Hammond, Hines see the field


Early in the season, it looked like Florida’s three promising redshirt freshmen receivers (Frankie Hammond Jr., Omarius Hines and T.J. Lawrence) were going to have a chance to contribute this season and give the Gators some much-needed depth at wide receiver.

Then, they disappeared. Hines caught a few passes early, then faded away. Hammond got some playing time, then he too disappeared. Lawrence got a handful of plays, but now is out for the season after injuring his knee.

The week before each game, Urban Meyer and wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales would say Hammond and Hines were getting close to being where the coaches wanted them to be and there was a chance they would play. Then they wouldn’t. It got to the point in recent weeks where everyone assumed those two would not been seen again until next spring.

Then, out of nowhere, Hammond and Hines showed up on the field in the first half of last Saturday’s Georgia game in Jacksonville.

Even though neither caught a pass, it was an obvious sign the two have made strides in practice and have finally earned the trust of the coaching staff. Offensive coordinator SteveAddazio said Hammond and Hines have earned the right to see more playing time in UF’s remaining games.

“We’re going to continue to try and do that, give guys a chance to get a blow,” Addazio said. “We needed to do that (against Georgia). So, that worked out pretty well.”


  1. “We’re going to continue to try and do that, give guys a chance to get a blow,” Addazio said. “We needed to do that (against Georgia). So, that worked out pretty well.”

    I think I understand what he is getting at but he needs to learn how to turn a phrase a little better…the whole “give the guys a chance to get a blow”could backfire…..

  2. Hopefully we will get to see a number of young guys play this Saturday if we are taking care of our business on the field. I’ve been particularily impressed with what we saw from Hines in the early games this season. There is no better coach than Urban, so any way he wants to work these guys in is just fine by me. I hope we can stay agressive on offense and special teams since that’s what helps creates excitement and build momentum. Championship teams are always building momentum towards the end of the season. As Magic would say, “it’s showtime!”

  3. What is it with Hammond and Hines and why they have seen so little playing time? Lack of hustle, poor patterns, dropped passes, bad blocking? And can we please play Brantley at SC in front of a hostile crowd!

  4. We are going to young at WR. Any kid worth his salt ought to salivating at the chance to play next year. Moore should be back and will be the go to player Brantley looks to. Hines to me seems to have a world of potential. Sort of reminds me of Juilo at Bama. Great hands and not a lot of speed.

  5. I’ve heard that Nukeese Richardson will petition to do his prison time at Raford. That way he can play for the G
    Gators as part of the “prisoner outreach and catch” program.
    Should work out okay as long as he keeps his pop gun and hoodie at home.

  6. This is always surprising to me to see how difficult it is for a young receiver to be “game ready”. Especially when you see Percy harvin and Julio Jones hit the field right out of high school and become instant impact players. Is it simply the physical talent or are they that much smarter that they immediately know the routes and who to block and how to block them?

    Seems to me the best way to acclimate the young Gators is playing time. Can they really contribute that much less than David Nelson or Deonte Thompson?

  7. At least the games are exciting. How many 10 and 0 teams are
    there? living in TN I have to put up with lots of grief, but the Gators have not let me down.
    A guy like Percy Harvin comes along once in a blue moon, we were spoiled last year. The defense this year is as good or
    better than 2006.
    Go Gators!!