Offensive numbers tell a different story


Anyone who has watched Florida play this seasons knows the Gators are struggling on offense. They’ve had problems in the red zone, the passing game has been ineffective at times, they’ve had a hard time finishing drives, and they’ve left a whole bunch of points on the field.

But is the offense really all that bad? The numbers say it’s not. The numbers say the opposite.

Earlier this week, UF sports information Steve McClain passed along some statistics that are pretty startling, really.

Here they are:

In games vs. SEC opponents, Florida has:

  • 1,506 net rushing yards (1st in SEC)
  • 2,661 total net yards (1st)
  • 21 touchdowns (tied for 1st with Georgia)
  • 11 rushing touchdowns (tied for 1st with Auburn)
  • 146 first downs (1st)
  • 85 rushing first downs (1st)
  • 144.5 passer rating (1st)
  • 66.7 completion percent (1st)
  • 32:56 time of possession (1st)
  • 28.1 points per game (2nd — Georgia, 29.3)
  • 4.8 yards per carry (tied for 2nd with Alabama — Auburn, 5.0)
  • 380.1 ypg (3rd — Auburn, 388.7; Ark., 382.5)

Obviously, the Gators look a lot better on paper than one would imagine based on what we’ve seen on the field. In perhaps the best defensive conference in the nation, the Florida offense is doing some really impressive things. But the stats don’t hide the warts. The Gators certainly have some, something offensive coordinator Steve Addazio pointed out the other day. But then the 2008 offense also had some warts, Addazio said. Those weren’t noticed as much because the Gators were scoring a bunch of points and blowing out the opposition every week.

This year, the games are closer and the warts are more obvious. But this is an offense that’s very capable of living up to the high standards around here. That potential is obvious when you look at those statistics, which are pretty impressive.


  1. Robbie, the biggest issue is that this team can’t punch it in…for all the 1st’s in the SEC, where do we rank on Red Zone TD percentage?

    A few years ago it seemed we had a “bend but don’t break” defense…we’d give up big plays until the other team was in our Red Zone. Now it seems like we have a “bend ’em but don’t break one” offense. We can march down the field, but we can’t close the deal. I think the O-Line is the biggest issue, don’t know how we can correct that.

  2. Just win baby!! Just win!!

    I’m of the belief that the offense will improve in the red-zone just enough to keep winning football games. As long as we keep winning the field position battle and take care of the football, another crytal football will be residing in the Heavner Complex come January.

  3. IS it at all possible we have a bit of rope a dope going on??????Not sure if I should give the coaches that much credit but it seems as though they turn it on when they think they need it (read 1st half against Georgia) and then turn it off if it looks like they can control the game. They could be holding the cards very close to not show the A game prior to needing the A game. I would not be at all shocked if we saw a very different offensive scheme for the SEC champs game (similar to what we saw and i cheered for in the 1st part of this years FL/GA game).

    Or maybe it is what it is and we all have too much time on our hands…….

  4. Some gator fans need to also realize that this years defense is to this team what last years offense was. And remember it was the defense that won the national championship for the gators last year with the big turnovers and those two unforgettable goaline stands. The defense is the star of this years team. Defense wins championships!!

  5. thanks for writing about the stats. I have the SEC website on my favorites list and go look for myself every week! I live in Alabama right now, where only two teams are even recognized! Originally I’m a Florida panhandle girl though! Go Gators!

  6. Regardless of the stats this team has not performed as they should. They have plenty of talent but don’t use it. Forget the 2 yard dive play. You must throw the ball to the receivers before complaining they do not perform. Addazio must fix the sack problem-quick slants to Demps & Rainey would be great. Tebow MUST get rid of the ball.

  7. I am glad to see someone put those stats out! Now, maybe some of the whiners will SHUT UP! This team gets the job done and that’s all that matters. The defenses in the S.E.C. Are stronger and more atheletic than they have been in years. Sure, there’s room for improvement; but, that’s where one wants a team to be. Mark my word, this team will get it done, all the way to Pasadena. Let our defense get some credit and allow them to win the big games. Hell, no team has won the championship without great defense. Look at us in 2007 – if our defense had been better we would have won the conference and possibly the NC. LSU barely beat us and they done so because of our young defense. We had a great offense; however, it didn’t matter, due to our defense. UF fans, some of us, need to quit being so arrogant. Those other teams in the conference are good and for someone to think we should beat every one of them by 30 points or more is insane or knows little about football. Enjoy it folks and get off of the coach’s back. We hired him for the right reason – he knows how to coach and I don’t think he needs any of us telling him that the team can play better. I am quite sure he is aware of that. That’s all I’ve gotta say bout that! Beat the crap out of Spurrier so everyone can see we done the smart thing by not bringing him back to UF! Peace!

  8. Every Gator fan should be wondering what’s going on in the Red Zone. The play calling is so conservative; there is never any play action and Tebow doesn’t seem to trust anyone but himself to move the ball. I keep wondering why Tebow is the only rusher in the Red Zone, when Moody is perfectly capable to move a football 3 yards. The reason? Because Tebow can’t get rid of the ball and we look fearful instead of fearless!

