Spurrier slight no big deal to Tebow


At SEC Media Days in Birmingham in late July, the biggest story of the week became Steve Spurrier’s perceived slight of Tim Tebow. Spurrier left the All-America quarterback off his preseason All-SEC ballot, and it mushroomed into national news.

How could one Florida Heisman-winning quarterback leave another Florida Heisman-winning quarterback off his ballot? Everyone pounced on the story.

It became a real controversy, with Spurrier standing up at the podium and apologizing when he arrived at the event the following day. Spurrier explained that someone else filled out his ballot and he failed to see that Jevan Snead got his vote at quarterback. Spurrier said when he realized the mistake, he called the SEC office and had it corrected, with Tebow getting his vote.

It was very surreal watching the former head ball coach stumble his way through all this.

At the time, many were figuring this would give Tebow great motivation when Florida played South Carolina this season.

But Tebow said Monday that’s not the case at all.

“I kind of just laughed that off when it happened,” Tebow said. “It was kind of funny. It blew up into a big deal, but I never looked at it like a big deal. It’s not going to give me any extra motivation this week.”

Tebow said he feels a kinship with Spurrier. The two both won the Heisman playing quarterback for the Gators, and Tebow grew up a huge fan of Spurrier’s UF teams in the 1990s.

“There is some sort of special relationship there,” Tebow said. “We don’t talk. We say, ‘Hey’ after the game. We talked a few times at the Heisman (ceremony the past two years). We have a lot of respect for each other. I think there is something that’s cool about what we’ve done, and our relationship.”


  1. Special relationship….yes. Special motivation…..yes. Steve Spurier will always be a Gator at heart, but he won’t be one this Saturday…by his choice. Maybe Florida will hang half a hundred again on South Carolina. Jevan Snead or Tim Tebow? OK, fine…SC made their pick and Tim wasn’t it. The guy who calls every single play on offense didn’t know his school had not picked his fellow Heisman winning, and O’Brien winning, and Maxwell winning, and Sullivan winning QB as the best in his own conference? OK, sure. The fourth best quarterback in the Big 12 and now the 2nd best QB in the SEC. Special motivation…..no, I just don’t see it.

  2. What was ever the big deal if Spurier left Tebow off his ballot for the Heisman? Is this the ol’ USA when everyone has the right of a free vote or some middle school election for 7th grade Vice President when everybody has to vote a certain way?” Give us a break, Spurrier needn’t apologize for anything (unless he were to coach his kids to hurt Tebow), and let’s get on with the game. I still like Steve, he’s a class guy.

  3. I am a Gator from the SOS era — when he played.

    Here are my observations as both a diehard Steve Spurrier fan and a great admirer and booster of Tim Tebow:

    1. I find it hard to believe Steve did not know his vote did not go for Tebow.

    2. Steve is at heart a Gator and always will be a Gator.

    3. Let’s remember SOS was one of the coaches who did not vote for Florida as number one when it counted for the BCS last year.

    4. UF did Steve wrong when itked him for a resume when there was a vacancy for the head coaching job. What was he 122-27-1, a national championship and all those SEC titles. Not to forget he was the school’s first Heisman Trophy winner.

    5. The UF President clearly wanted his great coach — Urban Meyer — and used the resume excuse to insult Steve’s great ego.

    6.Urban Meyer is a great coach, won a national title quicker and will likely win his third one in January. But let’s not forget he could not have done it without the program Steve built to make us a national contender.

    7. Tim Tebow will lead us to a comfortable win over the old ball coach. But Steve’s comments will have nothing to do with it.

    8 Steve is a great coach, a class guy and a true Gator.

    9. Urban Meyer is a great coach who will lead us to another title in January.

    10. Tim Tebow is the best player in Americ. Forget the stats. He repeatedly leads the Gator to victory.

  4. Spurrier, a class guy?

    He traded his alma mater’s colors for Carolina’s.

    The greatest Gator of alltime, started the program in 1990 is coaching in the same division sporting something other than Gator gear?

    Class? How about leaving it at a great football coach, leaving out personal adjectives.

  5. I started with spurrier in 1963. Great offensive coach for the times. Didn’t want to work work so hard recruiting and having to pay attention to defense.Bolted for the big bucks.Cruising at S.C. Hasn’t introduced anything new for 15 years. Legends die hard but he is history.

  6. sos ego too big for taking direction from foley. gave up gator coaching.

    spurrier did not vote florida number one, thank the man above for not having texas edge out uf. as steve would say.

    sos was only sec coach to not vote uf number one. even richt after the final score and time outs in jax did. that ought to tell u about steve and his feelings for fellow gatrs.

    of course its usa and sos deserves to vote how he likes, but as a vet, especially today, i have a right to think he is an arrogant, immature individual. i used to feel sorry for him as always being backup to john brodie. but if u saw brodie play qb or professional golf, u can see why it happened.

    brodie, lsu rejection, and foley made the mad scientist mad. when he left fla, the cupbord was bare. im not so sure it was just by chance.