Gators seem loose, relaxed


Florida may appear to be playing and coaching tight these days, but Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer were relaxed and smiling through their Monday press conferences.

When Tebow was asked if UF’s recent struggles (and close games) have taken some of the fun out of the season, the All-America quarterback said, “I don’t think so. I’ve had a lot of fun this season. Beating Arkansas in the last minute was a lot of fun. Beating Tennessee was fun. I’m having fun.”

Meyer admitted after Saturday’s narrow win at Mississippi State that he was feeling some pressure, and that there is a lot of pressure on this Florida team. He talked to the players after the game, stressing to them he wants to make sure they are still having fun and enjoying being undefeated.

Meyer said Monday he’s having fun.

“Do you really care?” he said. “I’m having a ball.”

Obviously, the Gators would like to play better, and they plan to. But they’re going to be happy as long as they keep winning.

The only Gators who apparently are not having fun are some of the fans. Some of them, expecting more from this team, seem downright miserable. They need to relax and enjoy this (winning) ride for as long as it lasts.

Like Tebow said Monday, all of UF’s goals are still out there, and still very attainable. There’s no gloom and doom feeling among the players. That’s for sure.


  1. After 61 years of watching every move that the GATORS make, It is always wonderfull to be a FLORIDA GATOR. Ill take the “W” as long as they come. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all just relax as we shall kick the DOGS ass sat!!!!!!!

  2. I felt pretty lousy about the offense against mississippi state what with tebow’s two pick 6’s.

    then i watched brett favre, the professional, future hall of famer stink it up even worse than timmy. and favre had percy harvin.

    at least tebow won his game.

    i feel much better now knowing that football is a crazy weird game in which even the most skilled athletes can be made to look like fools and beginners.

    i resolve to enjoy watching these 2009 gators win ugly, nail biting games all the way to the national championship!

  3. Thanks GatorChuck for well-written comment! After reading so many comments from negative armchair coaches and seemingly “fair weather” fans, I liked the comparison to pro-ball. Let’s be realistic, sure, but encouragement and support actually goes a lot farther in the long run! By the way, I just “discovered” this year and I’m addicted now…gotta check it 2-3 times a day!

  4. I do not hear many fans grumbling at all. It is great to be a Florida Gator. I am getting a little sick of the media making it sound like a majority of gator fans are disappointed. Media boys, please find something else to write about.

  5. This team reminds me so much of our back to back National Champ basketball team. First of all, key players coming back instead of jumping to the NFL, then expectations thru the roof, then early adversity when Corey Brewer and Al Horford got injured. I remember they hit a rough patch when everyone was asking what was wrong with them and questioning Donovan and the team. Then when it came to crunch time, they exploded in the SEC Tourney and showed everyone that they were still the Gator Boys and they were still hot. And as much of a grind as that season was at times, I remember the exhiliration of that night in Atlanta and how fantastic it was to be known as one of the best teams of all time…GO GATORS!!!

  6. Best article I’ve seen in a while, mainly b/c perspective was needed. We beat a loudmouth rival by double digits, survived teamwide flu and injuries to our two most important players, snapped a team’s 32 game home winning streak, and won by double digits in a stadium we hadn’t won in for about 25 years. The natl press beats up all the top teams in the BCS beauty pageant, but if you look at what this team has already done we should be enjoying this and not dwelling on some loose ball handling. It’s a college football team, they will never look perfect, and we shouldn’t expect it.

  7. This stance by Meyer and Tebow if true is the most ridiculous I have ever heard. There is no way either of them can be having fun. The only thing saving this team is the lack of good QBs in the SEC. If this team ever needed to score a lot of points, via the pass no less, they would be in a world of hurt. How is having all of your SEC games still be up for grabs in the 4th quarter fun? 4 trips in the red zone equals six points? Far from fun I would think. Now that we don’t have the same team from last year is true and fine. Things we can control no matter what the personnel is TO margin which is deep in the negative. Fun leads to Doe hot dogging it and fumbling before he got in for 6. Then to see Ahmad Black run a pick six that called back the same way, fun? Bench one of these player for some knuckleheaded plays and get their heads right already!!

  8. What you Gator fans will never admit to is that without the help of the Refs this year, you would be 4 and 3. It is obvious to the rest of the country that the SEC refs show open favoritism to Florida and Tim Tebow. It is sad that it has gotten to this point. This year’s Gators are NOT a number one team!!!! Go Georgia…. hope the refs don’t interfere again!!!

