Arkansas prediction time


I’ve been hearing the comparisons all week between this season’s Arkansas game and last season’s Ole Miss game, that staggering upset in The Swamp. Certainly, there are similarities. Arkansas is from the Western Division and is led by a high-profile quarterback transfer from a traditional power. Last year, it wasJevan Snead. Saturday, it’s Ryan Mallett, the strong-armed thrower who transferred from Michigan and has been lighting it up lately.

The one big difference I see is that this Arkansas team appears to be much better than that Ole Miss team came in here and pulled the stunner. The Razorbacks have a lot of talent and speed at the skill positions, and a quarterback and an offensive scheme to make big things happen. Defensively, the Hogs are giving up lots of yards, but they come after you with lots of pressure.

Arkansas clearly has UF’s attention. But the Gators probably are more concerned with themselves this week. They’re trying to overcome some injuries, trying to find better balance in their offense, trying to develop a down-field passing game that has been mysteriously missing for most of the season.

Earlier in the week, Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said he would be surprised if his offense didn’t move the ball against the Florida defense. I will be, too. But moving the ball and scoring are two different things. I think the Gators will give up the most yards they have this season. But they’ll also come up with some sacks, interceptions and big plays that will make it hard for Arkansas to find the end zone. I seeUF giving up considerable yardage, but not that many points.

Offensively for Florida, it’s time to get going. Tim Tebow is healthy again, the Gators are playing at home and the Arkansas defense has been susceptible throughout the season. I have a feeling the Gators might actually come out passing in this game to set up the run. It’s been the other way all season, but change is good in this case.

Overall, there will be some nervous moments for sure in The Swamp for the UF faithful. But the Gators will gain control of this game late in the first half and get out with a very solid victory against a fast-improving team.

Score: Florida 38, Arkansas 17.


  1. This could prove to be interesting! But in the end, I think the Gators will come through – Urban Meyer is an excellent game planner, and his team listens to him. Wihes them all well – Go Gators!! Cleo

  2. hmmm , im not so sure about that score robbie . i don’t think the D will give that many points up. i think urban is holding his cards and waiting for someone to call him before he releases all 4 aces . this may be the gae but i think uf runs for close to 400 yards this week and passes little. remember you have to stop urbans running before he’s gonna pass. UT hasn’t , LSU sure didn’t either . you think Arkansas is gonna? didn’t think so.and i am sorry but the UF D is probably the best in the country and arky is going to struggle with it quite a bit. the corners and safties will wreak havok on their passing game making sacks more frequent for our D and the 8 in the box will stuff their running game. i believe your right and i believe your mistaken.

    GATORS – 38
    Arky – 12

  3. I think Ark will score early. Petrino is a sound offensive mind – unstable in other areas though! When Strong has a chance to see their game plan he will adjust and shut them down. UF will get the passing game going. Thompson will get with it and he will have a big game – Cooper too.

    UF. 45
    Ark 20

  4. The Gators have given all the right lip service to the trap game angle but, they don’t expect much trouble with Arkansas, just like the press and the fans. You are focused on Alabama. This is not a Houston Nutt coached team. This is a Bobby Petrino team. When they improve, they don’t go backwards. This is a more complete team than the numbers show. The young defense needed to get some experience and few players back from injury. They won’t be the same defense you saw against Georgia; same for the offensive line. This will not be a pass heavy offense. We have excellent running backs. Arkansas will start fast off last week’s momentum. Florida will start slow after last weeks trip to Death Valley. Florida won’t worry; they will come back before and after the half but, the game will be on. It won’t be a trap game. It will be a whipping and Florida will profess new found respect in the papers on Sunday.

  5. Hogs barbequed!

    I agree with Dave in that our AWESOME DEFENSE is the best in the country and will give up few points. And why work on establishing the pass when you can gain 300 plus rushing yards in a game like this? The only wild card is special teams, with a good day we should dominate in all phases.
    UF 42 ARK 10
    GO GATORS !!!!

  6. These scores are ridiculous, this is an arkansas team that is on a high right now, they went to jerry world and stifled an a&m team that was pointing points up left and right and then did the same to auburn another team who is scoring at will. And you guys are predicting 35-45 points? Be realistic, the offense is going to continue to be vanilla and the defense will win the game. 24-10

  7. ok tim am i being ridiculous? think about this one then ….auburn is good yes but why did they lose to arky? personally i believe they did what most teams do when they finally reach the top 25 , get a bad case of the big head and they underestimated the hogs. do you honestly think this Defense will underestimate them? i didn’t think so ! oh yea and , is the offense underestimating the hogs? oh yea thats right they sure are not ! this is why florida will shock a very good arky team who is riding a high themselves just to get stuffed by the best defense in the country! i honestly don’t see many teams scoring alot against this D! but a pass happy team is what the secondary feeds on , 3 or 4 int’s are a probable tomorrow and tim has shown he isn’t scared to throw the ball.

    my personal opinion is urban is just waiting for the right time to open this offense up and he will when he deems it fit and ready to. if by chance he does open it up you might see 50+ scored although i don’t think he will open it up. he’s saving the best for last , we have alot of games yet to play , why show all your cards now? to lose later? urban is way smarter than you think . teams are beat when they stop respecting the other team , this florida teams respects every team it has and will play therefore keeping them on top #1

  8. Gators & Officials 23, Arkansas 20

    Yes, the gators won with the help of a SEC officiating crew that was publically suspended for calls made in Florida’s favor. That is just sad for both teams. I’m sure even the Florida players doubt if they truly won that game or not.