No rest for the wounded


All-America middle linebacker Brandon Spikes and wide receiver Deonte Thompson are still limping around, Spikes on a strained Achilles tendon and Thompson on a strained hamstring.

With injuries like those, some time off certainly would be beneficial. But the Gators need these guys to play. Now. On Saturday in Lexington.

At his weekly news conference Monday, UF coach Urban Meyer was asked if he would consider giving guys like Spikes and Thompson this game off. With the bye week to follow, it would give those players two weeks to heal.

Meyer fairly cringed at the question. It’s not like the Gators are playing Charleston Southern on Saturday. They’re playing a talented 2-0 Kentucky team on its home field.

“That would be one of the major errors in coaching history to do that,” Meyer said. “Because we could lose. Absolutely not. We’re going to bring every thing and go as hard as we can. That gets you out of the profession, those thoughts. You go as hard as you can.

“Spikes will be ready. The good thing is this is a mature group. There will not be a whole lot of cheerleading going on (this week). Just get better and go play.”

Meyer said Thompson is probable for Saturday’s game.

“We had our track guy come over and work with him,” Meyer said. “They’re doing a great job, the best they can. He wants to play. He was broken down last week when he couldn’t go. We needDeonte.”


  1. Robbie, heard you on the Knoxville station today and then I called and followed your call. I just wanted them to understand that Gator fans were NOT devastated by the result of Saturdays game and that the overwhelming majority of us were happy with a win over a rival (5 in a row!). I think both our fans and our team need to take a moment and think about this…Let’s not worry and freak ourselves over the end result so much and let’s all just enjoy this journey. This is the end of a magical career of Tim, Brandon James and Brandon Spikes and Jermaine Cunningham plus so many other players who have brought us so much success. I remember during our back to back B-Ball, some people were so stressed about repeating , they didn’t even enjoy it. It was more like relief. What a shame cause isn’t that the whole point?? PEOPLE…PLAYERS…ENJOY!!!

  2. Whatever Coach Meyers does Gator fans should be thrilled this man is our coach. If Coach Meyers wins one more national title in the next 10 years, he gains legendary status. UF should name the field after him and will of course add his name in the ring of honor.
    Right now, he’s one of the best college coaches of our generation and UF fans need to be careful. Sky-high annual expectations and spoiled fans are what drove Coach Spurrier away.
    Injuries happen, recruits don’t work-out and some years we’re not going to compete for the SEC title let alone the National Title. Enjoy what we have and support the team and coach anyway you can. If not we may end up with a Jackass like Kiffin.

  3. Gator fans are very lucky to have a man like Coach Meyer representing this university. He is a great leader of men and proves it more and more with each passing day. With Meyer I always know his teams are going to come to fight, afteral they are a reflection of him. Meyer’s attitude towards Spikes and Deonte play thru their injuries is a great example of the character Meyer requires from his players.