More Tebow under center coming?


Two games in a row now, the Gators have had success in the red zone with quarterback Tim Tebow lining up under center. The Gators scored a touchdown from the formation against Mississippi State two weeks ago, with Chris Rainey taking a hand-off from Tebow and going in untouched from 8 yards out. UF set up a 5-yard TD run by Tebow against Georgia after two consecutive Jeff Demps runs with Tebow under center.

It’s working, so we’ll probably see more of it.

“It’s not the most thrilling, exciting style, but it’s a mindset,” UF coach Urban Meyer said Monday. “We need to be able to do that. With our personnel, we should be able to do that. I’m very pleased with what we’ve done (with Tebow under center). You might see more. I made the comment before the season, if it helps us win a game, we’re going to do it. We’re not in this for other reasons.

“Tim is getting more comfortable under center. The first thing is always ball security, and we’ve got two pretty trustworthy people (Tebow and center Maurkice Pouncey) managing that part of it.”

Tebow went under center in the opening seconds of the third quarter after linebacker A.J. Jones tipped and intercepted a pass, giving the Gators the ball on the Georgia 19. On first down, Demps gained 9 yards. He picked up 5 more on second. Tebow then lined up in the shotgun and scored on an option run.

Tebow said Monday he actually made a mistake by lining up under center when he did.

“I actually was supposed to be in the shotgun,” he said. “I thought the play was called for me to be under center, but it wasn’t. When I got back to the sideline, (the coaches) were saying they didn’t know what to do, should they call a timeout. But we got a 9-yard gain and it ended up being OK.”

Tebow said lining up under center has taken opposing defenses by surprise.

“I think it gives us a different look,” he said. “It’s something teams don’t prepare for a lot against us.”

In the few times Tebow has lined up under center, the Gators have looked like a very good power running team. So, it should be a regular part of the game plan from here on out.


  1. Robbie, I think it illustrates that the coaches need to continue to mix it up and distribute the ball. I was very very happy to see Nelson and Deonte getting involved early in the game Saturday because when the Gators “spread the wealth” that they are almost impossible to defend. Remember not that long ago, when it was just the Tim and Percy show, our offense struggled as well.

  2. I think any different look is helpful at this point. I watched a game a couple of weeks ago and the network commentators were calling out the plays based on our formations. Even the best players are easier to stop if you pretty much have 100% idea of what play is coming. I was thrilled to see the attack at the beginning of the FL/GA game…it is funny it looked like last year and it worked like last year.

  3. Making the other guys defend the “length” of the field and not just the “width” of the field also helps. The key is to not be predictable. “The element of surprise can not be underestimated.” Go Gators!

  4. TampaDave-

    I seem to remember something altogether different than you. In the year of the Tebow + Percy show, our offense thrived. It was the defense that gave UF its losses. UF averaged offensive 42ppg throughout the season. UF gave up 32ppg in its losses and 25ppg throughout the season.

    UF gave up 37 to UK, 42 to UGA, 22 to Vandy, 31 to SC, 20 to FAU, and 41 to Michigan.

  5. Coach adazio said last week that the play calling was the same as last year but they werent executing them. That was partially true. The executing part anyhow. The dive play was being called like 6 outa 10 times. There was little passing going on. This week against GA they got back to the playbook. I am not sure why they do what they do that makes it look like we are in a rut, but I am glad they changed it up. Go Gators

  6. To the rest of the literate and rational American sports public, Urban Meyer’s handling of the Spikes eye-gouge-retaliation incident makes the Gator coach and football program look like a ship of ignorant, misguided fools. Gator fans who take issue with this stance are, in their own right, just pathetic and even more brainless. The truth is what it is…

  7. If you remember up to and through the Ole Miss game lasy season we did not run off tackle much as we tried to run outside and were as predictable as were were this year running inside. We began to be sucessful when we ran inside. This year we did the opposite and continued to run inside and again became predictable!!! We now are mixing our play up and hopefully back to the days when we ran wild.