 7yrs. make sure you get that free DEGREE!!

  40. One other thing – when we say Rainey nor Black will make it in the NFL we are not criticizing them. Such is true for 95 percent or more of the team. We said it about James Bates. He was too small and the same was said about him. That didn’t mean we didn’t like him. The only people who shouldn’t be criticized are our Troops! These college players are benefiting from a FREE RIDE at one of the top schools in the WORLD! So, “fleas come with the dog”. Rainey and Black are loved by Gator Nation; however, if they are responsible for poisoning our team and linked to the mess with Dunlap, they need to leave, NFL or not. Something happened to the defense that cost us the SEC title. If this is it, what a shame! That’s all I gotta say bout that!

  41. I think Archie Manning probably had significant input in Eli’s decision to refuse to play for the Chargers. Remember, he forced a trade to NY. Also, remember that the players themselves are most likely going to read this article and every comment. We love these guys, we don’t want them to go, we will not be a better team without them. Let’s not play the “fine, go, see if I care” card. That being said, it is not many atheletes that make it as a pro, don’t be a fool-stay in school. A LOT of great gators on championship teams are NOT in the NFL today (and no, let’s not degrade their efforts by listing them by name).

  42. […] • Lakeland leapers. Florida might be in for a spate of early departures itself, specifically by a quartet of Gators from Lakeland, Fla.: Safety Ahmad Black, offensive linemen Maurkice and Mike Pouncey and running back Chris Rainey are all considering early exits according to Black’s father, who told the Gainesville Sun his son would consider returning if Florida coaches “would show him some respect,” i.e. returning back in time and starting Black over Will Hill in the season opener against Charleston Southern. The elder Black said he has encouraged Rainey to return to Gainesville, because “he’s a little too small right now” for the draftniks. (One more year, Chris. That growth spurt’s coming, man.) [Gainesville Sun] […]

  43. Am I the only one here that thinks the Will Hill extoling and overating comments are ridiculous? Ahmad Black is the best safety on this defense but I would advise him to finish his career at Florida as a senior as he will not likely go in the NFL draft before the 4th round, IMHO.

  44. brownskinbomber

    You and ahmad’s cousin and his dad are the only ones who think black is the best safety on this florida team; I doubt that even ahmad thinks that if he were honest about it–he’s half the player Will Hill is, Black’s dad’s comments fit other rumors going around about players not going all out and concerned just about their nfl prospects and staying healthy for the nfl. Nice way to screw the team and the university that gave these kids a platform to show what they can do. Too bad, some of them chose a selfish route that screwed the team. The gators will be better off without the ingrates.

  45. Maurkice Pouncey is the only one of the four players that should even CONSIDER leaving. Mike P., Rainey, and Black would all benefit greatly from another season. This would be a catastrophic move for Rainey, most of all, but Ahmad would be sealing his fate as well if he left. Hopefully, with a little time to think about it, cooler heads will prevail. In my opinion, unless you are a guaranteed 1st or 2nd round selection, you should return for another season. Maurkice will probably go in the 2nd round, Black maybe the 4th or 5th, and I don’t see Rainey any higher than 5th.
    However, if these guys think it is best for them, I will say thank you for your contributions and wish them the best of luck.

  46. Thanks for the service guys. As an attorney that has worked with and hired professional athletes, I am sure that the family is going to have an agent that will educate them (hopefully correctly) of the projected draft position, money, etc. There are many factors that need to be considered such as the class coming out next year (or comming in to FL), possible reduction in exposure, playing time, etc. I hope for the best for all gators that have worked tirelessly on and off the field for the fans. If there are players reading, please apply the same amount of preparation, concentration and effort to your decision to leave that you would to a game at Florida field.

  47. The Gators will be just fine without these players.They have alot going for them next season.I was born and rasied in Georgia and still lives in Georgia.Thats one thing i can say is that i hate the bulldogs and allways have since i can remember.I will proudly where the gators colors win or lose and to be honest i feel very proud to do so.LETS say Goodbye to these peeps and Let john brantley show the sec that we are still the team to beat so lets rally gator nation.

  48. What disgusts me about this is that Mr. Black would throw Coach Meyer under the bus for a chance to boost his son’s draft stock. He is trying to spin the situation to make it look like Meyer would bench an NFL-caliber player. Just doesn’t sound like a national championship-winning coach to me, and I don’t think any Gator fan, no matter how supportive of the players, can hear this and not resent a player and a father who is selfishly attempting to damage Meyer’s credibility.

  49. Mr. Black sounds like sooo many of those PeeWee football parents who believe that their child is the gift to the sport.
    I don’t remember Ahmad playing spoiled. If he does go it will give room for one of many players who really want to wear orange and blue!

    Please look at some BIG guys…240 pounds of muscle… as tailbacks! We have enough little scatbacks. As defenses do better with the spread some power may be in order!!