  9. Come on Gator fans. What did you expect this season? Everyone is gunning for us and bringing their A-Game. The players are under a lot of pressure and media hype every single game. They are kids playing football. Remember how you were when you were 18, 19 and 20 years old? They have won the last couple of games when they could have and should have lost. Before the season started, I fully expected them to lose at least one game by now. It’s just part of the deal. (Look at Alabama/Tennessee. Alabama got lucky). Those close games come after stuffing LSU AT NIGHT IN BATON ROUGE—HELLO!! Give them come credit and some love. IMHO, after surviving the sleeper games the last two weeks, they will build nothing but momentum towards the end of the season and will win the SEC and the NC. Mark my word. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

  10. No doubt that this year has been a bit of a ride and I have to admit that my expectations were out there…even the “close” games were never out of our grasp or close to us losing (not including the Arkansas game)…all and all I thought that this weeks game call and execution (minus the 2 pick 6’s) were much better than what we’ve seen from the offense over the last couple of weeks.

    I expect to see the offense improve in the Red Zone this week. Go Gators!!!

  11. Clearly, the stratospheric expectations of Gator nation, only being fed by the news media, seem to be taking the joy out of some in G’town. Have you ever noticed the only games that get agonizingly parsed, scrutinized and then criticized are those won by the top three undefeated teams in the country. We have the best coaching staff in the nation, a committed fan base, and a tremendous university. Those are things we take for granted week in and week out. We have the number 1 BCS and AP ranking nationally, remain undefeated; and give every other team in the SEC headaches, strokes and seizures trying to beat No. #1. And while the national media is predicting our first loss, remember this; the Gators will never have a Tim Tebow or Brandon Spikes again. I for one intend to enjoy every single minute of it: Win, Lose or Draw. “In all kinds of weather, we all stick together at FLOR-I-DA”

  12. That concussion took some out of Tim.But he’s coming back around and he’ll be back to normal in the GATORS/Dawgs game.Our defense should crush the Dawgs some kinda bad Saturday.They just don’t know what they’re in for.
    But our offensive line has got to control their defense no matter what.Hopefully we can get some key players back on offense and defense.Injuries has been one of the main problems.But we’ll get better when they’re back.It’ll be a great relief to see the BIG boys back in there.The whole team needs to stick together and ignore negative comments from the media and all the GATOR haters.The GATORS are still the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS and the haters can’t stand it.GATOR haters,open mouth,insert foot.

  13. In follow up to last week’s article about how the offense is getting the pressure, when the defense and special teams have not been making many plays either…The special teams picked it up with a blocked punt and a few nice kickoff returns and the defense had two picks and one for a touchdown, although, I think they should have taken it away from “hot shotting” Dustin Doe. I agree with the review call, because it was inconclusive, but if they were to base it on principal and lack of judgment on Doe’s part, you have to do something to penalize him on that. Now, I know that Tebow and Meyer seem relaxed, but I’m afraid that this offensive play calling is lacking and I did not see it until the Miss State game. We don’t have Mullen anymore. Addazio is certainly giving his best, but it always seemed that with Mullen, our offense was one step ahead of opposing defenses, creating plays that would make you shake your head in a good disbelief, saying did we just really make that defense look that silly? I’ll admit some of those plays were Percy carrying the ball, but there just doesn’t seem to be that “one step ahead” mentality on offense. In summary, the defense and special teams stepped it up. It is now time for the coaches to put their heads together and call a great offensive game. I’m afraid, if we don’t, it will eventually catch up with us. Go Gators!!!!

  14. Enjoyed the article. Also what a pleasure to read some well thought out posts by other Gator fans. This Gator team has heart and is battle-tested. Tim has to cut down on the picks, though. Got a hunch UM is saving some plays for tight spots.

  15. The good news is we have the luxury of addressing these problems while enjoying a perfect record. We can thank the defense for that. This season reminds me of the 2006 national championship team; every game is painful to watch — winning games we didn’t deserve, and such — and then walking away with it all. I for one prefer watching my team to not be painful. And I don’t like our games against average opponents to be so close that a couple dubious calls can be said to have given us the game. That’s not how I want to win, and those calls were dubious at best. Finally, I still don’t understand why Moody doesn’t get his share of touches. Could it be something personal?

  16. I have been wondering about Tebow all season. He is still nothing short of awesome but i think he could use a trip to the eye doctor. He holds the ball too long, doesnt see pass rushers coming from the side (peripheral vision), and in the 5-15 yard range he acts like he looks right at open recievers and ends up running the ball. I’m betting he needs to wear contact lenses in the games or if he does then switch to glasses.

  17. no worries, believe it or not, FSU will be tough at the end.

    Ga has no offense.

    Bama is a problem, I must say if it boils down to Atlanta, win or loose, the tears if we loose and I mean every Gator crying is a little over the top in the world we live in.