    Urban has got to fix it before the Championship Games. In addition, he needs to fire the NFL Quarterback coach he hired for Tebow — he’s done NOTHING of value for his game. If anything, Tim appears less comfortable and confident in himself and his team mates.

    Gator Nation needs to pray for Tebow and the Gators. They are under incredible pressure and attack, and it shows. I love the Gators and one Heisman just doesn’t seem enough to represent what Tim Tebow has done for UF and College Football.

  9. Sorry, I didn’t fall for it! Athletes can’t turn it off & on. The Gators have had 1 good offensive half this year (vs a poor UGA team).

    These stats don’t work for various reasons. (1) They’re not compared with last season’s numbers. (2) The other teams have played much tougher SEC schedules than UF. Compare them. These numbers don’t match…look at the schedules. We’re squeaking by teams with losing records. (3) stats are being cherry picked, leaving out relevant stats & including only those that make the Gators look good.

    This sounds like something that Addazio would bring to light (which I guess he did by proxy) to make his performance less bad. Please people, I’m not a football genius, but this guy doesn’t know what he is doing. (And look how the O-line has been playing lately)Maybe I couldn’t do better, but I sure hope Urban could find someone who could. Listen to his interviews. Watch him on the sidelines, stumbling & bumbling while Tebow waits for a play. Then it’s another dive for little or no gain.

    This guy is going to cost the Gators a National Championship! Of that, he is capable.

  10. One can not take stats from one year and think that subsequent years should mirror the stats. Too many things change. Like I wrote above, the defenses are much better this year. Plus, other teams spent the summer working with one another on stopping the spread offense. Those other coaches are not stupid! So, we are taking what other teams give us and winning with defense. We all need to chill out and enjoy the year – we won’t be in this position every year. Go Gators!

  11. The stats look great!! On paper…….but, the Gators need to develop the killer instinct they had last year, or they WILL lose a game. I think the problem is really just a lack of focus. It’s penalties, missed assignments, and sometimes, just plain bizarre play calling in the red zone. We are still winning, so let’s be happy.
    But, at the same time, let’s get it fixed. We have to be more effective throwing the ball, and I don’t think it always boils down to protection. Receivers are either not getting open, or Tebow is just not seeing the field, or the pass play design is flawed. Fix it and we will be fine.

  12. Yeah, it would be great to see the Gators score high “lopsided” numbers every game and I do (in my amateur opinion) think that there is room for improvement offensively. It does appear that Tebow isn’t always getting the proctection he needs (again, my opinion only). But, as a longtime fan (since 1973) I have seen my share of low seasons and this isn’t one of those! I just can’t help myself: I am optimistic and hopeful that this team will continue to be successful…there’s something different about them this year. I have never seen a team act so much like a ‘band of brothers’. It’s been inspiring to watch them, warts and all…Go Gators!

  13. We keep on chomping them and eating them, so what’s the problem, folks? Those 2009 Gators have shined like nothing ever has, and I’ve been a Gator since the mid-50s so I clerly remember the dreary old days. This is heaven on earth so quit crabbing.

  14. I thought Tebow showed a glimpse of his old self at the start of the Vandy game. I think his time with Dan Mullen after the Miss. game was good for him. Addazio looks lost and the Gators (especially Tim Tebow) are paying the price. Unless he can figure out a creative game plan that protects his quarterback, allows the option, and executes down field, he has to go.

    For now, lets get to the championship and keep our defense healthy. We’ve still got to get through SC and FSU without fumbles, dropped passes and missed tackles.

    We’re heading to Columbia with posters and all the gear we can muster! No one’s going to call the Gator fans “apathetic” on my family’s watch!
    Go Gators! Chomp some Chicken!

  15. these stats are really great when you consider the three 5 star players that were thought available to help replace the 4 starters who left. patchan, dubose and moore arent available. add another 5 star offensive player with a concussion, tebow. add team illness with cooper, thompson injury and all the other weekly problems.

    they did the job of not giving up ball, moving ball for 7, 3, or getting field position. chewing up huge chunks of time to keep best defense rested while beating up other guys defense with run plays, something ole ball coach got nicked a few times on.

    add only 2 punt returns all year for 13 yards, opposition) and long field goals.

    this team is built around defense, makes for boring but solid victories. you actually see other teams scared to throw and actually giving up chance at win

  16. Perhaps there is some behind the scenes red zone strategy that I am not aware of, but it is inconceivable to many of us that a team with so many offensive tools and SPEED, instead, chooses time and again to run Demps, Rainey, Moody, or Tebow (on a keeper) up the middle for little or no gain. Yes, it is true that with the right blocking scheme perfectly executed, one might score or pick up the first down. However, lets look at this year’s stats!! Hello…obviously its not working. But do we change our strategy? You be the judge.

    Despite all our speed and elusiveness, we consistently negate our greatest strength by running it up the middle where just the sheer number of physicial bodies (ours and theirs) makes it difficult to find a big enough opening to get through…and candidly, this type of play calling has become extremely predictable making it easier to defend. Obviously, we need to do some of the above to keep them honest, but when are we going to unleash our greatest assets and execute a play action pass/run, or run to the corners where we have more oppurtunity to use our speed and cut back ability?
    A greater mind than mine (please excuse the use of poetic license here as I am not exactly sure of the words) once said….”Attack em where they ain’t”.