Kentucky prediction time


I took a lot of grief for my prediction last week that the Gators would struggle against the Tennessee defense and Florida would not seal a victory until the fourth quarter. But, I turned out to be right on that one. I just had a feelingUF would have a hard time consistently moving the ball against a Monte Kiffin defense that had been preparing for the Gators’ spread offense for months.

However, I don’t have a real good feel for this week’s game at Kentucky.

Part of me says this talented Florida team will come together and play its best game of the season. The Gators certainly appear to have a chip on their shoulder after last week’s game (and the fallout from it). AsUF showed last season, it’s good to have that chip on your shoulder.

Another part of me says that maybe we all were expecting too much from this team, given the problems at wide receiver. At this stage, the Gators do not have the home-run threat at receiver they had a year ago, and it’s taken away a big part of whatUF likes to do on offense. It certainly would help if Deonte Thompson can return for this game. He’s UF’s best deep threat. The bottom line is, coming into the season we knew wide receiver was a position of concern with the loss of PercyHarvin and Louis Murphy. That concern has only grown.

One feeling I do have this week is that one of those redshirt freshmen receivers will step up and become involved in the passing game. I’m going to say it will be Omarius Hines.

One other feeling: No. 2 quarterback John Brantley will get a package of plays to run with the No. 1 offense in the first half. His passing ability could knock the UK defense off balance. If that happens, it will be a good day for the offense.

This is going to be a tough game, especially early. The ‘Cats and their crowd will be through the roof with excitement. The Gators are No. 1 in the nation, they’ve won 22 in a row in the series — and UK thinks it can win this game, which it can.

The Gators will have to play well to get out with a victory. Here’s saying they do: Florida 31, Kentucky 14.


  1. Robbie, I still think you’re under-rating our defense. I don’t think we’ll give up two TD’s to UK.
    I do think that we’ll see some unexpected production from the previously unused WR’s and agree that it would be expedient to have a package for Brantley. How about second and short? Why waste a run when you can threaten the long ball. The key concern is to just avoid the sack plus Brantley could still pull it down for the draw – it would keep them guessing, isn’t that what we’re all about?
    Additionally, I think our running game will have a good day with excellent production out of all three backs.
    But it all starts with our awesome D !!!

    GO GATORS!!!

  2. I agree somewhat with randi. I see us pulling out with around 28pts while holding KY to about 9 (3 FGs) or possible 2 FGs and a TD (13). I can’t see our D allowing too much to KY. As for our receivers, I’d rather rest Deonte and let him heal for the LSU game if possible. This games passing may be more of screens and the underneath which won’t be as exciting to Gator fans and media guys that are expecting a blow out again, but a win nonetheless. The flu is not something to take lightly and I think Meyer is hoping to go on the road and get a W before taking a well needed break.

  3. Robbie.
    I’m not sure what the concern is about UF’s offense. UF had 8 possesions in the game not including their last possesion as time expired. Out of those 8 possesions the gator’s moved the ball inside UT red zone 6 times and scored on 5 and fumbled inside the 10 yd line on what would have been a first down . monty kiffins defense couldn’t stop them from scoring, and remember the other 2 possesions resulted in an interception at UF’s 20 and resulted in a UT field goaland punt. UF could have easily scored 42 points in the game, and the score could have been 42 to 6 . If I’m not mistaken this is the first time in Myer tenure at UF that he has had more field goals (3) than touchdowns(2). The reciver’s are fine, Riley Cooper is a deep threat, all he needs is Tebow to throw in his direction. Also, let’s be realistic, do you think the gators would have been a 28 point favorite, if the odds makers would have known that Spikes would be limited to only playing half of the game and the gator’s D. Thompson would play in the game and Demps would only play 6 plays because of being sick with the flu along with cunningham and Hernanez and an early injury to R. Cooper . All of UF’s running backs averaged over 7 yards per carry, something UT back’s couldn’t do. So, enough of Monty Kiffin’s great defense. I’ll take Charlie Strong any day!

  4. My concern for UK is our continuing to waste first down by trying to run up the middle on first down. With UK knowing our receiving corps is decimated, the non- success we had with UT on these first down plays will be a foucus of their defense. Why not a sweep or short throw on first down, then try the quick hitter up the gut. Am I missing something here? Do you see a benefit from these first down dives? Clyde

  5. Last week I wrote that the score would be closer – I just have a feeling that those Gators are going to play with some fire tomorrow – hopefully, it won’t be a fever! The defense will score, the special teams will score or set up a score or two and the offense will lite it up! I say it will be 58 – 12, with no touchdowns by Kentucky!

  6. I am a UK fan and live in central Kentucky near Lexington. UF will be in a cat fight tomorrow because we believe we can win this game. It is nice to see how loyal the UF fan base is however, this loyalty can make you blind to reality. When UK scores tomorrow, and we will score a touchdown or two, the UF fans and team will be shocked. UF is beatable and UK believes we can win. Look out UF – if you thought UT was embarassing what will you think when UK wins?

  7. well last week i was way off , but i’ll be realistic this week. our defense got a wake up call last week even though it only allowed 200yards of offense. it will be a bit stiffer this week against the run . our db are anxious to show they are the best in the country and they may get that chance. the O line had their nose rubbed in the mud last week and will be out to show they can protect tebow or brantley. there was too much pressure on tebow and i am sure meyer addressed that this week in practice. besides i believe cody has a serious point ! i think the score will be a little more spread out UF – 45 UK – 12 (all FG’s)

  8. the receiver problem is much bigger than what is being reported and was fully evident against tenn. the vols basically stacked the box and stepped up on our receivers who hadn’t earned any space by being a legitimate deep threat (stretching the field). further, they couldn’t get off the ball and separate from their defenders quickly enough for tebow to dump the ball off to when facing the intense pressure from the vol defense.

    it’s a chess match and the counter move for stuffing the box is to either run it up the gut with the qb or dump it off to the receivers who are hopefully a threat to go deep. if our young speedsters don’t step it up soon, it’s gonna be a black blue tebow from here to atlanta…

  9. Great call. 31-0 at the quarterpole. Try not to be such a Debbie Downer Andreu. If you pick against the Gator’s playing great you will be able to say “I told ya so” every so often, and most people will forget all the times you were wrong…….but not me. Maybe you and Dooley can get together and pick against us in the NCG.