Moore probably gone for the season


After emerging as a go-to guy in the spring, it appeared former junior college wide receiver Carl Moore was headed for a breakout season in 2009. Now, it looks like he’s not going to play at all.

The senior has been battling a lower back issue that required surgery and he appears headed for a redshirt season.

“I’m worried,” UF coach Urban Meyer said at his Monday press conference. “He does have a redshirt available. He’s getting better. His attitude is tremendous. But I’m worried. There’s a chance a redshirt (for him) will show up here in the next two or three weeks.”

The Gators certainly have missed Moore and true freshman wide receiver Andre Debose, who is out for the year after having surgery on his hamstring. The absence of Moore and Debose has left the Gators somewhat short-handed at wide receiver, an area where Florida is not getting a whole lot of production.

But Meyer said Monday that redshirt freshmen Omarius Hines, T.J. Lawrence and Frankie Hammond Jr. are continuing to make progress and will have a chance to help out at some point in the season. The question is when?

Other than senior Riley Cooper, the wide receivers have not been much of a factor through the first five games.


  1. Well it’s clear that with not really knowing how Tebow was going to come back and play, Meyer was going to be cautious and “go with what you know”…run the ball and great defense. I think that it was a good move.

    Don’t be surprised if we start airing it out more starting this week.

  2. But look on the bright side. Next year, Moore, Debose, Thompson, Lawrence, Hammond, Hines and Alli will have the potential to be a deep and talented set of receivers, just as cannon-armed John Brantley takes the helm as QB.

  3. Hines looked good early. James has not looked good yet at WR or RB. Yet he continues to play over Hines. You run James when you could give the same carries to Moody. Again, why is Moody not playing more? He appears to me to be the best running back we have. He is powerful, punishing, had excellent quickness and agility, yet he plays very little. He played great early against LSU and made some incredible runs. Then we never saw him again. WHY??????? What’s the deal with that????

  4. As thin as we are at WR this year, consider what it will likely be in 2010! Unless Hines, Lawrence or Hammonds steps up, Deonte Thompson WILL be our only guy with a meaningful catch from the previous season. A redshirt for Moore may turn out to be a blessing for him and for the team, especially for John Brantley. Meantime, halfway through their second year at UF, what’s holding back Omarius,T.J. and Frankie? It’s time for them to start delivering.

  5. Mike, I’m with ya, brother. The receiving corps should be awesome next season if everybody is healthy. Think about it a second. Should be DEEP with Deont’a, Moore, Hines, Lawrence, and Hammond having been in the system for over two years. Debose is recovering and absorbing the playbook as we speak, and it looks like Dunkley will be a Gator and that kid will come in ready to play. Solomon Patton is a sleeper and I think will fit into Urbie’s offense perfectly. There may be a couple more big time recruits who choose to come and compete as well. STACKED, I tell ya.

  6. At the beginning of the season everyone had a ?? around the wide recievers cause Percy moved on. With stand out Andre Debose coming in and finally Deonte Thompson getting a chance to shine I didn’t see any problems there. If anything were extremely deep at this position just young. Then the season gets close and Moore goes down then Debose, and Deonte has been slowed by injuries and a couple dropped balls. I’m actually alittle worried now cause were going to have to lean on Hines, Hammond Jr, and Lawrence. Regardless we have Tebow and a great running game. Not to mention Aaron Hernandez and the best DEFENSE in the country. Wer still on track for back-to-back Titles.

  7. Problem is, if we are going to repeat THIS year, some of these guys need to step up like NOW! Like, maybe this Saturday. Where has David Nelson been?? OK, I know he is doing a good job blocking, but we could put OTHER guys out there for just that. He needs to start catching some passes. We need to get Rainey out there too, out in space where he can do his thing instead of running between the tackles all the time. Lets leave that up to Tim, Demps and Moody.

  8. The reason we are not throwing to our receivers this year is really plain & simple, they are (for the most part) not ready to compete at the highest SEC level, so Meyer has gone super conservative. Cooper is very good (not great), Deonte has flashed both good and bad moments (good speed, bad hands), David Nelson is just not very physically gifted (compared to most top flight SEC receivers) and the freshman are…..well they’re freshman and they will not be in a position (mentally or physically) to contribute in a meaningful way this year. Hasn’t anyone wondered why we are running 65% of the time this year, its really not that hard to figure out….its a lack of talent at WR.

  9. We’ll need Moore next year. We don’t seem to be throwing to anybody this year except Hernandez and Cooper. When Thompson plays, all he gets are short turn-around passes. When he’s hurt, we moan about losing his speed but it’s never used when available. Just like Moody, the best third and short runner on the team. Moody is, by far, our top running back but he plays behind Demps, Rainey, and even, most surprisingly, James.

  10. Dave, I agree. We need to show some different looks and catch these teams off guard – especially if they are playing man coverage. We have the speed and the play makers to get it done. Rainey in the open field is a perfect weapon. Redshirting Moore is the best thing we could do for him. Don’t forget about Hernandez either, he will be a pivotal player coming down the stretch into Championship play.

  11. Seems like everybodys worried about our vertical passing game,when as far as I can tell we haven’t needed it thus far… why not take approximately 300 yards a game on the ground when offered and avoid the bad things that go with throwing the ball all over the field!!! When we have to throw and the opposition loads the box with 8 people to stop our running game we’ve got the horses to burn them when they do that.

  12. I keep hearing that Hines, Hammond, Lawrence, Holliday aren’t ready, but in the first 2 games they caught 16 passes, 2 for TD. Not one of them saw action in the next 3 games

    We need a WR desperately, I can’t understand why these 4 aren’t receiving any playing time