Tebow says title more important than Heisman


Florida quarterback Tim Tebow’s numbers are down from a year ago, and he seems to be doing a slow fade in the Heisman race despite leading an undefeated and top-ranked team.

While others may be worrying about Tebow’s Heisman chances, he is not. He made it clear Monday that his focus is on something else. Like winning the next three games and having a chance to play for the national championship for the third time in his four seasons at UF.

“(The Heisman) is not something I really think about or care about,” Tebow said. “When (the Heisman talk) comes on TV, I usually turn the channel and don’t worry about it. Winning the Heisman Trophy is very special. It’s a huge award, very prestigious, very humbling. But it compares zero to winning a national championship or an SEC championship.

“That’s what you train for. That’s what you battle for every day in practice and in the weight room on your own or with your teammates for the last four years. That’s what you train for. You don’t train for winning the Heisman Trophy. That’s something that just comes from being blessed with a lot of guys on our team that help your out and make me look a lot better than I am. Winning a championship is what’s truly special.”

Tebow admitted that being the competitor he is, he was disappointed he didn’t win last year’s Heisman once he got to New York. But, he said it wouldn’t bother him even if he doesn’t even receive an invitation to this year’s ceremony.

“That’s not something I’m really worried about right now or thinking about,” Tebow said. “I get to play FIU and then FSU for my last game in The Swamp. Then the University of Alabama (in the SEC title game). I’m focused on those games.

“You know what, if we win those games, I won’t be too discouraged if I don’t go to New York for that. That’s my focus right now. It would be OK (if i didn’t go to New York).”


  1. I would’nt expect anything less from Tebow the ultimate winner and team guy.
    He wont say it but I will…look at last year, in the national championship game..who do you want at crunch time tebow or bradford…that’s what I thought..he just has had no equal when it comes to winning

    the Gator coaches have changed the method of winning allowing for the supporting cast this year,but it’s tebow who pulls the trigger on offense and provides whatever is necessary to win at crunch time.
    Guess what…he’do it at the Pro level also!!!!

  2. What’s not to like about this guy? If there were an award for best, most influential college player, Tim wins it. If there were an award for best 4 yr career player, Tim wins it. If over 100 ballets include him in the top three candidates for last years Heisman, Tim wins it. . . .and he’s still very much in the race for this years award. But the thing I really like about #15 is that the man gives people hope. He’s an encourager and the quintessential team player. He’s also a down-to-earth believer in Christ who gets people examining issues of faith and opening up their hearts to a relationship with the “King of Kings”. People sit up and ask themselves “if this young guy’s faith can do this for him, maybe it can work for me too.” Tim’s given a lot of bible verse’s to people over the years now I have one for him: It’s Job 4:3,4 “Surely you have taught many and stregthened the feeble hands; by your word men who had stumbled to their knees stood upright and walked again.” Like I said, it’s about hope.

  3. Tim Tebow is a class act. Whatever happens to him, either professinally or personally, he will be a class act. The guy is sincere, believable and above all a great person. I feel that sometimes he is held back by Addazio he will perofrm to his utmost ability. I have to admit I am selfish in that I want the ‘Gators to destroy every team they play. We will beat Alabam’ and the ‘Horns. Go ‘Gators.

  4. You know what? One Heisman just doesn’t seem enough for a guy who’s done so much for God, UF, and College Football. McCoy can sling passes all day long in a weak defensive league, but anyone who knows the game today knows what it takes to manage a game in the SEC and win time and time again. The Heisman shouldn’t go to the guy with the “numbers” – it should to the best all around college football player in the country. That is Tim Tebow. If UF wins the SEC Championship and the National Championship, the Heisman winner will take a back seat to Tebow – just like last year. He certainly gives Glory to God.

    It’s going to be down right sad to see him play his last game in the Swamp. Ticket sales are soaring through the roof. Go Gators!

  5. They should wait to vote for the Heisman until after the NC game. Tim is a winner….the winner. The Ultimate team player. I can’t wait to watch him in the FSU game this last game at home! I can’t wait to watch him play in the AL …then NC game. He has done so much for college football and so much for the Gators! I can’t wait to see him in the NFL.

  6. I second all the above comments. Tim is a class act all around and the greatest college player of all time hands down, well at least the time ive been watching college ball since the late 70’s and ive seen some old time players from the 50s-60’s say the same. Has been very aggrevating this year to listen to all the whiners including the writers on these websites complain about the offense and Tim in particular. Yes wed all like to see more big plays but Tim and the rest of the team are fighting and winning. Lots of people are spoiled and ignorant. The tackles need to block better so Tim has more time, Addazio/Meyer need to call better plays and the receivers need to get open faster and catch the dang ball more consistently. I really like coopers spirit but hes quite inconsistent. Yes Tim may have held the ball a little too long on a few plays and missed a read here or there but nothing major and all qb’s do the same. The only fault i see is when he drops the ball below his waist before throwing, especially on the shorter passes. Considering he shook off that concussion as fast as he did id say hes having another remarkable year even though it may not seem like it to the casual observer. Why we dont run Moody up the middle (although i guess hes hurt now) and run the option with demps/rainey on the outside ill never figure out. why we run tim up the middle into 8 or even 9 in the box on 3rd or 4th and short every time is another mystery.
    the off tackle option to the wide side of the field where Tim either keeps or pitches is nigh unstoppable and i dont know why we dont run it every time in the that situatuon. What happend to the jump pass? Wheres the 5 yard cross and getting the playmakers the ball in space? The play calling is the biggest culprit i see combined with poor tackle play. How Gilbert grades out as a champion or Myer says how good he is beyond me. He maybe an ok run blocker but hes not a good pass blocker and even when he gets the block hes in the backfield and in the way as with the Kentucky game sack/knee in the helmet catastrophe. I hope Tim wins the Heisaman, he should based on all he brings to the game and his overall contribution over the past 4 years. Mccoys ok but the rest are mere shadows and or flash in the pans. As Tim says however the heisman is nothing compared to winning another national championship and im bettin Tim will get it done again this year just like he did last year and in 06 which by the way i say theres no way we win the sec/ntl championship without him that year. Keep it up Tim and God Bless you and your family.

  7. Hi Like Gator Fans; Focus on the goal is the essential ingrediant now. The distractions are behind us. The adversity is a FRAME of mind. TOTAL FOCUS will beat Alabama. No parties no distractions! Unity of purpose and someone figure out the offensive line problem and congradulations Gators!
    Jim Beck

  8. Mr.Tebow has been a great example for anyone who has known of him.Yes, there are those who are critical.But in the end he is a well respected young man for his virtue and belief in our Father in Heaven.He will be greatly missed in the NCAA,but I look forward to watching his continued growth.It has definately been a Blessing to watch him play for a great school,with great young men!

  9. Actually, Tim’s numbers are up from last year. Last year he was 9-1 at this point and this year he is 10-0. As we all know, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish so 11-0 is the next step. Football is a team sport, not an individual sport. When the team wins, the individuals on the team win, but it’s always team first. Thank God for Tim Tebow, the best thing that’s happened to collegiate sports (or all sports for that matter) in a long time. Go Gators, Beat Everybody!

  10. Yes, Amen, and Double-dash Ditto to all of the comments above. Tim Tebow exemplifies the best of sports, football, courage, compassion and everyday “live what you believe”. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a huge pleasure to be able to see this young man contribute his heart and soul in helping lead his team for the last 4 years. Tim Tebow and the Gators deserve everything they achieve. Thanks to all of you for all the joy, the anxiety and, most of all, the memories.