  50. Well let them leave. Coach Meyer has every right to say whatever he wants during recruiting to get these kids to sign. If they are not smart enough to realize that once you sign with Florida you are now our property and need to thank god that we gave you a shot. Coach Meyer can sit who he wants and have his favorites, he’s the coach and thats the way it works in Gainesville baby! What will most likely happen is Coach Meyer will trash them enough to kill those draft chances and they will have to come back happy or not which is what they deserve for the disresepct to our program. Get it right, your just kids that should be honored to play here if you mess with the Gator program we will turn on you in an instant and destroy your careers. As for the parents they need to shut up, they fell for our recruiting shtick and now they whine about their little baby not getting time or being involved in robbing people and stabbing people…gimmie a break, you should have raised them better. It is not UF’s responsibility ot keep your kids safe or out of trouble, they need to man up to their actions PERIOD. Like Drago said, “If he dies, he dies” you do the crime you pay the price, we’ll send a letter to your mommy. UF is all about winning and we will do whatever it takes to win, if we break a few hearts and lose a few kids who end up losers anyway oh well. GO GATORS!!!!

  51. nothing helps a great recruiter like Urban Meyer like “i have open roster spots”. And you’re absolutely right Mr. Black, Meyer does favor certain players, he favors putting the player on the field who gives the Gators the best chance to win. And he favors speed. I don’t blame any of these kids for leaving if they can get paid. Go get the money fellas. We’ll suit up 11 on each side and be just fine. I just hope they make up their minds early enough for us to ink some commits as needed.

  52. WOW! you all have to be kidding me everyone is saying negative things about these player now. When they were in line to sign with UF, everyone had nothing but praise for them, and yeah, I understand that team comes before individual, but if these kids want to leave early than let them. It might not be the best decision for them, but it is their decision, and I think we should all support what ever they choose to do. Our kids make bad decision, and we dont just throw them out to the wolves, we explain to them that the made misstakes, and we teach them how to learn from them. All i am saying is becareful how you treat these kids after they have become members of Gator Nation, there is always some new recruit who can read these comments and say how disappointed they are and what the fans are now saying.

  53. Mr Daddy Black,

    The best to you and your son with the NFL paycheck…don’t need you looking over the Gator’s coach shoulder next year. Take the money (late 3rd round money at best) and run…but run a little bit faster than I saw on the field this year.
    Go Gators!!!

  54. I don’t believe anyone has wished these “young men” not kids, any harm. We just give our opinions on their draft potential. By the way, an “EXPERT”, Shane Mathews, agreed with those of us who say they’re not ready on the radio Monday. However, we do not appreciate the negative things said about Coach Meyer, which could hurt us worse with recruiting. Fortunately, it was sour milk by a father looking to live off of his kid and trying to act like Don King. Us fathers, who love our kids and want what’s best for them , not us, take offense to seeing a father take advantage of his kid. That’s where the passion comes from – not from any hostility toward the players. If Gator Nation didn’t care as much as we do for our players you wouldn’t see the passion. Got it? Now, let’s get ready to skin some Bearcat and send these Seniors off in style! GO GATORS! Oh, one more thing – UT sux!

  55. Huge, Huge mistake for Black to come out. He would be a late 2nd day pick at best. These relatives become self proclaimed “agents” of sorts for these young college kids and try to shin the light on them selves. Suck it up, apologizes to Urban and come back and have a great senior year. Dunlap too.
    Go Gators!

  56. Typical. Lash out at your best players jumping from a sinking ship instead of looking forward to how you’re going to patch the holes. Sorry Gates, you guys are going to be bad next year, ala Michigan from Carr > Rodriguez transition.

  57. John C It wasn’t our defense that lost the game to BAMA!!!!!
    It was our offense that only scoured 13 points. Our offense has sucked all season and our defense has had to win all the games up to the BAMA game so don’t knock the defense for not showing up for one game when the offense hasn’t showed up all year.

  58. Huge mistake if black comes out but if he does we have the top 2 safeties in the country and will hill. The same with Rainey he did not show he is ready for the next level, but DuBoise is coming also and who ever lolGators is doesn’t have a clue our defense won all our dificult games last year and at the moment we might losr 3 players, we could win 8 games right know just with D alone and that is in the SEC. That ship aint sinking its retooling. There might never be another Tebow, but he is not all GATOR NATION has, holla.

  59. In case everyone missed it. Saban said at the beginning of the year that everyone had to be on board with the task at hand. That is indicative of a successful group. We had the better team on the field unfortunately we had bigger egos too. If Mr. Black wants to continually act like someone is showing respect or how his son is not getting love from the University of Florida, then move on. I would rather lose every game than have some disgruntle, ungrateful “College Athlete” ruining the reputation of America’s finest University.

    Go Gators

  60. There is a GIANT sucking sound in Gainesville from the obvious talent drain vacating town and next will be the recruits.By the way why does the SUN have a link that pops up to list the top three arrests in Alachua county each day,hmmm? maybe they can substitute them for gator Gangsta recruit of the day. So much for Urbie wanting to take the moral high ground.By the way I think I saw him on the Island of MISFIT TOYS ,SAYING i WANT TO BE A DENTIST,HEHE!