How late is too late?


Based on conversations with Florida coaches and players, quarterback Tim Tebow hasn’t done much of anything the past two weeks except look at a little game tape. He hasn’t run. He hasn’t lifted weights. He hasn’t thrown a football.

“He hasn’t been around much,” No. 2 quarterback John Brantley said. “He’s mainly trying to rest and recover.”

Things could change for Tebow in the next day or two. He could get cleared by the doctors to return to practice and to play in Saturday night’s game at LSU. But UF coach Urban Meyer said on Monday there is no timetable for when that could happen.

If he isn’t cleared until, say Thursday or Friday, does that give him enough practice time to adequately prepare for a tough SEC defense like LSU has?

Florida coach Meyer said that will be evaluated as the week goes on. Tebow, of course, has played enough football (and studied enough tape) that he doesn’t need to practice a full week to get ready. But he’s obviously going to need some time considering he has had no physical activity to speak of for almost two full weeks.

Should the doctors clear Tebow, the Gators will try to get him ready to go in a short time.

But given the concerns about Tebow’s health and the fact he hasn’t practiced, maybe the decision will be made to go ahead and start Brantley and see how the sophomore does. He’s been working with the No. 1 offense the past two weeks and he seems confident in his ability to run the offense.

If Brantley is successful, let him go the distance and let Tebow rest some more. It would be a positive on two fronts. It would help Brantley get ready to take over as the starter next season, and it would help Tebow get back to where he needs to be to lead this team down the stretch for what could be a championship run for the Gators.

It certainly will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days.


  1. Good points on the “double benefits” of Tebow not starting. Just hearing that Tebow has entered practice this afternoon, it’ll be interesting to see if Meyer will allow Tim to suit up, but start Brantley.

    Overall, will we see the change in Tebow’s running style? Will this force him to be a pocket passer?

    Also, I wonder if he’s lost considerable muscle mass. We all know, its easy to build muscle, but nothing like illness to drop muscle, even in the sort run.


  2. I agree… Do not show your hand regardless… Let LSU prepare for both of them…Start Brantley… Regardless… If T can go…. Bring him in later…

    Let’s give everyone plenty to think about… Joe Haden in the Wildcat for example…

  3. Best scenario. Tim goes to Baton Rouge as a back up. Let the Florida defense win the game. Let Brantley see what it is like to be a starter in the most hostile environment in the country. Gators come out with a win.

  4. I agree with Robbie. If Brantley has been training, let Brantley start and Tebow rest and bring him in to spark the team in case Tebow is needed. The more I hear about Brantley, the more I start trusting in this guy. I still hope though, that Tebow can at least have 2 days of practice and have him ready to play just in case. A 75% Tim Tebow is better than most QB’s in the country. Also, not having Tebow may force our coaches to start sharing the ball among the playmakers and not relying too much on Tebow getting bruised. I also believe that LSU is overrated but this is a rivalry game so both teams should be hungry to win. I hope we are hungrier. Go Gators!!!

  5. I am concerned if Brantley starts, not because of his poise which I think he has in spades, but because of the nature of the beast. Brantley will be more like the 06 offense, more short passing than running with the qb. LSU did a good job shutting down A.J. Green until the final minute of the game. He looks better than any of our receivers which means that Riley Cooper will get that man. Thompson is coming off an injury and Nelson has not shown much so far. I look for Moooooody if Tebow doesn’t play as our power runner. ALso, LSU is battle tested and in a close game on the road, they will be confident in their ability to come through in the end. Without Tebow, will the team have the confidence in Brantley if it comes down to a final drive?

  6. I hope the docs and coach err on the side of caution.
    Don’t risk Tim’s future for a game. Yes, we want to get
    to the SEC and the BCS championships but not at the
    expense of Tim’s long term future. Let The rest of the team
    show their toughness and will to win.

  7. If Tim is ready that is very good. If he is not, the Gators will play with JB and that is also very good! I know the Brantley’s. They are a tough and competitive lot. Going into Baton Rouge with the Gator team lead by JB or TT should be a lot of fun! Go Gators!

  8. Robbie, I agree. Start Brantley and see how long he can go. With our Defense being as good as it is and as inept as their offense is, Brantley doesn’t need to set the world on fire. Just don’t pull a ’97 D. Johnson stunt. If we play sound fundamental football (no turnovers….good tackling…no stupid penalties) we will win.
    Go Gators!

  9. I truly hope and trust that coaches and medical personnel will put TT’s health and well being ahead of any other consideration. The life and health of TT (or anyone for that matter) is certainly more important than any football game or even season.

  10. So TT has a concussion – a broken head – and there is still consideration afoot to put him in the game against LSU on Saturday? Just how many broken heads with impaired judgment do we actually have down there? Do we have money-grubbing, career climbing coaches whose personal success is measured by their players success? How many of those young naieve athletes will sacrifice ALL to become human gladiators in the sport of professional football?We have watched so many come and go over the years. How many live today in constant pain or worse because they played the glorious game? Somewhere, tribute should be publicly: tched as they came and went? Here are some of my suggestions: Gator Great Carlos Alvarez or New York Jet Joe Namath, the list goes on.

  11. Starting Brantley and hopefully staying with him for the whole game seems to be the smart move. LSU is not critical for the SEC or BCS. Should we lose late or lose in Atlanta there’s no Pasadena for Gators. So don’t risk Tebow in Baton Rouge. We will need him more for the stretch run. And big game experience for Brantley will payoff later as well. Go Gators.