Georgia prediction time


I’ve been going over this all week, and I’ve come up with two very plausible scenarios for how this game will play out Saturday in Jacksonville.

Here’s the first one:

Florida’s red-zone woes continue, the Gators turn the ball over a few times on offense, give up a few plays on defense, and the Bulldogs spring the upset, dashingUF’s national title hopes. Part of this scenario would include Joe Cox having all kinds of time to throw and consistently moves the Georgia offense without the benefit of much of a running game. It also includes the Bulldogs stuffingUF’s usually reliable running game.

This could happen, but I’m just not feeling it.

What I am feeling is scenario two:

The Gators come out and avoid the red zone altogether by hitting some long scoring plays early in the game, including a TD bomb from TimTebow to Deonte Thompson. Once the Gators get the early lead, they’ll start playing with confidence and the red-zone problems will disappear, and then this team will start playing like everyone thought it would coming into the season. Defensively, I seeUF stifling the Georgia offense by shutting down the run, then harassing Cox all afternoon. A.J. Green will catch some passes, but the Florida defense is going to play one of its best games of the season.

This is a Florida team that is loaded with talent but hasn’t played up to its potential yet. It’s going to happen sometime. The Gators are going to put together a complete game and the results will be very impressive.

I just have a strong feeling that it’s going to happen in this game.

Prediction: Florida 34, Georgia 10


  1. I hope you’re right about your prediction, but I have a bad feeling about this game. I think Georgia’s going to come down to Jacksonville and lay a beat down on us this year. Mark Richt’s team is very young, but they’re extremely talented. Mark my words, the series will shift in Georgia’s favor for the next 5 to 10 years after they beat us this Saturday. Here’s to hoping that I’m dead wrong. Go Gators and beat them Dawgs!

  2. The cynic in me wants to say, “I have heard this before,” but Robbie, you deserve more respect than that: you have been (uncannily) spot on with your predictions this year. Honestly, you are the man, so I am believing.

  3. Boy I sure do hope that you are right. I am concerned for our ” Gators ” having grown up In Jax and watched the ” Gators ” and ” Bulldogs ” for more years that I can remember. The offensive line of the ” Gators ” is a real source of concern. Go ” Gators “.


  5. I agree with Robbie, I believe the REAL Florida Gators are going to show up this game, (TT is playing at home remember) they throw the monkey off their back (team identity crisis) and get back to playing, fun, aggressive, smart football without any apologies to anyone for being so darn good. Sooner or later this simply has to happen there are too many weapons in the arsenal. The only thing slowing the Gators down are the Gators and that ends this weekend. I predict they win this weekend and then run the table.

  6. Robbie, I’m thinking right along the same lines as you my friend. Its time for all the tumblers to click into place. The intensity that has been missing from Timmy will show itself in this, his last WLOCP game. I am looking forward to some fist-pumping and bouncing around. The beast is about to be unleashed.

  7. I agree with Scenario Two. I think the Gator’s offense is finally going to start putting up the numbers we’ve known all along they are capable of, and with the return of Spikes and Trattou, the defense will be awesome as usual. Georgia lost too much on offense from last year’s team….but that being said, I was still shocked by the Tenn/Ga score a few weeks ago. I don’t think there will be a repeat of the Georgia end zone celebration, but I also don’t think there will be any time outs taken at the end of the game to “shuffle in personnel”. Gators 42 UGA 7

  8. I also agree with scenario two, our AWESOME defense will be stifling, with our warm weather offense finally working up a sweat and getting back on track, we’re just not ready for the cold weather yet!

    I like Robbie’s prediction except UGA doesn’t score a TD on our defense: UF 34 UGA 6

    GO GATORS!!!!

  9. I would hope that the Florida offensive players would be sick and tired of hearing about how bad they are and come out with a big chip on their shoulders. The O line has been called out, the recievers have been called out, heck even Tebow has been called out. Lets see how they respond…because it is time to respond and I think what you see in this game will be what you get the rest of the year.

  10. scenario three is we do win, but just like we have been winning, sloppy play on offense and great play on defense and score enough to come out ahead in the end. If we look at it that way, anything better, like scenario two, we will come out a great!

  11. I see the Gators getting out-coached and out-smarted badly once again. And with Georgia having a good deal of talent, a lot of motivation, and two weeks to prepare, this MIGHT be the week that poor coaching finally bites the Gators.

    Can someone explain to me how hiring a guy who was the Detroit Lions Quarterback Coach is an UPGRADE? Yes, I know he takes credit for all of Tom Brady’s success as a Pro. But he coached Brady in College, and Brady went DOWNHILL as a College Player.

    So much so, that after being the Number One High School QB in the Nation, he wound up as a 5th Round NFL draft Pick.

  12. All Florida fans can see the difference between this years off.and last.Well can you imagine what your gonna look like next year.Coach Strong a newly hired head coach somwhere else.No Tebow,Spikes just enjoy it while it last .Until the sec/ch. game RTR

  13. Urban Cryer will not have his team ready again. We are VERY overrated and we have been playing like bunch of high schoolers lately. With two weeks to prepare Georgia is coming to town to kick our butts.

  14. I agree with the last poster Justin. We should be afraid of this game. Very afraid.!
    This could ruin our national title hopes.
    I’m getting ready to head up to Jacksonville, but I have a strong feeling that I will be returning to Gainesville tonight a loser.
    Tebow has been absolutley terrible, not shot at the Heisman after his perfomances the past few weeks. All Georgia has to do is put a little pressure on him and he panics, holds the ball too long. I see at least one more “pick-six” today.

  15. I tend to agree with Aligator, that we will see more of the same today as we have in the last few games. Hope I’m wrong and we start clicking offensively. And as far as Peter Robinson’s opening comment, man you need to turn in your orange&blue colors. Seriously!

  16. Florida will grind out another win over a good team playing over their head. Florida has played consistently great and has only been 2 or 3 plays in every game from racking up 40 points.

    Gators need to enjoy these wins. Forget the polls and end of year will take care of itself.

  17. Someone at the Gainesville Sun needs to “burn-the-mid-night-oil” and prepare like video of UGA’s freshmen running back No. 24 W. Ealey unsportsmanlike like conduct along with No. 39, Outside Linebacker N. Williams hit on Tim Tebow in the 1st Quarter and No. 23 P. Miller repeated actions throughout the game and UG(ly) trying to hit Spikes with Spikes helmet already knocked off as Chris Davis (No. 78) to dead aim at the side of Spike face with his helmet!

    As for No. 24, RB please see details below:

    1. Ea(r)ley up-cutting UF’s Joe Haden (#5) after a dead ball with his right hand under Haden’s helmet in the 1st half.
    2. Ea(r)ley hitting UF’s Ahmad Black (#35) with his left hand to Black’s throat after Black stuffed him in the hole for a short gain early in the 2nd half.
    3. Ea(r)ley kickin’ UF’s Brandon Spikes (#51) in the shin/leg as both stood right behind the Referee/Umpire after a dead ball the play before Spikes sealed the blow-out with an interception return for a TD and one for the ages late in the 2nd half.

    Thanks and let me know if you have time to put somebody on this or know of someone at UAA that can have this accomplished and sent to Media Outlets and put on YouTube in defense of UF and Brandon Spikes??? And don’t respond with what is already done is the best policy as this time of thinking got our SEC in 1984 and 1985 and 1990 stripped away remember . . .

    Lake City