Prediction time for the LSU game


One thing I’m not going to predict is whether Tim Tebow starts Saturday night. Let’s just say I won’t be shocked if he does, I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t.

But I will predict this: the Gators are good enough to win this game without Tebow. They’re better on both lines of scrimmage than LSU, they’re better on defense, they’re better on special teams.

Meyer’s plan to win will be in full effect for this one. That means play strong defense, take care of the football, score in the red zone, win special teams and the battle for field position.

This is a game where the defense is highly motivated to step up and really dominate. It seems to be the same mindset these guys had heading into the national championship game against Oklahoma. I have a feeling the defense is going to control this game (and keep the big crowd out of it for most of the night) and take the pressure off the UF offense, regardless of who starts at quarterback.

If the defense and special teams come through, the offense should consistently have a short field to work with. That would eliminate a lot of the tension and free up the Gators to open their offensive playbook a little bit more.

This is a big game for that big, physical UF offensive line. If Tebow is the quarterback, they need to protect him. If John Brantley is the guy, the Big Nasties are going to see all kinds of blitzes from the LSU defense. The Tigers will want to try and pressure Brantley into some bad decisions, which would lead to bad plays. One way to relieve the pressure is to run the ball, something the Gators have done so effectively all season. LSU will stack to stop the run if Brantley is the quarterback. That’s tough to run against, but it also creates some opportunities for UF’s quick, fast tailbacks to break out with some long runs.

So, here’s the prediction. It won’t be pretty (unless you really love defensive football), but the Gators will have enough to get it done no matter who starts at quarterback: Florida 24, LSU 21.


  1. I was fortunate enough to attend the National Championship Game this past January. The defense was absolutely awesome, turning in two terrific goal line stands. We not only returned 11 starters from that defense, but 10 of their backups. I am currently working in Louisiana and have watched several LSU games. They lack consistancy. My prediction is that the mighty Gator defense will control this game and Coach Meyer will get his first win in Death Valley, with or without Tebow. But remember he does have a history of winning with a two quarterback, situational offense. Fla 24, LSU 13.

  2. It seems the Gator defense hasn’t played with much emotion yet, this year because they are good enough to show up and take care of business. When we have a “D” this good, this deep it will be fun to watch them if something jacks them up and the coaches turn them loose. Maybe it’ll happen in Baton Rouge.

  3. Tigers Swamped!

    I agree that our defense will play one of it’s best games, viewing the 2007 film should have done the trick. If we can punish their running back early I don’t see the Tigers scoring anything but field goals, and we have the depth to keep them down late.

    Meahwhile back on the offense, I predict scores on 50% of our possessions with Brantley as QB. Our consistent running game will take most of Death Valley’s emotion away with healthy Riley and Thompson making them pay deep.

    Final 27-6 GO GATORS!!!

  4. Brantley will and can get the job done. I think he will pass for 2 TDs, maybe 250 yards. Brantley will show teams why they should fear the gator next year after tim comes to the jags(I hope).

  5. The Gators are returning 22 on defense, from the national championshiop team of last year. They love their teamates on offense. They know they are needed. I suspect the Gators defense is going to be pumped up like never before. I don’t expect a shutout, but I expect LSU to have a very difficult time putting points on the board.
    Brantley is great, but the coaches are going to want to protect his self-confidence, perhaps going conservative early, if he starts. Nonetheless, Meyer/Addazio will have a scheme ready for Brantley’s strengths, and he’ll be surrounded by a highly motivated squad of monsters.
    I don’t think it will be that close. Conservatively, Gators win, 28 – 10.

  6. I believe the gators continue to improve on offense, regardless of who the quarterback is. LSU has not been very good on either side of the ball (though they have found a way top win). So much has been made of (LSU) Scott’s 90+ yards last week vs. GA(Ithink it was 96 yds on 19 carries). Take away the last run of 33 yds and he only averaged 3.5 yds/carry. And this was against GA. Now put him against the UF defense. I just don’t see LSU enen being close in the game (except 0-0 at the beginning). Florida 35 LSU 13.

  7. After seeing the Tebow hit 100 times, I hope to see Brantley this weekend and agree he can get the job done. Also agree it will be our D that comes through and wins this game.

    Gators – 27
    Tigers – 17


  9. REVENGE FACTOR: I think the Gators will pull out an emotional victory and that Tebow will be a major factor. I can’t help but think about the revenge factor. Anytime you put up 50+ points against a team the previous season it can come back to haunt you. I’m Sure coach Miles has told the team over and over that they are not good enough to compete with Florida and that will add extra motivation. This has the makings of a great defensive battle which is why the offenses will prevail! Gators 38 Tigers 24.

    Go Gators!

  10. I predict that the Florida Defense will successfully smother the Tigers all night long and allow very few points. The Gator offense will be workmanlike and methodical, but keep the Florida side of the scoreboard ratcheting steadily up, gaining momentum as the game wears on. The roar the stadium will steadily lose its volume as the Gator domination slowly unfolds. Silence in the fourth quarter as reality sets in for the home crowd.

    Gators 30, Tigers 13.

  11. well even with tebow out i believe brantly will do fantastic ! the recievers have been called out to perform this week by everyone from the Gainesville sun to ESPN and i believe they will shut robbie and pat up for the season about their performance ! the defense will stuff lsu and will dominate this game. lsu has only thought it has seen a great defense this year til they meet the gator defense !

    Gators – 38
    LSU – 9