Ignore all those uninformed opinions on Meyer


For what seems like at least the 20th time, Urban Meyer said Monday that he has zero interest in the Notre Dame job and he plans to stay at Florida for as long as they’ll have him.

That should do it, right? The words came right from Meyer’s mouth, at a heavily attended press conference, so the issue about Meyer possibly going to Notre Dame is dead.

Ah, but it’s not. Because some talking head or some writer in another part of the nation will say it’s not. They’ll say Notre Dame is Meyer’s dream job and the Irish will find a way to lure him and land him.

Here’s my advice on all that junk: ignore it. Meyer is not going anywhere. He’s built Florida into his dream job (maybe the best job in the nation), and he’s staying. He’s happy here, his family is happy here, and he will be the head football coach here for many more years.

When it comes to all these Meyer-to-Notre Dame rumors, just consider the source. They’re all coming from people who have rarely been around here and have never really been around Meyer. They’re thinking for a man they know nothing about. Yes, it’s ridiculous and absurd. So forget about all the stuff they’re spewing. Most of it is made up.

One guy recently wrote that Meyer will be ready to leave Gainesville now that his children are grown. Guess what? His daughter Gigi is a junior at Buchholz High and his son Nate is only 10.

It’s one thing to speculate about Meyer, but at least get your facts right. Too many people out there aren’t letting the facts get in the way of their story.