    Tim should shake Ga’s hand if a freak of nature did occur and they won. I know he didn’t shake thier hand in 07, that may be the only thing his parents failed to teach him, a little better sprortsmanship in a loss

  18. By no means I would pretend to be a coach. But, what about getting a package for Brantley for every game where he could come and do a passing play just like when Tebow would do a running play behind center when Chris Leak was the starter. Then, Brantley could be use as a decoy and run a play instead. Now that would be fun to watch. I think that when Tebow came to UF, the Gators counted with a surprise element other school couldn’t figured out. Itseems that the element of surprise is gone at the red zone. If Florida has all of that talent in the bench, why not using it and then have some fun. The reality is that Meyer is becoming too conservative. I wish he would go back in time a little bit and would pull some of the trick plays he used as a Coach for Utah and early at UF when he used the Leak/Tebow tandem. A reverse or double reverse, now that would be fun. But if you want to see a coach and players relaxed, then you need to watch Coach Pete Carroll coaching the Trojans. They seemed relaxed and ready to fight even when they are down and/or playing a freshman QB. Down 7 point…no problem, Coach Carroll is smiling. Not that’s confidence and having fun.
    If Urban wants to claim he wants his players to play relaxed he needs to start by trusting giving the ball to all his playmakers and not just asking Tebow to hold on to the ball all the time.
    Just a thought…
    Go Gators!!!

  19. Again, my problem with the offense is how hard can this be to figure out?
    Get Moody more touches like 90% more.
    Get under center more. Show the same formation, but run something different. Try the wildcat with Joe Haden and let Tebow block.
    It is not hard to scheme against FL, but FL has to be smarter than that. Last but not least, PASS PROTECT!


  20. Enough about Freakin Brantley. That’s not the answer. The answer is to get a little less predictable in the red zone. With no harvin, the defense is setting their sites on Tim. Who else got the ball in the red zone last year? I loved the I formation and think that along with a little success to take the hex off is part of the answer. The receivers are not “wide open”. Tim is hesitant, in my opinion because he’s trying to hard to make a perfect play instead of taking what’s there. And to GatorGeek, Tim, his parents and sportsmanship? You are a tool.

  21. I am not a coach and do not posses the talent to be one. I do watch the gators play every week. (I only watch the game one time, do not tape it.) However, I have become quite accurate in predicting the play before it is called. Imagine what a defensive coordinator or player who studies film can do!

    That said, I am a die hard Gator fan who will always support the team!!!! Go Gators!!!!!!!! I want to wish Tim good luck in breaking H. Walkers record in the game against the dogs. Play your best, thats all we can ask as fans. Go Gators

  22. A few fun thoughts: 1) TT runing the QB sneak from under center behind Pounce-Pounce….could he be stopped?… 2) Moody running from the I formation……fun. 3) Rainey on the toss sweap…fun. 4) Cooper on the slant….fun. 5) Brandon James on the bubble screen……Cooper blocking……fun. 6) Deonte on a fly… 7) Nelson and Hernandez for 12 in the middle of the field… 8)Demps on a power sweep with Gilbert out front… 9) Run the option from under center…like the old days… 10) Direct snap to Moody….fun. 11) Call two plays at a time and snap the second one on the first sound….fun. 12) Direct snap to Haden….throw to TT….fun. OK, I’ve now had all the fun the law will allow for today.

  23. You UG Bulldog fans are a trip! You get kicked to sleep every year, except for a few lucky games where we have had young teams, and you come on here and talk trash! Yea, the officials have really been good to UF! Right! Look back at the UT game and check out the celebration penalty that helped make the game seem closer than it was. A UT player did his little celebration and got no call. UF’s ends have been held and mugged all year with few calls. Arkansas had a chance to win the game – all they had to do was stop Superman. Didn’t happen, did it? I guess the Ref missed the tackle! Miss. State would not have done anything with the ball if Doe’s TD had been reversed. Your daddy Richt can have the band rush the field and it’s still not going to help the nuttered dogs. You guys suck and that’s all there is to it. Tebow will enjoy his last UF/UGA game – just you will be glad it’s his last. Just remember a name – John Brantley! He will be your daddy the next two years! HA! Get you some Tebow! Enjoy picking the dog meat from your teeth. Let the Big Gator eat!

  24. I’m calling out the other receivers…show me something, that your worth the scholarship and for the love of God please get open quickly on your patterns….and then catch the ball. All we heard about was the receiving corps was going to be here is your chance to step up and be the man…are you hearing this Hines? Thompson? Lawrence? Hammond?